Extra Currency Notes From Faulty SBI ATM


Times when most of the ATMs are sprinting torrid and giving tough time to customers after demonetisation, an ATM of State Bank of India (SBI) at Mungisapur Road in Derapur area of Kanpur Dehat district by mistake dispensed extra currency notes without deducting the additional amount from the card holders.
The incident took place on Tuesday when the SBI ATM delivered extra Rs 2000 note without deducting it from the bank account of one Arvind Singh of Sanihapur village of the district, who was the first to withdraw cash.
A good number of people were in the queue when the security guard opened the shutters of the ATM outlet on the Mungisapur road in the Derapur area on Tuesday.
“As soon as Arvind Singh swiped his card, the ATM started spitting out double the requested bills and in the process, he received two notes of Rs 2000 denomination. As the news spread, more people lined up for a chance to withdraw from a faulty ATM”, said Suresh Tiwari, a security guard at the ATM outlet.
Tiwari said, he alerted the bank officials about the problem.
A senior bank official, meanwhile, said that they were alerted about the incident before the lunch time. “After crosscheck, the run on the ATM was halted immediately and the staff was deployed to stand guard at the machine until it could be shut off,”he further said.
The bank manager VK Dwivedi said that for a very short period of time, the ATM was mis-dispensing cash. “As of now, the ATM has been closed and senior officials have been informed about the situation. We have also taken back extra cash from both the customers,” he added.

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