Fortinet introduces FortiAP-S series cloud-managed enterprise Wi-Fi solution


Fortinet has launched improvements to its FortiCloud management system and a new series of cloud-managed wireless access points, proceeding the company’s planned investments and impetus in the secure wireless networking market.
“FortiAP-S series” is the most reliable cloud-managed enterprise Wi-Fi products on the market, characterising Fortinet’s cybersecurity technology running directly on the AP and the latest security updates from the FortiGuard Labs Threat Intelligence services team.
Next Generation Cloud-Managed Wireless Access Points:
There are so many challenges while deploying and managing wireless LAN solutions in a distributed organization for their customers and employees. Existing wireless LAN solution frequently requires complex architectures to segment guest and internal networks, separate WLAN controllers and security appliances.
While emerging cloud-managed Wi-Fi vendors have assisted to diminish the complexity and management problems associated with deploying wireless networks, moving WLAN control into the cloud has initiated security challenges that still facing problems..
Fortinet’s new FortiAP-S series of wireless access points allow industries to precede separate WLAN controllers without exposing the network to cyber-threats. Every FortiAP-S series access point is centrally managed through the cloud-based FortiCloud management system, enabling effortless Wi-Fi network deployment and management, increasing security, visibility and control, and reducing overall infrastructure complexity.
Rajesh Maurya, Country Manager, India & SAARC at Fortinet stated,”Fortinet’s new FortiAP-S series combines the flexibility of cloud management, the latest generation of wireless access point technology and the proven security of FortiGuard, all forming a secure wireless architecture for enterprise access networks,” and said, “We can now apply mobile-specific security policies and updates such as application control and virus scanning directly to the wireless access points, giving the customer a layer of perimeter defense for BYOD devices.”This makes it easy for industries to implement and manage a secure Wi-Fi network, at the same time scalability of cloud management makes the solution ideal for distributed enterprises that may have thousand of sites.
The Most Secure Wireless LAN Solution on the Market:
The FortiAP-S series APs are come up with advanced security features like intrusion prevention, web filtering, rouge AP detection, antivirus security protection, granular application controls and more, all running directly on the access point.
Nolan Greene, research analyst, IDC Network Infrastructure Group stated, “With the explosion of BYOD in the enterprise, and the subsequent mission-criticality of mobile devices and applications, organizations have struggled to balance the concerns around providing pervasive, easily managed WiFi coverage with WLAN security and compliance,” Further added, “Fortinet’s new FortiAP-S series of access points integrates the simplicity of cloud-based WLAN management with the cybersecurity protection that Fortinet is known for.”
These features are all backed by FortiGuard Labs’ industry-leading threat intelligence to ensure each FortiAP-S is protected against the new advanced threats, in real-time. This revolutionary level of hardware & software integration is only achived by Fortinet’s expertise and commitment to high-performance security engineering and research.
Scott Fuhriman, vice president of sales & product development at TierPoint, a national provider of managed services in the US stated,”We’ve worked closely with Fortinet to deliver best-in-class, business enabling wireless solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our customers and We’re excited for the launch of the FortiAP-S series of wireless access points and the prospect of providing our customers with secure wireless solutions, managed completely in the cloud.”
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