MattsenKumar: Sculpting Business Processes

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Mike Mattsen | CEO | Aarati Kumar | COO | MattsenKumar Pvt. Ltd.

Do you know that outsourcing is no longer a buzzword or a jargon? Today, outsourcing is seen as a viable solution to many operational solutions in small and big companies.

Outsourcing can boost your business to great heights. It gives you more flexibility to manage the core functions of your business. Thus management functions like access to high value talents & skills, call center operations, and project development can be done by your outsourcing partner.

Globally, organizations are becoming more demanding to keep pace with the best business and service standard practice. A prominent company helping organizations to improve their business operations through being innovative and flexible, is MattsenKumar Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in the year, 2010 MattsenKumar is a preferred business process outsourcing partner for several leading global organizations across many industries. With a global leadership team that has been managing offshore outsourcing for over twenty years, ‘MK’ has been a pioneer in establishing and transforming contact center operations for leading enterprises across the globe. Headquartered in the US, its delivery centers leverage the power of offshore, and specifically, the intellect and work ethics within India.

The organization is on a mission to leverage a talented and passionate team to provide innovative, specialized BPO solutions leveraging technologies that ensure the clients receive the maximum return on investment.

In an interview with Insights Success, the team at MattsenKumar shares insightful perspectives and opinions about the platform, its key aspects, and how it strives towards a better tomorrow for its prospective employees.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

IS: What are the unique facilities and services provided by your organization?

Our services include:

  • Contact Center Outsourcing: Aligns with multiple functions and departments in organizations like Sales & Business Development, Customer Service, Collections, and Surveys. It manages their processes delivering huge cost and business impact.
  • Back Office Process Outsourcing: Delivers email & chats support, data processing & management, and interactive voice response (IVR) for our clients, while they focus on their core business operations,
  • E-commerce Capabilities: Helps e-commerce and online retail organizations streamline their processes and be growth-oriented via catalog management, product discovery, selection enhancement, seller & buyer management, and analytics services.
  • Professional Services group of MattsenKumar is a team of quality professionals (Lean Six Sigma) who work with global organizations across industries. It provides services like Business Process Management, Customer Experience Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Visualization, and Benchmarking Services.

Apart from services, our innovation & strategy team has been successful in launching multiple products like:

  • SmartSpeech, a highly customizable speech analytics solution for contact centers.
  • MK Dashboards, an interactive data visualization, for handling complex datasets to derive valuable insights.

IS: State some awards and accreditations your firm has received.

MattsenKumar is one of the esteemed members of NASSCOM (The National Association of Software and Services Companies). We have been recently acknowledged as the 2019 Clutch Leader for Call Answering Services for BFSI Industry.

IS: Tell us about the challenges your organization faces and risks associated with them and how do you overcome them?

As the BPO industry has evolved rapidly over the last decade, our team has stayed ahead of the curve by aligning with the changing industry dynamics and by focusing on our core strengths and innovation.

Our core strengths include:

  • BPO Leadership: Our leadership team brings a combined industry experience of over 100+ years spanning across industries like manufacturing, BFSI, e-commerce, retail, and information technology.
  • Relentless Focus on Data Security: We place immense importance on our client’s data and take responsibility to keep it secure. Our PCI certification is a shining example of our commitment.
  • Lowest Client Attrition: Over the last decade, we have been fortunate to boast one of the lowest client attrition rates in the industry.
  • Innovation: Our relentless drive to deliver value to our clients has helped develop a laser-sharp focus on innovation, resulting in developing many examples of new technology that make a difference and set us apart.

IS: How do you envision the outreach of the firm globally in terms of growth and future expansion?

MattsenKumar continues to grow at a rate of thirty to forty percent year over year, and while there have been limited discussions on expansion elsewhere, Mike and Aarati continue to believe that ‘betting on India’ makes sense and therefore, future growth is planned to leverage the still vast capabilities within this country.  Already, a doubling of Gurgaon capacity is occurring in early 2020, and future growth is planned for Jaipur, too.  We also expect to finalize our first southern India site by the end of 2020, with the Bangalore region getting the most attention due to client site activities to support there.  MK never plans to be the biggest outsourcer out there, we are singularly focused on being the best.

IS: What is your advice to the budding and emerging entrepreneurs?

Our growth and success have not come without pain and disappointment, and in fact, we believe that it’s how you learn from mistakes that separate the successful from the also-rans.  In fact, within MK itself, we have developed a process called “TANIAP” to leverage turning mistakes into opportunities. TANIAP means ‘Turning A Negative Into A Positive’ and as an active part of our work culture, we embrace that team members will misstep, will make mistakes and what matters the MOST isn’t that a mistake was made, but how it served as a catapult to a POSITIVE outcome. We are far from perfect, but our advice would be to not be afraid to make mistakes just strive to capitalize on them.

About the Leaders

The Founders, Mike Mattsen and Aarati Kumar are the pioneers in the first offshore wave which hit India towards the end of the last decade. Mike lived in India from 2000 to 2002. Together, they grew one of the pioneer global BPO’s setting up shop in India from a few dozen employees to several thousand seat operations during that period.  The duo then founded and successfully grew a more specialized BPO, before launching MattsenKumar in 2010.

Mike Mattsen, the Chief Executive Officer is a known industry innovator who brings over 25 years of direct BPO outsourcing and technology executive leadership. He has opened, managed and helped expand several thousand seat operations throughout America and Asia. He lived in India from 1999 to 2002, helping to lead the migration of the global BPO industry. Before gaining vast offshore expertise, Mike ran operations for a Portland, Oregon based call center organization with sixteen sites throughout the US and Canada.

Aarati Kumar, the Chief Operating Officer has over 20 years of professional executive experience across various domains. She is one of the first female international BPO general managers across Asia and has held various leadership roles, including Country Head, President, and COO/CFO.  She owns MK along with Mike and Pat Hanlin, the former owner of the outsourcer that Mike first ran operations for. In addition to wearing many operational service delivery hats, she has led two widely successful start-ups from ground zero in the Indian market and is considered the go-to person for any outsourcing solutions.

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