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Ajay Anand: Creating Experience, Spreading Happiness

The anecdote starts with a glimpse into the life of a seasoned entrepreneur, go-getter and persona striving to deliver unmatched travel experience to the people. Ajay Anand – the Founder and CEO of Kaia Tourism. A man of his words who placed his best foot forward and converted every obstacle into an opportunity!
The Voyage to Find One-self
Ajay joined Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd. as a trainee and entered into the professional world at the age of 18, where he got exposed to distinguished personalities like…
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CEO Of the Month

Anil Raj: A Zealous IT Security Professional

This screenplay describes an entrepreneur who comes from Ranchi, Jharkhand – represented by the one-and-only superstar cricketer MS Dhoni, who made India proud internationally. Anil Raj – a leader, creative thinker, modernizer, and a tech-savvy …
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The 10 Most Creative CEOs to Watch in 2019

Bithika Anand | Insigths Success

Bithika Anand: An Industrious and Path-breaking Leader

Challenges are life’s way of testing a person’s mettle. While a majority of the population is intimidated by challenges, some thrive on them and there are even few who challenge themselves to be better...
Divyashikha Gupta | Insights Success

Divyashikha Gupta: Streamlining HR Consulting Processes

This inspiring story is about a young and dynamic persona who not only dreamt of a castle but rather crafted the design for a Management consulting platform.  As the Founder, Director and Principal Consultant...
Pancham Banerji | insights Success

Pancham Banerji: Creating a Better ‘Digital’ World for Gen Z

The Ace element that drives a CEO towards success is ‘Creativity.’ This creativity coupled with a focused vision can help adapting to the market changes, adopt innovative practices and disrupt industries like never before....
Ranjith AR | Insights Success

Ranjith AR: Professionalizing the Businesses with Excellence

The story starts with a glimpse into the life of an established trainer and entrepreneur, also the creator of the training programme TPR (Thought Process Reengineering), Sajeev Nair, who was receiving tremendous enquiries from...
Ravi Venugopal Gunti | Insights Success

Ravi Venugopal Gunti: A Passionate Technocrat

Science and Engineering complete each other. While science is all about exploring, understanding and gaining knowledge, it is engineering that transforms science into action. The word engineering is derived from the Latin words “ingenium”...
Satyavir Chakrapani | Insights Success

Satyavir Chakrapani – Transforming the Dreams of Urban and Rural India

The foundation of Micro Finance Industry was laid by Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus in the year 1976. With the passing of each decade, this segment has gathered momentum and has been a major boon...

Interview With Insights Success

ranjeeta vinil | Insights Success

Ranjeeta Vinil: Democratizing the World of Healthcare for Better

Ranjeeta Vinil is the Founder and Director of Saarathi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. – a company which has changed the paradigm of health management services in India. She has been instrumental in rolling out healthcare...


Aditya Raj Mankani | Insights Success


What is the key essence of the journey of self-discovery for the “New-Age CEO”?  My roots lie in my DNA, being a 3rd gen in the family of entrepreneurs I always knew that I...

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entrepreneurship | Insights Success

The Anatomy of Entrepreneurship

“In the journey of an entrepreneur, the most important thing is self-belief and the ability to convert that belief into reality” – Mukesh Ambani. The universe is entering into the age of the entrepreneurship, where...