Frugal Testing: Helping You Build High-Performance Software Providing End-To-End Testing Services

Frugal Testing
Frugal Testing

The moment a business is aiming to have its prized software to be deployed onto the market, one should know that their process has been seen only halfway through. The real challenge starts with testing to ensure the flawless deployment of the software. This is where Frugal Testing steps in.

Frugal Testing, led by their CEO Rupesh Garg, has shown to offer more than testing, they offer a promise to make sure the software excels in the real world without charging any hefty charges for the same.

To get a brief about the nature of the company- they are a boutique testing firm based out of Hyderabad. In the words of Rupesh Garg “We help companies build high-performance softwares providing end-to-end testing services.” His words can be marked to be true through the exceptional growth they have demonstrated within six years. Furthermore, the company’s experience working with diverse catalogue of industries – EdTech, Fintech, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Food, Sports, etc., serves as a testament to this fact.

Rupesh also stated that “One of our main aims is to focus on reducing cost related to performance and security issues. In fact, one of the recent studies shows that effective testing can cut down failure costs by up to 40%, underscoring both technical superiority and financial advantage, which is something we believe in as well.”

You Can Trust in Our Assurance

Rupesh informs, “Our team comprises domain professionals and testing experts who are highly passionate about ensuring the quality assurance of the software we test.”

Rupesh has more than two decades of diverse technical as well as management experience (in the USA, UK and India), while also boasting an in-depth experience in product management, software development/testing and business management. The CEO also has diverse experience in verticals like Banking, EdTech and FinTech space under his belt. His experience has further reflected in his ability to lead Frugal Testing, a SaaS and services startup in Software testing and scalability as the founder and principal architect.

Prior to that, Rupesh had already accumulated experience in a leadership role at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Additionally, he played a major role in establishing a system architecture and performance scalability unit spanning multiple countries for a BAML project. He also holds experience from working in famed companies such as Wipro, Capgemini, BearingPoint, etc.

Preceding his working journey, Rupesh has a background as an MS from Oklahoma State University, USA and a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He was recipient of Scholarship awarded to by Oklahoma State University which is very rare in master’s program. He is PMP & ITIL Foundation Certified and completed executive management programs from IIM-C and Harvard University. He is passionate about spiritual sciences and social work which can be displayed through his active participation in the Art of Foundation along with leading several service projects in Chhattisgarh.

A Comprehensive Testing Provider

We identified a need in the market for a comprehensive testing firm that could provide a wide range of testing services to ensure the quality and security of software applications. Our goal was to help businesses protect their valuable data, enhance the user experience, and maintain the trust of their customers.”

Sharing his inspiration behind venturing into the cybersecurity niche, Rupesh states that it was realizing the increasing importance of data security in today’s digital world. With the rise of digitalization, businesses are becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats such as ransomware attacks, phishing attempts and data breaches. The impact of these threats is significant, which is backed by the fact that software failures has cost the US alone at least $2.41 trillion.

Your Satisfaction is Our Aim

Frugal Testing stands out in the cybersecurity industry due to its commitment to quality, affordability and customer satisfaction. The firm’s unique selling points include:

*Comprehensive Testing: Rupesh takes pride in the provision of end-to-end testing services, which cover all the aspects of software testing, including functional, performance and security testing. “By conducting thorough security testing, we identify and address vulnerabilities that can be exploited in cyber-attacks, ensuring that our clients’ software applications are secure and robust.”

*Expert Team: The Frugal Testing team is comprised of highly skilled professionals, each with extensive experience and deep domain knowledge in software testing. Specializing in over 100 testing tools, both open-source and paid, they offer a diverse range of testing solutions. With expertise spanning over 36 industries, they have enhanced cybersecurity and ensuring comprehensive quality assurance. This approach as stated by Frugal Testing guaranteed a bug-free, safe and stable product, reinforcing the security and reliability of their client’s digital assets.

*Affordable Pricing: Rupesh adds, “We believe that quality testing services should be accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or budget.” Hence, they offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of their services. They aim to make software testing affordable and attainable for organizations of all sizes, ensuring they can protect their valuable assets without breaking the bank.

*Customer-Centric Approach: “We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our services accordingly,” states Rupesh which can be seen with their diverse client catalogue.

We’ll Surmount Challenges to Help You

According to Rupesh, Initially, the biggest challenge was gaining clients’ trust. Cyber Security is a sensitive area and businesses are understandably cautious about who they entrust with their data. Building a reputation for reliability and integrity took time and effort.

Today, the challenges are different but no less significant. The cyber threat landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new types of attacks emerging all the time. “Keeping up with these changes and ensuring our testing methodologies are always up-to-date is a constant challenge.”

To date, we have successfully resolved critical security issues for over 50 clients, including renowned organizations in the banking, fin-tech and healthcare sectors,” claims Rupesh. He further emphasized on the role their comprehensive testing services and expert team have played in helping their clients identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, strengthening their Cyber Security defenses and safeguarding their sensitive data. “By delivering tangible results and consistently exceeding client expectations, we have built lasting partnerships based on trust and reliability,” he adds.

The Vital Aspect

Rupesh further states that cybersecurity is crucial in today’s digital landscape, where businesses handle vast amounts of sensitive data. A single security breach can have severe consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage and legal implications. Therefore, businesses must prioritize robust cybersecurity measures to protect their assets and maintain customer trust.

He says, “In the future, we anticipate advancements in Cyber Security technologies and practices.” Artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a significant role in detecting and responding to cyber threats, leveraging automation to identify patterns, anomalies and potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, we can expect increased focus on proactive security measures, such as rigorous penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and threat intelligence, to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Let Us Partner

Rupesh’s advice to aspiring professionals entering the field of cybersecurity services is to develop a strong foundation in various testing domains, including metaverse, AR/VR and security testing. Studies show that companies adopting new tech trends can increase their market responsiveness by up to 35%, underscoring the significant advantage of being technologically agile in a rapidly evolving industry. It’s a must to be on the learning path while staying curious. Partnering with Frugal Testing give you an all-in-one solution. They are well versed in the managed services delivery model providing the complete suite of Cyber Security along with Overall Quality Assurance.

For A Cyber Secured Future

Divulging his plans, Rupesh says they envision Frugal Testing as a globally recognized testing firm known for its expertise in delivering high-quality testing services across various domains, including cybersecurity. “Our future goals include expanding our client base, diversifying our service offerings and strengthening our position as a one-stop solution for end-to-end software testing.”

We aim to forge long-term partnerships with clients, providing them with reliable, cost-effective and comprehensive testing solutions that empower their businesses and drive success,” he concludes.

Client Testimonials:

* “Commendable ‘Attention to Detail!” “Our interaction with the Frugal team for Functional Testing has been excellent. The team was quick to understand the project and its requirements and has worked accordingly in a very timely and professional manner with commendable attention to detail.

The bugs identification and categorization has been done very well and in the formats, requested by us. We look forward now to commencing the next module of testing – Security Testing – at the earliest.” – Monisha Krishna, Co-founder, Sacred Groves.

* “Their work ‘Radiated Excellence!” “It has been an absolute pleasure working with I engaged them for web application scalability testing. Their work radiated excellence from the initial communication to their final report. Their attention to detail when creating the automated testing scripts to their insightful commentary throughout the engagement – all wonderful.

Their level of communication was also very appreciated. I have utilized other outsourced testing firms in the past, and Frugal Testing is by far the best I’ve worked with! They truly do what they say and say what they do! I highly recommend” – Jason Stele, EdTech Consultant, Product and Engineering Leadership Ambi Inc.

* “Received ‘Outstanding Results!” “We have had more than 1.5 years of working partnership with Frugal. The testing services offered by Frugal have helped us support our growth and strengthen our testing skill sets as well. We have engaged them for manual, automation, and security testing and have received outstanding results. Their professionalism and detailed approach toward each project have given us deep insights into our processes and how to improve those. We are happy to have a partner like Frugal, we hope to scale bigger milestones with their support have had the opportunity to work with Frugal team to performance benchmark one of our top-line products. I am particularly impressed with the way the team has approached the system study phase and the way they have been flexible and purpose-oriented though the lifetime of the engagement. Kudos, Frugal team!” – Rahul Adhav, Chief Technology Officer, Safexpay.

* “Helped us to ‘Fine-Tune our Infrastructure!” “We worked with the Frugal Testing team to plan and execute performance/load test of our Enterprise SaaS application. FT team has been very professional and planned the test very well. They worked with us to balance the load across multiple screens, multiple roles, and multiple geographies to replicate the scenario in production.

The detailed reports provided after the test helped us to understand the performance bottlenecks and even helped us to fine-tune our infrastructure.” – Srinivas Manem, Co-Founder, Technical Director, Udbhata Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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