For Patanjali, the next in line is the Textile Manufacturing Sector

Yes, they are doing it, Patanjali will be making their entrance in the textile manufacturing sector, their a well-known Yoga guru Ramdev recently came and disclosed his plans to that the group’s expansion scale will increase almost 150 percent in the further financial year.
Patanjali unit will go ahead with their plans to add a big venture in the textile manufacturing segment and away from their cultural kurta-pajama, they will be coming out with western clothing like that of jeans, which was mentioned recently in one of the function attended by Ramdev. Further, he went on by claiming, “Company’s development scale is at 150 percent in the recent financial year, which we are expecting to grow up to 200 percent in the upcoming year”.
Patanjali group is expected to raise as much as Rs 10,000 crore revenue ways for the farmers in agriculture, dairy production along with many other segments in the upcoming 2-3 years. As the studies suggest that the number of large markets world-wide were dealt with a slowdown. Even so, the country’s economy is still moving forward.
“We believe that India has huge potential to be a big worldwide production centre. India import as much as Rs 25 lakh crore products which contains five lakh crore Chinese goods. If everyone firmly decides, that together we can change India into a true global production house”, said by Ramdev. Further, Ramdev praised Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan because of his recent announcement of industry-friendly policies.

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