G-TEC EDUCATION: Guiding Minds on the Path of Educational Enhancement of Self and Society


Thanks to the global pandemic, education has broken out of the confinements of physical classrooms and is now reaching the remotest corners of the globe via the powerful medium of online or digital technology. The Shakespearean idiom of ‘All the world’s a stage; Life is a drama; We’re actors; God is the director,’ must have a modern educated compatriot like:

All the universe’s a university; Life is an educational course; We’re learners; Mind is the teacher.’

Along similar lines, Rabindranath Tagore said, “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

G-TEC EDUCATION PVT LTDs (a part of G-TEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS) Chairman and Managing Director Mehroof I Manalody has always been an ardent believer in the concept of…

Education for All

Education is the only path for self-fulfilment and self-realization. It is the only path to freedom and equality. We envision a world with peace and prosperity through educated minds with a passion for the enhancement of self and society,” he says, adding that ‘Education is one basic need of any society and providing quality training at most affordable fee along with international certification and placement support is always a Niche.’

In this regard, G-TEC is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified education network formed in 2001 with its corporate office in Singapore, Regional Office in Dubai and Administrative office in India. With over 700+ quality learning centres in 19 countries, including Africa, G-TEC has trained over 2.1 million alums and has an on-board student count of 1,00,000+. With over 18+ international certifications of all major IT Giants, including Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, ACCA, Autodesk, EC Council, CompTIA, IAB, IIBI, University of Dubai, Mississippi State University etc., G-TEC paved the way to popularize quality learning and content among common people.

G-TEC has programs to fit anyone’s training needs right from Early Childhood brain skill development for Three Years upto SAP Consultant training for Senior-most professionals and corporates in all major domains like IT, Multimedia, Accounting, IT Infrastructure, Life Skills, IAS/Civil Service Training, Entrance Coaching through both offline and online modes.

G-TEC also moved public under NSE recently under the brand G-TEC JainX Education Ltd, which makes it

India’s No.1 IT Training Franchisee

G-TEC’s biggest strength is the diversity of products and the wide spectrum of audiences it caters to. There are 5 SBUs or revenue streams for every G-TEC Centre, which are

G-TEC Computer Education has over 400+ courses in IT, including Software, Multimedia, Hardware and Networking, IT Security, Data Analysis, Accounting and Robotics. From the foundation courses of duration of five days to the Master diploma courses with two years, G-TEC is enabling all strata of the audience to meet industry skill requirements most economically.

G-TEC College of Advanced Studies is the next division of G-TEC which helps students earn an academic qualification and a vocational skill. B. Com + Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting is one such package that helps a student earn a degree and a job-oriented Diploma qualification. Apart from this, we also help students earn Online UG and PG courses at credible Universities in India.

G-TEC Gensmart Academy is the junior division of G-TEC which addresses the students of age group 3-17 and non-IT vocational courses for job seekers. School programs include a vast collection of courses, including Gamified cognitive enhancement program to Robotics to Abacus and Vedic Maths. Technology tools such as simulation-based science learning softwares and self-learning robotic packages exist.

G-TEC Global Campus is the overseas education consultancy division of G-TEC, which caters to 800 Universities in 35 countries for 50,000+ courses.

G-TEC Centre of Excellence is the premium division of G-TEC which works on the bottom-up model with employers designing the courses based on their requirements and assuring placements at the end of the course.

Transforming Lives

Sharing the major immersive benefits offered by G-TECH Franchise business to the modern business segment, Mehroof says that in any business, what an entrepreneur seek is whether the product or service is futuristic and then if it is scalable and, most importantly, a recurring revenue stream. G-TEC qualifies all these core critical criteria of a growing business. “Above all, at the end of the day, we are transforming lives around us for good,” he claims.

Reflecting on his journey, Mehroof says it all started in the 1990s when he identified the need for a quality education brand in the IT segment after his Graduation from Chennai. In his research, Mehroof found that IT training was restricted to an elite class, only those who could afford big, even for a small IT Skill certification. The thought of bringing IT education to the common people was the key to G-TEC’s growth through the years.

In 2001 he understood the power of the Franchise model, where he duplicated the same positive, profitable system and created entrepreneurs while providing quality education worldwide. “I started with 14 franchisees on Day One, and now we are one BIG GLOBAL FAMILY with 700+ centres in 19 countries and Growing,” he informs.

Embracing Real-Time Tech Transition 

Being an experienced leader, sharing his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting today’s franchise business sector and how G-TEC is adapting to the change, Mehroof says that technology always fascinates him. He adds, “Since we are a technology training franchise organization, we understand how crucial it is for society to pace up to it, which determines the progress of any nation. It was one reason why we set up our corporate office in Singapore, which would help us sense the transition in real-time.”

He elaborates that they have a great team in R&D who speaks with the industry and SMEs regularly to ensure that they deliver employable skills and bridge the gap in skilling from time to time. They have practised this even internally while they designed and developed their own ERP decades ago.

To cater to the call for High technology skills, their campus in Dubai at Al-Qusais hosts two ‘One Year Diploma courses – Data Science and AI and International Finance Management with internship and placement assistance. “We are at par with the technology wave to the maximum extent where any academy could catch up as on date, and we believe it is a pursuit, not a destination,” he insists.

A 3-Tier Quality Assurance System to Tackle Challenges

Speaking about challenges faced by educational franchisee businesses, Mehroof shares that in education franchises, the biggest challenge would be the quality drain and teachers’ updation, which ultimately affect their students’ placements. To address this, they implement a 3-Tier quality assurance system in their centres. Starting with their internal office, they have kept a policy of Yearly Re-writing of curriculum based on their market study every January. Then they train their trainers to update and release the supporting documents, including trainers’ guides, training presentations, books, assignments and assessments.

Trained trainers are then taken through an assessment called GCT (G-TEC Certified Trainers), which gives the trainers confidence to deliver the updated content to students. He adds, “The last level is at the students’ end where they are mandated to give us feedback thrice during the tenure with us to get them eligibility for exams.”

G-TEC Wisdom

In his advice to budding professionals aspiring to venture into the franchise business sector, Mehroof says that the success of any business depends on how beautifully you solve your customer’s problem and how much they are willing to pay to solve it. The franchise is a great system that helps entrepreneurs save time, effort and money with the franchisor’s effort and brand. It is equally important to create enough entry barriers and maintain uniqueness in the market to lead it.

Present Generation’s Tech of the Future Past

On envisioning scaling G-TEC franchise services and new business offerings in the future, Mehroof divulges that they are moving towards the future. Future technologies, future possibilities and future-proof certifications. “That has been our present always.”

As always, New courses, certifications, and job opportunities are all in progress.

G-TEC is creating entrepreneurs and relationships. Being in G-TEC Family, they enjoy delivering premium certifications, quality content, marketing support, branding support, trainers training, quality assurance, placement support and all those components which make meaning to be called a training centre. Building and managing a training organization by oneself is too risky and, at times, tolled on students’ satisfaction and their future.

Mehroof adds that they’ve already shifted their strategic team to expand in their new online education domain, which is predicted to touch $1.96 Billion in the coming year. Keeping their network live, they’re parallelly bringing up blended learning and pure online learning to reach new market segments that are currently limited by proximity, financials and social distancing, which can be the new normal.

He concludes, “This also helps us leverage our services with the best trainers globally to deliver the best content at a very affordable cost. Again a G-TEC touch J.”

JG-TEC’s Hall of FameJ

G-TEC has won numerous awards for its services in skilling and youth empowerment. Listing the three-four most important ones:

  • Best International Centre award from the House of Commons (UK) through IAB (International Association of Book Keepers) consecutively for the last seven years.
  • Franchise India Award, India.
  • IT Entrepreneurship Award, Govt. of India.
  • Best Businessman Award by Promoters Association, Dubai.
  • Times of India & Economic Times – BRAND ICON.

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