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At the age of sixteen, when most youngsters are concerned about college grades, heartbreaks and allowances, Tanya Swetta, a travel buff, started her career as a travel consultant. While studying communication at Xavier Institute of Communication, she took up a job in PR and was exposed to a gamut of different industries including Hospitality, Film, Consulting, Corporate and Fashion. Her agile mind saw a gap in the market in terms of having a deeper understanding of how PR can truly help build a brand with an EQ and an IQ, going beyond straight press releases and media interaction. She found herself as the bridge between international brands and the Indian market, becoming the preferred choice of partner for communications and marketing and that is how id8 Media Solution came to existence in the year 2001.
Bringing Ideas to Life
The company created intelligent, structured and innovative solutions to a brand’s public relations in the Indian market. The following years saw Tanya managing and leading a people-oriented business and actively participating in all aspects from planning, strategizing, and conceptualising to acquiring clients. Her highly motivated personality and a proven ability to develop people and commercialise all aspects of a business found a perfect companion in Aman Swetta, her life partner.
Aman previously ran his own production and design enterprise and joined id8 in 2008 as its Joint Managing Director. His foresight and business intelligence had the company extend the new arms and include Design, Digital Marketing, Filming, Production, Event Management, Graphic & Visual Communication and a diverse range of other offerings to evolve ID8 as an integrated consulting agency.
Solutions for Every Brand
Id8 offers Integrated Marketing Communications – identifying and using a mix of different tools in marketing to create an optimum, effective and value driven solution for any brand, product, and service in the market. Its services include:

  • Creative

     Logo and Brand Guidelines; Brand Collateral; Campaigns; Website Design; Videos

  • Digital

Website Creation; Mobile Applications; Search Engine Marketing; Digital Marketing; Search Engine Optimisation; Social Media Marketing

  • Public Relations

Corporate PR and Lifestyle PR; Media Training; Strategy Workshops; Crisis Management

  • Marketing

Corporate Marketing; Cross Branding and Collaborations; Influencer Marketing; Sponsorship; IP creation, planning and execution

  • Events

           Concept and Goal-driven Corporate Events; Luxury Experiences
The Bubbling Industry
About the challenges and the opportunities that the industry is going through, the company believes that the Indian market is just beginning to open up. The consumer is digital savvy but at the same time, digitalization is impacted deeply by culture. Id8 has a huge opportunity as it has the on-ground experience of over a decade understanding geographical and cultural mindset – allowing it to create strategies that show results. This, coupled with the execution strength it holds within the company, allows it to offer a company a holistic and workable solution for their communication and marketing requirements. Tanya believes that “We offer and have the value of multiple tools of marketing under one common goal and thinking with skilled teams in each department working in collaboration with each other, thereby offering a much higher value and more effective messaging for brands both internally and to external audiences.” Aman opines that “Consumers are becoming more aware and want to understand the true value of the product, so it is important to highlight the core aesthetics of the brand. With integrated marketing communications, we have been able to achieve great results for our clients and will continue to do so.”
Tech Check
Staying ahead in the industry, id8 successfully practices Integrated Marketing Communications, innovation in specific tools of marketing and cross innovation across tools of marketing. Adapting to the latest technology is its strength, and it has been successfully practising this method over the last decade.
Using Digital Platform Development, it makes the client’s experience of Robust Programmatic Advertising flawless by using best of the Data tools and Ad tech tools like Eyeota, Bluekai, AppNexus, Taboola & Outbrain etc. This aids in building an audience, content marketing, data ownership and portability, performance ROI and retargeting. By Content Integration, it strategically curates and places content across all tools of communication.
Honing id8ing Minds
Id8 has been able to cultivate relationships with its key team players lasting over a decade. It believes in developing and nurturing its employees to the optimum which is a core ethos of the company. Its core belief is that when an employee truly grows both mentally and monetarily, he or she develops a permanent and positive attachment towards the company. Communications and marketing is about analytics and intelligence, but is also much personalised and requires passion and integrity. This simple core, reinstating the company pillars on Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Innovation makes id8 media solutions a robust and dynamic company.
Internal communication is a strong tool used to communicate within the teams. Growing from one employee to over seventy, at every growth stage, it has innovated and created new methods to understand its employee, the company requirements and ways to motivate and encourage a non-political, positive and progressive atmosphere for growth. It also undertakes and adopts multiple social causes as they come to the company’s way.
Word for Newbies
With the start-up culture gripping the country, Tanya and Aman advises the budding entrepreneurs to collaborate to succeed. They ask them to “Strike a good work-life balance – it will help you optimise and perform better. Always be ready to learn something new as the industry is dynamic and changing all the time.”
Eyes on the Future
The future vision for the company includes increasing its client acquisition, service offering and having a larger global presence. The couple says, “We are full of innovation – the word that is celebrated the most at id8, and we still have our core aesthetic old school rule which is to have ROI based integrated marketing strategies for our clients. This is why we have shared strong and deep professional associations sometimes spanning over a decade or more.” Launching its tech startup and a web series is a part of this near future and the work has already begun!

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