EZVIZ Wi-Fi Cameras Offer Smart Home Solutions

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Security cameras are becoming ubiquitous in our everyday lives. People ensure that every nook and corner is monitored to avoid any untoward incidents from happening or even if something happens, the culprits can be identified and booked.
Our homes are no different. With the increase in nuclear families and increased number of non-family people like milk vendor, food and e-commerce delivery guys, maids/ caretakers, car washer visit our premises on some context or the other, it becomes important to monitor the home and its premises to be safe all the time.
But how does one monitor his home. People are averse to wires running around their entire homes and cameras staring at them all the time. The answer lies in aesthetic WiFi cameras, which not only blend with the interiors of the home, but also are easy to install, manage and monitor like any other electronic gadget.
EZVIZ, provides smart home security systems through its versatile cameras and cloud-based platform. The intelligent and intuitive products from EZVIZ enable customers to see, capture, share and protect what’s valuable to them. EZVIZ is the consumer and residentially focused subsidiary of Hikvision, the world’s largest provider of video surveillance solutions.
The EZVIZ range of Wifi cameras from Hikvision packs the power of a high quality camera offering high definition, crisp videos which can stream live from anywhere from our smart phones. What’s more, the cameras look pretty and classy and gives the feel of a high profile electronic gadget kept at home. The footage is clear even at night thanks to night vision capabilities. Features like motion detection and smart motion tracking makes these cameras extremely useful and handy covering a large part of your house.
A built in microphone and speaker ensures that you can hear and respond to someone on the other end. The recordings are stored in a micro SD card stored in a slot in the camera itself making NVR device redundant.
In addition to all the power packed features, EZVIZ cameras are also compatible with Alexa devices from Amazon. These cameras can work seamlessly with Alexa devices like the Echo Spot and Echo Show. A simple process can help integrate the cameras with the Alexa devices. On one command, the devices will start streaming the camera view live on their screens.
Ezviz cameras come in a range of Cube camera (Mini O), PT camera ( Ez360), Outdoor bullet camera (Ezguard), Fish eye camera (PanO) and Vandal proof dome camera. Each camera can be used as per your requirement, whether the application is indoor or outdoor and the kind of application you want for the camera. As the range suggests, not only homes, these cameras can be handy for small offices, shops, showrooms, small warehouses, etc. where the owner can keep a tab on his/ her premises on the move.
Mini O is a simple indoor camera that can be used to monitor babies, homes and elderly people. It can be installed easily by scanning the barcode on the product through the EZVIZ app on mobile. Within seconds, the end-user can live stream the video on mobile.
Ez360 comes with a built in motion detector and smart tracking that will follow any motion or subject in its field of view. The end-user can also change the direction of the camera using the mobile app.
Ezguard can be used outdoors as it is dust and waterproof. It also comes with a built in siren (100 dB) which can make sound if there is any suspicious activity in its field of view.
PanO is a fish eye camera which gives an unrestricted 360⁰ view of the surroundings.
Each camera can be used according to the specific requirement of the customer.
So if someone constantly feels the need to monitor his/her home, keep a tab if children have reached home on time or if the maid is doing her work properly or pet is behaving, the option is EZVIZ Smart Home Cameras & Solutions. In a typical joint family scenario in India EZVIZ can help to monitor elderly parents and wife. It gives the peace of mind whether the end-user is in office or outdoors.

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