Facebook Introduces Doodle Concept to Compete with Google

To teach people, Google has been helping users with a new Doodle on every special day. But now social media giant Facebook has come up with a similar programme that will help  users with the similar purpose that Google’s service has been gratifying.
“We are introducing a unique marketing programme to request people to share and talk about events and moments that are ongoing in their communities and around the world,” says, Gary Briggs, Chief Marketing Officer at Facebook.
Alike Google Doodle, which is a distinct, temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage that is envisioned to celebrate holidays, events, achievements and people, messages from Facebook will appear at the top of News Feed about a specific event or moment.
The objective of the message will be “to give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events”.
The programme will also help people discover interesting cultural events and celebrate moments in history that continue to make the world more open and connected.
Users will start seeing a message from Facebook in their News Feed wishing them Happy Holidays. People will also be invited to share an innovative holiday card with their friends on Facebook and choose from a set of 18 custom-designed cards.

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