Flutura: Providing AI platform for Industrial Internet of Things


Flutura is an AI led IoT intelligence company powering new monetizable business models, leveraging machine signals in the Energy, Engineering and Speciality chemicals. Flutura is amongst the world’s leading AI platforms for Industrial Internet of Things and has been a pioneer to introduce the concept of asset and process centric AI platform for IIOT. Flutura’s Cerebra platform is the strategic choice for some of the largest oil and gas, process manufacturing, specialty chemicals companies and heavy machinery manufacturers in the world.
Unplanned downtime and machine influenced process deviations is a multi-million dollar problem for these companies. These are leading to cost over runs, service level non-compliances, economic opportunity losses, increased safety and environmental risks. All these are happening while operations are becoming increasingly complex and product quality along with the associated aftermarket service levels increasingly stringent.
Amongst heavy machinery manufacturers, commoditization is leading to an existential threat to companies and their customers are leading them towards a service and experience based economy. Customers are demanding: New product offerings with guaranteed outcomes, Round the clock reliability of products and services, and Competitive business and pricing models.
In order for companies to meet these new customer demands, there is a need for smart system that is able to sense and respond. Access to right information at the right time with the right person will be the core to this. It is humanly impossible to achieve this, given the complexity & scale of industrial operations and hence algorithmic automation is key.
To achieve a smart system, existing approaches based on first principles have to be augmented with new age Machine learning and Artificial intelligence capabilities. Cerebra does exactly this and surfaces early warning signals, enabling decision makers to intervene with the right actions at the right time.
About Krishnan Raman
Krishnan Raman is the Co-founder and CEO at Flutura. Krishnan is a thought leader in Analytics, has been honored as one of the “Bulls of Technology” in Houston, and regularly speaks at international forums.
Prior to founding Flutura, Krishnan was the Global Head of Business Analytics at MindTree Ltd, a business unit that he incubated from scratch and scaled to a 1000+ member team. An entrepreneur at heart, prior to Mindtree, Krishnan had founded Atma Consulting, a Vertical Service Provider, delivering process automation solution to Auto & Auto Ancillary companies. He was a strategy consultant focused on IT strategy with the Strategic Change practice at PwC.
He holds an MBA in Marketing and Systems from SP Jain, Mumbai, and a B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Calicut.
Distinctive Solutions from Flutura
Flutura has an Unflinching Vertical focus around Energy, Engineering and speciality chemicals. Within these industries, Flutura has developed further specialization in areas like Shale gas drilling and production, Adhesive & Sealants and OEM digitization. Continuing on its verticalized focus, Flutura is currently expanding into Deep water, FLNG, Refineries and other Specialty Chemicals.
Flutura enables the confluence of domain and AI with a multi-disciplinary team which is composed of reliability engineers, oil & gas upstream & downstream, operations experts, data scientists, UX specialists and big data specialists.
Innovative Solutions of Flutura
Flutura broadly categorizes its solutions in two categories of Connected Assets and Connected Operations.
In Connected Assets, team Flutura looks at individual machines and associated data points with a focus on machine uptime and increased reliability. Flutura is helping many O&G equipment manufacturers to enable diagnosis and prognosis of their assets.
In connected processes, team Flutura looks at the entire manufacturing line, the sub-systems and associated signals like raw material characteristics, weight tolerances, process attributes, etc. and the focus is on improving the line efficiency in terms of yield or quality of the product being produced. Flutura is in fact supporting one of the leading industrial adhesive and sealant manufacturing company predict the quality specifications of the final product with 95%+ accuracy.
Benefits for Clients
The most satisfying experience both for team Flutura and their clients has been one of Fluturas’ implementations in the connected processes side in the adhesives and sealants industry. The customer has won many global awards in the connected processes domain because of the implementation.
With the innovative services, Flutura is helping this customers to predict the quality of the product being manufactured in real time with 94% accuracy and helping them reduce the cost running into millions of dollars. For the company, the solution has been tested and scaled live in more than 20 plants and is in the process of being rolled out globally.
Future Prospects
Flutura believes that the market in the future will need more & more focused business applications and has factored this in while constructing its future roadmap. Verticalized and Surgical Solutions with a clear articulation of business benefits and ROI will be key. Solutions that have the right balance between being an AI platform and business/Industry focussed app will emerge as leaders. Next 5 years, the market will still be fragmented like it is now and the OEMs, control systems guys and pure play analytics companies will still continue to bring their own platforms. Smart & Strategic partnerships to provide end-to-end solutions to customers will play a key role in growing the market share.
In the next five years, Flutura envisions higher adoption of automated closed-loop systems and increased autonomous operations.
To handle the future, Flutura team is looking at building an asset library for their chosen industries to assist rapid deployment. They are also building verticalized nano-apps for their chosen industries. Flutura has already partnered with Key players to bring an end-to-end solution to their customers and is always looking for new partners who can add value and differentiation in the manufacturing AI space.
Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Companies

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