Fleetop: Strategic Fleet Management and Maintenance Solution Provider

Fleet Management & Maintenance Solution Provider
Yagnesh Tripathi, Director & Co-Founder, Business Operations

As a fleet manager, efficiency is the key. Managing a pool of commercial vehicles is a big challenge. Thousands of companies out there are frustrated by the expense, time ineffectiveness and potential for error that handling essential tasks manually often results in. Today, everyone wants digital solutions to take care of these jobs. Here, Fleetop steps in to cater Indian transport industry.

To better understand the role and workflow of fleet management companies, we interviewed team Fleetop. Through the below-given conversation, we also got insights into the Indian transport industry and helping the industry with all their strategic fleet management and maintenance solutions.

Could you please give us an overview of the company/ product?

Fleetop is an end to end fleet management and maintenance software for all fleet size whether it is one vehicle or many, also we can call it as a fleet PLM- product lifecycle management tool.

It’s the first time in the Indian market with comprehensive features covering entire fleet operations. It’s a step towards changing the unorganized business into digitalised, system-driven organized one. It’s an integrable, collaborative tool though which data is managed and made easily available for comparisons and decision making.

Now more than 15000 vehicles are inducted and managed using Fleetop with more than 30 satisfied fleet operators across various states.

Kindly tell us about your company’s inception and how the idea of it was conceived.

Having a transport background with technical qualification and also close working with the fleet operators enabled us to understand their practical problems faced in their daily operations. To this, we started searching for a suitable application in the market to overcome practical problems faced and bring ease. After exploring various options finally, we realized there is no such end to end product available to cater to the Indian transport industry.

Of course, there were a few software available. They were either designed to keep European market in mind or had limited functionality. Most options offered GPS based solutions which neither solves the operator problems nor helps in improving efficiency.

At this point idea of FleeTop emerged—to come out with the solution to remove the curse that the transport industry had—an unorganised business, with complete people dependency and lacking process-driven controls. We understood problems correctly and started building the application bringing best practices into play. Slowly and gradually it started to take the right shape.

When you start changing the age-old traditions of trade, the biggest challenge will be to convince industry players to adapt and accept the change. Few experimentative players came forward and their positive feedback raised our morale.

This gave us a boost to take a few more risks and add additional functionalities. We became more innovative and started covering all fleet operational areas.

With Fleetop, fleet owners experienced more efficiency by decreasing their vehicle downtime, increased vehicle availability, reduced fuel theft & pilferages and improved fuel efficiency. This was measurable for everyone! Drivers driving patterns, behaviors are tracked using the CAN data which really helped management to educate them with regards to their driving skills and to reduce road accidents and unwanted incidents. Warehousing spares and tyre management, part utilization is made simpler with our application and enabling them to track its usage and warranty related issues.

With FleeTop vehicle allocation and its trip management is made much simpler and organized. Most of the fleet operators concentrate completely into their operations neglecting the accounting part which eventually ends up in making a loss or even may result in business going nonviable to exist.

With Fleetop we addressed this very crucial area as well. Our software offers accounting solution too. Fleetop empowers management to know commercial aspects in every operational level with which then can easily identify and focus on loss-making assets and can improve the financial health.

Kindly share inspirational factors behind the organization?

Group of young energetic, restless, go-getters!

Our other strength is our core transport domain experience with market existence from past 15 years serving more than 300 + fleet operators has really strengthened our thoughts to come up with an industry-proven FMS application.

Kindly brief us about the facilities / process that the company deals with?

We at FleeTop, help fleet owners manage their day to day activities systematically with the help of our fleet management and maintenance software Fleetop.

Purs is a cloud-based SAAS application which connects all different departments establishing better control on operations and accounts.

We also take turnkey projects where all end to end processes will be defined based on their requirements and the best practices will be implemented for smoother and efficient operations.

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