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Generating thoughts on how much eminent is to adopt the habit of a safe attendance and access control measure as the world walk towards UNLOCK 

State by state, different T&C, various offices, and public services have now started to open as the government proceeds ahead towards the unlock. While the B2C industries have geared up themselves to welcome the customers with attentiveness, the B2B industry on the other hand is welcoming their employees and teams while following all the safety measures for them.

But there is something common in every industry, and which can ruin the outlines.

Do you know what is it?

The Attendance, anywhere, and everywhere, the attendance is being marked by any means.

So what is the problem in it?

The employees will come in direct contact with the machines, registers, or any other medium and the situation can be in vain. In the view to break this social contact chain, the Indian government on March 5th, 2020 has released a circular suspending the fingerprint biometric attendance in the offices. But manual ways of attendance and access control still holds the danger signboards.

What we can do about it? 

This is what this article will tell you about. Your’s, mine and everyone’s right, a right for a safe attendance. 


Coming directly to the modes of biometric attendance and access control the industry offers are:

  • Fingerprint
  • Face
  • Hand geometry
  • Signature
  • Retina or iris
  • Vein
  • Voice, and
  • Behavioral

The most common authentication technique people are aware of is fingerprint & face recognition and all the other techniques are still not common in the attendance world.

Today, face recognition technology is widely accepted and has proved to be one of the most secure forms of no-contact attendance and access control.

Face reader machines not only authenticates the employees with a contactless approach but senses the temperature alongside, is one factor which the masses are understanding.

Various other factors which are being provided and hold a top status amongst what the Techies are searching for. Examples to it can be:

  • Multiple Machine Installation – whether inter-city, inter-state or global branches, the attendance and access control data from all the machines along with various other details like, shift attended, in & out-time, hours worked, OT duration, in, out-temperature, and its details should be obtained at a particular place.

Moreover, the attendance being marked at any other machine by an employee won’t act as a drawback and should come in the report.

  • Temperature Reports Generation – the temperature reports generated should be obtained person/date wise which can be on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis letting you know about the state of well-being of the employees. Along with it, a combination of reports, also called aggregated reports can be obtained which solves many official & H.R related purposes.
  • Ambient Temperature Range – Our nation experience different forms of weather at different states which can put serious effects on the working of face reader machines. Attendance and access control machines being the first gadget an employee meets are usually at the entry gate, a place that experiences hot and cold weather. The sensor & machine’s ability to perform in such divergent temperature proves its ability on a practical basis.
  • Unique ID enrollment & Dual Profile Management – unique id enrollment lets only one face template gets registered on a single id eliminating any possibilities of buddy punching. Whereas with dual profile management option, only 2 profiles admin & user are available, and the admin is authorized to amend any changes in the machine which places the final brick for data security or data theft activities. 


Till now, no ray of hope can be seen which can end the epidemic and it’s after effect will remain here with us for a considerable amount of time.

But in our point of view, the world should see this as an opportunity to upgrade themselves and move a step forward towards ultra-modern attendance and security systems.

  • IoT means Advantage – swift data transfer from the systems helping in real-time data synchronization and getting fully processed attendance sheets for roster preparation, all thanks to the Internet of Things will give a complete contactless experience. 
  • Wireless Data Transmission – with the contactless connectivity options like Wi-fi, GPRS helping the data to move wirelessly is another advantage towards safeguarding.
  • One Machine – many Mastership – a single face recognition machine can solve your attendance, access control, temperature screening, and various reports generation issues empowering you to be a multi-tasker.
  • Made in India Assurance – With a native manufacturer providing you with all the amenities and services, the clients are bound to experience some of the most convenient and satisfying client and after-sales services. Along with this, it also acts like a red hot moment to promote Made in India, Vocal for Local, and Make in India

About the Author

Due to his interest and curiosity in electronic devices and things related to it, Mr. Vipin Yadav, followed his passion and became a B.Tech graduate from the University of Pune.

This was his diligence and an eye on developing something exceptional which let the establishment of Starlink Communication Pvt. Ltd.  As a partnership firm In 1996 and got incorporated as a pvt. Ltd. In 1998.

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