Faraday Future Reveals Electric Vehicle FF91 in Las Vegas at CES 2017

Electric vehicle start-up Faraday Future advertise its first production vehicle prototype in Las Vegas as the China-backed company aims to win credibility in the crowded sector and weather its funding challenges.
“FF 91,” outlined by its designer Richard Kim as “weird-pretty” is an electric car Faraday executives say will be the most technologically forwarded on the market when it goes into production in earlier year.
“You’re about to witness day one of a new era of mobility,” Nick Sampson, senior vice president of engineering and research and development added. “We’re going to show the first of a new species.”
Faraday is begin and controlled by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, the chief executive officer of China’s Leshi Holdings, which is staging its own prototype electric car, the LeSee Pro, at CES. He is also an investor in California-based Lucid Motors, an engaging electric vehicle start-up managing CES this year.
Faraday launched at CES last year with a concept car not planned to be produced, raising eyebrows over the company’s legitimacy and Jia’s whole strategy.
“We’re hoping to assure people that we’re real, we are doing a real product, it’s not just a vaporware batmobile to get attention, but we now have a important product,” Sampson told during a tour of Faraday’s headquarters in Gardena, California.
The company Executives says the car’s modular architecture and flexible battery layout will permit for a faster rollout of future models. The car will have a milage of about 378 miles per charge. Its electric motors generate a combined 1,050 horsepower.
The futuristic-styling vehicle has no handles, as doors will open as a driver access. Holograms will be projected on the windshield to active drivers of needed information.
This car will contain sensors, radar, camera and lidar, to enable self-driving capability at a future date.

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