Facts about ‘Flying’ that might Surprise You

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It’s the Safest Form of Travel
Although we have heard of many incidents of disappearances and crashes, the chances of you dying in a plane crash are one in 11 million. While that in a car crash are one in 5000.
Different Meals for the Pilots
The pilot and the co-pilot are given different meals from one another and this rule is mandatory only in some airlines. This is to avoid an emergency in case one of them suffers from food-poisoning.
The Food isn’t actually Bad, It’s Our Taste Buds
The atmosphere and humidity in an airplane are different. It dries out our nose and one-third of our taste buds go numb. Therefore, it takes time to register the flavors.
Choose the Seats Wisely
You are safest in the tail of the plane; here, you have 40% more chance of surviving in a plane crash. While, if you have a fear of flying, back of the plane is not for you. The center of gravity and lift of the plane is in the middle and here you experience minimum movement.
Stay Hydrated!
During an average 3-hour flight, our body loses up to 1.5 liters of water.
15-minutes of Oxygen
The emergency oxygen masks of the plane last only for about 12 to 15 minutes. Fortunately, to find a safe landing spot, they usually need about same amount of time.
The Dim Lights serve a Greater Purpose
The dimmed lights in a plane are not just to assist us in sleeping better; they help our eyes to adjust to the dark. This helps the passengers in survival, in case of a night-time evacuation. The dimming of the lights during take-off and landing is done for the same reason. This avoids passengers blindly running in panic during an emergency.
Bathrooms are Not the Filthiest Places on a Plane
The dirtiest place of a plane is the tray table, where we keep our food. It has higher number of germs and bacteria than the flush button on the toilet of that plane. Also, the blankets provided to the passengers in an airplane are not always washed between the travellers. Sometimes they are washed as infrequent as thirty days.
     The Not-so-private Lavatories
The door of the bathroom in an aircraft can be opened from outside.  And yes, even when you lock it from the inside and it indicates ‘occupied’. In case the flight attendants are concerned about your or other passengers’ safety, they can open it easily from the outside with the help of a switch present under the lavatory sign.
-Aishwarya Nawandhar
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