Yeppar: Adding New Dimension in Business Arena with the Support of AR/VR/MR Technologies


Augmented Reality is an immersive technology which is not only offers a better vision to experience the things around us but also it has the power to transform the entire environment where we think, create & deliver. The way it’s being introduced in business sectors, it seems that AR has a potential to innovate the whole process in a way where each dimension of business like manufacturing, development, Training, education, real estate, medical, entertainment and more will definitely be benefitted.
Understanding this current requirement, Yeppar, an organization focusing to deliver innovative solutions based on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Mixed Reality (MR), is revolutionizing all the perpendicular of business in print, packaging, retail, manufacturing, industrial training, advertising, real estate and so forth.
Yeppar is India’s first company, who provides state-of-the-art solutions across the globe based on AR/VR/MR. This organization not only serves their solution in India, but also have a satisfied client’s base abroad as well. Yeppar serves customized solutions based on client’s requirement. Their work culture is based on 24x7x365 to develop the products in a unique way, which provides satisfaction towards the clients. Moreover, the organization has ISO, NASSCOM, and CMMI LEVEL3 certification in their achievement which shows their potential towards excellence. The government of Rajasthan organized an event “IT Hack-a-thon 2017” based on the theme “Promote & Serve Rajasthan digitally”, where Yeppar was among the top in the event.
 The Protagonist of Yeppar
A competent person Ankush Sharma is the CEO of the leading AR/VR/MR organization Yeppar. He is associated with the organization since 2013, under his direction and motivation the company has grown significantly and achieved a milestone of success. Moreover, he always keeps organization moves forward towards excellence with the zeal to perform in a way where every aspect of business could be benefited.
Ankush describes, “We live in an era of rapid change, where products and services often become obsolete overnight and to survive in this tough competition we have to remain updated every moment and should keep working towards all the possible alternatives and innovations.”
Proffering Exclusive and Advance Services
The way technology is upgrading the lifestyle, Augmented Reality is playing a vital role to modernize each dimension of life and its acceptance in industries is making it more reliable and groundbreaking.

  • Yeppar for Print: Users feel more advanced in this digital era with the help of Yeppar’s augmented printing solutions. It increases the engagement of print article with less paperwork; people can access it with their electronic media.
  • Yeppar for Real-estate: Yeppar real estate retailers can showcase a panoramic view of their properties and on the flip side, the buyers can have a glance over the minutest details of the property they dream to buy before its materialized in real space.
  • Yeppar for Restaurant: With Yeppar app, restaurant owners can add an extra dimension of creativity such as add videos, Images or any other multimedia to instantly create a personalized Augmented Reality experience.
  • Yeppar for Brands: It allows connecting offline marketing channel with a collaborating, attractive, and accessible digital way.
  • Yeppar for Automobile: Yeppar offers multivariate benefits to the automobile world with the use of avant-garde technologies and techniques. With this app, the users can create a digital showroom showcasing a wide range of models, cutting down the cost of physical space.
  • Yeppar for Education: With the AR technology, Yeppar allows the students and the academicians to dive deeper into any discipline with enhanced clarity and understanding.
  • Yeppar for Mixed Reality: Mixed Reality is basically merging virtual and real world to create new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact each other in real time.

Unique Espousals
Augmented Reality is in the Nascent phase right now, wherein Yeppar is trying to educate people on the concept based on augmented, virtual & mixed reality in different industries such as Education, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Packaging, Industrial Training, Print, Retail and more. Industries are not aware of the technology benefits in view of the betterment of process in terms of cost and time. The organization is continuously working towards users to make them aware of the benefits of augmented reality.
Yeppar has started revolutionizing all the industries and have achieved lots of appreciation and trustable clients on the bases of their dedication and motivation to introduce latest technologies towards excellence.
Additionally, Yeppar has recently achieved recognition as “Top Rated AR/VR startups in India 2017 by Growth-enabler.”
Ongoing Projects of the Organization
Currently, Yeppar is working on various projects, wherein every project is different and challenging for them. They always are trying to provide a unique solution to their clients with the assurance of quality work.
Ankush says, “At present, we are working with a renowned automobile company to provide them Mixed Reality solutions to ease their manufacturing process.”
Future Aspects
Ankush expresses, “We live in an era of rapid change, where products and services often become obsolete overnight and to survive in this tuff competition we have to update at every moment and should keep working towards all the possible alternates and innovations.”
Yeppar is on a mission to survive not only on a single product but is also motivated to adopt and implement each and every technology which looks futuristic and capable to transform each aspect of the business. Yeppar is working towards continuous improvement within the working class where industry growth is their aim.
The organization is prepared and motivated to adopt overnight innovations and bring them to their daily work life immediately, so that the organization could sustain the quality they offer and transform the world with their innovations every time.
Source :-The 10 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Companies

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