FusionResto : Assisting Restaurateurs in their Growth

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Dining out is no longer limited to special occasions but has become a way of living. Modern-day consumers have chosen to spend more on food, be it through various food joints or home delivery options available. 70% of the working Millenials choose to dine out exploring various food joints whereas 30% choose to eat comfortably at home.

This has created a direct benefit for restaurants by creating an opportunity for them to attract and impress these food connoisseurs with exclusive offers and showcasing their supreme service that would create a long-lasting impression in the minds of these people.

However such activity involves aligning the restaurant practices with technology that demands rehabilitation of their business model with constant innovation and evolution.

While people are vouching for more theme-based restaurants, fusion foods, ethnicity, and vibrant cultures, the restaurant business has become more competitive in fulfilling these needs and demands of the consumers. The restaurant owners are becoming more tech-savvy in order to manage the new business process that they keep overhauling for. RanceLab® FusionResto has been assisting restaurant owners since 1996 in this process of technological development. While the restaurant owners are on the constant process of modernization, re-inventing their business keeping pace with the changing trends, RanceLab® FusionResto aids them by providing them with a complete managerial solution that promotes hassle-free operations and saves them from the cost and trouble of using multiple software for each department.

The changing food habits of the young minds are driven by utmost consciousness with respect to the food that they are consuming and the places that they are dining in. This means that while they want to indulge in a practice of going out and exploring the various food options available, they are watchful of what they are eating like where the food is sourced from, how fresh or organic is it, what healthy nutrients does it have and in what quantity, etc. FusionResto comes with an inbuilt menu engineering and recipe management structure that assists restaurateurs in effectively managing the recipe for each of the items being served at the restaurant keeping their nutritional value in check and providing their guests with a delightful experience that would contribute to the growth of their business and help them maximize their profits.

FusionResto enables them to manage multiple business operations, providing a multilingual, multi-currency, multi-outlet support with quick implementation and rapid user adaptability that requires minimal IT expertise. It simplifies their work process and increases their efficiency by administering a tightly integrated system that takes care of numerous business activities like POS management, Inventory Management, Food Costing, Financial Account, Loyalty Programs, Supply Chain, Payroll, Promotions and many more.

People today are willing to pay a premium for exceptional service and experience. Restaurateurs who understand and cater to this transition are banking huge profits and are successful in satisfying their customers in the long run.

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