Fusion BPO Services: Helping Businesses Optimize and Accelerate their Organizational Performance

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Kishore Saraogi | COO | Pankaj Dhanuka | Co-founder & CEO | Fusion BPO Services

Technology has come to play a vital role in the tech-enabled business operations. It has significantly shaped consumer perceptions, behaviours, and preferences. However, with the disruptive innovations, it is becoming increasingly important that enterprises adapt to new conditions, especially as the business environment is in a constant state of change.

Thus, more and more companies are embracing Business Process Management (BPM) to enhance the business efficiencies in workflows and processes. The transparency and agility that BPM brings helps organizations maximize productivity and profitability. It aligns business processes with business objectives.

Fusion BPO Services stands out in the BPM solutions that suit the need of small businesses and enterprises. Founded in 2004, Fusion BPO is a leading Global service provider of Business Process Management. The company today manages a workforce of over 6000 employees working across 20+ nationalities globally.

With 15 plus years of being a leading Business Process Management company, Fusion BPO has its presence in 16 delivery locations spanning across India, Philippines, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Central America.

Leading Global Management Firm

Fusion BPO caters to customer experience management through all channels like voice, chat email and social media to the industries including utility, travel, transportation, and hospitality. The company is also a leading Accounts Receivable Management company. It provides the expertise that can help organization successfully execute the start-to-finish management of the business operation.

Fusion BPO provides customized outsourcing solutions for various industries, with specialized programs in the automotive finance, credit card, and utilities industries. The company also provides contingency collections programs for insurance companies, real estate lenders, and government municipalities.

The Dedicated Community

Pankaj Dhanuka, the Co-founder & CEO

Mr. Dhanuka co-founded Xplore -Tech Services with Kishore Saraogi in March, 2004. Mr. Dhanuka, who has been a CA from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, has vast experience in the IT industry.

His extensive work experience includes holding various positions in different companies like UTI and Lodha Capital Markets. Mr. Dhanuka has also worked in a web development company.

Kishore Saraogi, Co-founder & COO

Mr. Saraogi co-founded Xplore Tech Services with Pankaj Dhanuka in March, 2004. Mr. Saraogi has held numerous senior management positions in companies like ICICI Securities, Usha Martin, and Usha Communications Technology. By profession, Mr. Saraogi is a finance graduate from the University of Calcutta.

Partho Choudhury, the President

Mr. Choudhury has over 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and operations. Before taking the charge of President at Fusion BPO Services, Mr. Choudhury has previously served as a Senior Manager at BCE Inc., Sprint PCS, CareerBuilder.com, Pfizer, Sara Lee, and Proctor and Gamble.

He also founded Customer Advisors International, integrated into Ameridial in January 2005. He holds an MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Michael O Neil, the Executive Vice President

Mr. Neil has been serving the company since its inception. His extensive organizational experience includes business planning, finance, vendor management, and operations. Currently he successfully executes the responsibilities of account management and business development.

Before joining Fusion BPO Services, Mr. Neil has worked as a consultant for logistics and outsourcing companies. He holds an MBA degree in the field of finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Ritesh Chakraborty, the Vice President, Operations

Mr. Chakraborty has been associated with the company since its inception. During his journey with Fusion BPO Services, he has headed Operations, IT, Sales & Marketing, RTA/WFM and Quality, proving himself to be a committed company advocate.

Rajan Singh, the Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Singh joined Fusion Group in 2004. His leadership role includes the continued development of innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment in the company.

Mr. Singh’s educational background comprises of a master’s degree in Telecommunication. He is a certified professional in the CCNA, ITIL, Avaya Aura CM administration which are one of the tech industry’s most sought-after career credentials.

Lalita Sinha, the Director- HR of Fusion BPO

Miss. Lalita has over 23 years of HR Management experience. Miss. Lalita has worked with organizations like NIIT Ltd, RPG Retail Group, Vishnu Solutions, and Onprocess Technology before taking over the charge of HR at Fusion BPO Services. Her academic background includes a graduation degree from Calcutta University and Post-graduation degree in Human Resource from North Maharashtra University.

The leaders’ pioneering role in the BPM solutions company and their unique contributions have made them distinguished leaders. They have prolifically demonstrated that businesses can be successful while being committed to integrity.

In their advice to the emerging workforce, the team of diverse professionals say, “there is no shortcut to success. The key lies in the execution and speed of execution. In today’s fast paced environment, what is important is speed and solution. The same solution could be out of context if timing is not right. It is also important to solve the key problems. Before you begin, it is important to dig deeper and see what problems are you really solving? Your solution or idea should really be making a positive impact and solving problems”.

Exhibiting Uniqueness

The company provides world class technology infrastructure and the right technology solutions in automation, robotics and analytics.

Fusion BPO’s core strength is managing customer interactions by providing world-class support to the clients across the globe. The company has built its capability and leadership skill at every level and every opportunity. It helps build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations.

The company has developed an infrastructure and solutions that works for all. The solutions are designed specifically to suit the business objectives of every client which would range from higher productivity, cost reduction, process improvements, helping the client organization in its growth efforts, etc.

Fusion BPO Services strongly believes that business process outsourcing is a collaborative effort which needs active involvement of the client and the service provider.

Motivating Achievements

Fusion BPO has earned numerous awards, including the prestigious ‘Golden Globe Tigers Awards (2019)’ for excellence in training and development and ‘USPAACC’s Fast 100 Asian American Business Awards’ 2018 in the past two years.

The company is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) in USA. Fusion BPO is a NASSCOM member and has PCI: DSS, HIPAA and other accreditations for its business, security and operational performance. Fusion BPO has below certifications and accreditations.

  • PCI-DSS 3.2
  • MBE (USA)
  • ISO 27001
  • GLBA
  • HIPAA compliant
  • SOC 1 Type –II 2017

Viable Strategies

Serving a global clientele meant that it had to deal with its biggest challenge i.e agent attrition and sourcing. During the initial days unengaged agents and high attrition rates hindered the company’s optimal performance. However, it overcame the situation through efficient workforce management, skill-based hiring, and gamification. The company organized employee engagement programs which fostered healthy competition among teammates.

To satisfy the growing customer expectations fusion BPO has invested in the latest call center technology to improve the turnaround time, increase first contact resolution rates, and deliver personalized customer experience at each interaction.

Increasing the Ability

Fusion BPO is striving to get an even larger footprint in the European niche market. It looks at growth both organically and inorganically. On the organic front, UK & Europe is a key market the company is targeting. It has already opened a delivery center in Europe at Tirana, Albania in 2019 to provide a near shore location to its European clients.

As a part of its expansion plan the company looks forward to build a firm business partnership with its clients and serving their needs for years to come.


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