Fruitbowl Digital: Offering a Colorful Platter of Marketing Services

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Fruitbowl Digital, a full-service Advertising Media Agency with a digital-first approach, provides marketing services that help businesses turn into a brand. Co-founded by Dedeepya Reddy and Faisal Amin, it designs brand experiences that connect through the most powerful media platforms. To get more insights about Fruitbowl Digital’s services and uniqueness, we bring you an exclusive interview with the dynamic duo.

  1. Kindly brief us about FruitBowl Digital and its inception story.

In 2010, FruitBowl Digital was co-founded by Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy. The company is a creative marketing agency of the freshest minds brought together to conjure the most creative effective solutions to all the brand challenges. The company is a full-service Interactive media agency and has been working with a team of highly skilled, creative and overall talented people with great zeal. FruitBowl Digital has successfully served more than 300 accounts which include national giants like Reliance Group, Mumbai Metro, Adamantino, Hilton, TATA, Vadilal, Zodiac, BMW, Saint Gobain, Pepperfry, Society Tea, Sansui, and more.

  1. Brief us about the Founder/CEO and his/her contribution to the upliftment of the company.

Dedeepya Reddy is the co-founder of Fruitbowl Digital, where she helps some of the country’s largest companies rethink the way they interact with their consumers. Since 2010, Dedeepya has been one of the driving forces behind the agency’s growth from a small startup to Social Media Agency of The Year, with a foothold in three countries. At Fruitbowl, she works closely with the content and design team to create compelling brand experiences. In her role as the Chief Creative Strategist, she not only appreciates creative inputs (big or small) but also finds beauty in well-crafted spreadsheets and data that would provide analytical insights into the brand campaign. Under her leadership, Fruitbowl Digital continues to bag awards year after year.
Faisal Amin, co-founder of Fruitbowl Digital has been central to advertising and marketing industry for over 8 years, working with brands such as BMW, Zodiac, Reliance, Murugappa Group, IDFC Bank, Society Tea and Karvy. As Head of Strategy and Marketing of Fruitbowl Digital, Faisal leads a full-service marketing agency that creates creative communications for companies and brands around the world. Leading a team of 60+ people in three countries. Recognized widely for his marketing skills, Faisal has recently been acknowledged as CMO Asia’s 50 Most Influential Strategy Leaders and a panellist at the World Marketing Congress. Recognized widely for his marketing skills, Faisal was featured in the list of Top 50 Digital Marketing Professionals in India by CMO Asia. He has also been featured in the list of The 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2016.

  1. What are the distinct products and services provided by the company?

As a full-service interactive media agency, our objective is to cater to all the digital advertising needs of our clients. This includes cost-effective media buying, ingenious designing, full proof planning, strategizing, attaining visibility on social media and redirecting traffic to websites. Experiential marketing, app development and CRM are a few more benefits that Fruitbowl offers.
Understanding, ideating, communicating and establishing identities is what we do for our brands. We serve as a means of interaction between brands and audiences through social media, building a stronger connection and establishing true and lasting relationships. We, at Fruitbowl, indulge with our brands at a personal level, taking into account various cultural and social aspects associated with them and their products, so as to come up with meaningful and memorable communication tactics.

  1. What are the challenges in the industry that the company tackled on its way to success?

The digital landscape is incredibly dynamic; add a layer of marketing and you get a field that has endless possibilities and equal expectations. One of the biggest challenges we face is staying true to our promise of being fresh – but that is exactly what keeps us on our toes, and we love it. One of the other hurdles that we’re constantly jumping over is the growth and competition in this industry. Every client is looking to be the next best thing, and that requires ideas that stand out from the crowd. Breaking away from the clutter and relying on creativity, innovation and logical thinking is what we’ve had to do to stay on top.

  1. What is the company’s/CEO’s view about the current position of the Corporate Media Solution Industry?

Corporate Media Solutions, as the name would suggest, is the role we play once the client has given us a problem to tackle. The way product and service consumption, creation, and marketing are evolving; these “problems” have become more detailed but also more constant. Finding different solutions to similar problems across various industries and clients, while making sure that you’re speaking the same language as the consumers, on the platforms that work best for both the objective and the moment – that is what Corporate Media Solutions is today.

  1. Please mention any recent technological advancement that the company has incorporated for offering better solutions.

If the technology is available, we’re prepared to make the best use of it for a client. We have successfully incorporated blockchain technology into e-commerce solutions, AR & VR into experiential marketing campaigns, and have the capability to develop Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions.

  1. What is FruitBowl Digital’s USP that draws clients and is an advantage over competitors? Please also mention awards and accolades, if any.

What sets Fruitbowl apart from the squash of digital agencies is our dexterity to understand what good, tenacity to strive for better is and our perseverance to settle only for the best! We are in constant pursuit of acquiring a better perception in order to shape the most unique experiences for our brands and their customers alike. Fruitbowl’s brand management theory postulates establishing strong interpersonal relations with clients, to acquire a substantial understanding of what they want so as to give them what they need. Our young, talented and passionate workforce pushes towards realising set objectives in a creatively infused, free-flowing environment where ideas spawn and bounce from every direction. It is the diversity of our talents and the unification of our wills, which truly separates us from any other digital marketing agency.
FruitBowl Digital has won numerous prestigious awards; Kyoorius Creativity for Good Awards 2018 (Gold Elephant), UN Green Crusader Award 2018 and have received nominations from SAMMIE 2018 – Special Awards, Business World Future Design Awards 2018. FruitBowl Digital has also won The Social Media Agency of the Year in 2017 and Best Crowd Sourced Marketing Campaign at the 6th Asia Pacific Customer Engagement Forum & Awards 2017. Won Inkspell’s Drivers of Digital Award for Best Digital Integrated Campaign and Best Performance-driven Campaign in 2016. Won the gold place for the Best Digital Marketing Campaign for CSR category at the Asian Consumer Engagement Forum in 2015.

  1. How does the company keep employees motivated and handles its societal responsibility?

Fruitbowl starts its day as a company but ends as a family. The office is constantly bustling with conversation, idea-sharing, internal challenges and friendly competition. To keep our ‘fruits’ on their toes we have daily brainstorming sessions where anyone from any department is free to walk-in with ideas. We also host interactive and learning sessions by team/department heads that is aimed at adding a fun twist to staying up-to-date with our industry and work.
Our co-founder, Dedeepya Reddy started Chal Rang De, a non-profit organisation that uses paint and colour to highlight social issues in some of the most ignored parts of the city. What started in Asalpha Village of Mumbai, where we painted the walls of the house’s to turn it into the city’s first multi-coloured slum, has now become a city-wide message of art, awareness and happiness.

  1. What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?

Define the problem that you are going to fix and then don’t stop until you’re the best at doing it.

  1. Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.

We want to take our expertise beyond more borders, with our first target in Dubai – a vast but unexplored digital marketing opportunity. We are also incubators for startups and hope to continue helping other agencies like Utopian Media find their place in this massive industry. We’re expanding into the technology sphere with a solution customer to business and business to customer communication.

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