Tumbledry Solutions: The Finest Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchise Brand in India

Tumbledry Solutions

While everyone became health conscious in the post-pandemic new normal times, those who took the global crisis situation seriously enough to set their priorities right are truly modernistic smart humans. When it comes to being healthy, keeping one’s clothing, apparel, shoes, leather bags, wearing items, and children’s toys cleanest and hygienic should not be the last afterthought.

At least, it is not for over half a million futuristically clever people all over urban India. Because instead of investing their precious time, money, and efforts in cleaning all these items in-house or giving them to extremely unreliable Dhobis, Maids, or local laundries and dry cleaners, over Six Lakh of these health-conscious people have now been opting for the only smartest choice–Tumbledry Solutions– the largest laundry and dry clean chain in India with more than 500 stores across 180 cities.

Tumbledry is a laundry and dry cleaning solutions start-up which aims to bring ease to the life of half a billion urban Indians through a chain of live laundry and dry cleaning.

Gaurav NigamDirector and Co-founder, informs, “Our team is a mix of veteran industry experts, IIT and IIM (A) professionals and young, energetic business leaders.”

The Impeccable Quality, Everytime!  

The organization works towards revolutionizing the unorganized laundry and dry clean services offered by dhobis, maids and other small stores into a professionally managed retail and e-commerce service.

“At Tumbledry, we deliver the highest standards of laundry and dry cleaning services and provide a superior “Customer experience” in all aspects. “Quality orientation” and “customer-centricity” is our forte, making us India’s largest laundry and dry cleaning chain with 500+ stores in every Indian state and UT covering 180+ cities. We have served 600000 customers in just 3.5 years of our operation, which is growing consistently,” adds Gaurav.

Tumbledry is the only Indian laundry brand which maintains global quality standards. The firm has sales and service contracts with leading brands like LG, Seitz and Electrolux. Not just this, but it is also the only brand to have a centralized workforce training academy. “In this academy, we hire and train workpersons so they go out in our franchise stores with the finest laundry and dry cleaning skills. These things shape the focus of the workforce on quality delivery which leads to customer satisfaction. It makes me happy and proud to share that we receive nearly 70% repetitive customers or repeat business, which is a big deal in any service business, especially for a new brand like Tumbledry,” says Gaurav with a smile.

The Most Trusted Franchiser

He furthers that their rapid growth and commitment towards their partners make them a prominent franchise. Tumbledry started in 2019, the same year COVID-19 hit the world and disrupted many established businesses. Even during such a grim phase, Tumbledry’s business model didn’t just survive but grew exponentially. The team faced two extended lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 successfully.

It became possible because their focus is not just merely on distributing franchisees. They are not a brand which is just opening new stores. They strive hard to manage them effectively as well. Gaurav insists, “All of our franchisees receive complete support in establishing and running their business. And this is what makes us a prominent franchise option.”

World Renowned Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Tumbledry offers World class laundry and dry cleaning services. From daily wear clothes to heavy designer wear clothes, from bags and shoes from high-street brands to upholstery and soft toys, its cleaning services cover a wide range of products.

Coming to what makes them stand out in the increasing competition, Gaurav says it is their complete focus on “Qualitywe started Tumbledry to build a reliable and organized laundry system which was completely absent in India.”

People either washed clothes independently or got it done by maids, local dry cleaners or dhobis. Washing clothes at home was hectic and time-consuming, and getting them cleaned by maids or dhobis was a clear compromise with quality. Because, in India, nobody was following regulatory hygiene and quality standards in the laundry industry.

An Ultra-Hygienic Focus

We changed the norms. We are the only brand in India where customers get genuinely premium services as we prioritize ‘quality.” Every single Tumbledry store is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery and chemicals from America, Sweden and Germany. Gaurav reveals that they have adopted the latest Woolmark-approved Lagoon technology for maintaining high-quality standards in dry cleaning. They ensure an ultra-hygienic laundry process by washing each customer’s clothes separately. Not just this, but they follow WHO and CDC guidelines while processing customers’ items.

While other dry cleaners assure 80% stain removal, Tumbledry promises 99% stain removal using specially developed chemicals. Moreover, they ensure zero shrinkage, 100% fabric and colour preservation and colour restoration as well. With their proprietary Whitex technology, they make white clothes up to three shades brighter too. “This is how we maintain high-quality services consistently and beat the competition.”

Exploring the Unexplored

In a way, Tumbledry has shed light on an unexplored business segment with massive potential. It is important to quote that laundry is a huge $35.85 billion industry in India; still, 96% of it was unorganized.

Laundry was a latent everyday problem of half a billion urban Indians. And they were ready to lap up any alternative which gave them ease and convenience. However, nothing major was done to cater to the heavy demand for an organized and quality laundry service.

Through Tumbledry, we provided World class laundry and dry clean service at customers’ doorstep.” It was an excellent blend of quality and convenience. Hence, customers embraced Tumbledry. Just like e-commerce services like Flipkart, Myntra, Uber, Zomato, etc., its laundry and dry clean services also got rapid adoption by customers.

“As I said earlier, today, we have a customer base of more than 6,00,000. There is a huge demand for our services. Hence, our business partners enjoy generous profits. In just 3.5 years, we are running 500+ stores successfully in 180+ diverse cities. Our franchise business model’s success substantiates this industry’s potential.” It shows that the modern business segment can definitely witness many more milestones here.

India’s Largest Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Gaurav reflects that their journey started in 2019 with the launch of 1st Tumbledry store in Noida. Today, after over three-and-a-half years, they have more than 500 stores spread across 180+ cities. “We are present in every Indian state and union territory. It makes us India’s largest laundry and dry clean chain.”

Besides this, in terms of store count, they are bigger than several renowned and old brands like KFC, Lakme Salon, FirstCry, etc. In the laundry industry, none of their competitors comes near to what they have achieved. Tumbledry is bigger than the next four competitors.

“I will credit Tumbledry’s success to our robust business model wherein we focus entirely on the wellbeing of franchisees. We feel it is crucial to support the franchise partners at every stage of business establishment and operation. Hence, we render a never-ending support system to every single Tumbledry partner. From finding the right shop at the right location to ensuring timely delivery of raw materials in their shop, our team stands by the partners always,” he states.

We are at a Tap of Finger

Being an experienced leader, Gaurav shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts today’s franchise business sector and how Tumbledry is adapting to the change. He says he witnessed that AI and ML have the potential to bring amazing positive transformations not just in the franchise but in all business sectors.

“For example, today, we can automate routine tasks and let people focus on creating strategic plans or showing creativity in their job roles.”

As far as their organization is concerned, he believes in the power of AI. “You may already know that our business is completely customer-oriented, so we have taken the first step towards a better customer experience by using AI.”

Tumbledry recently launched Whatsapp Chatbot, enabling customers to place and track their orders easily. It has improved the buy experience to a great length through on-demand, quick, personalized customer support. The convenience brought by Whatsapp Chatbot has received a warm welcome from the customers.

“Now, we are looking forward to bringing AI and ML to more use with respect to the franchise aspect as well. Our team has started working on an AI project to boost business development. Very soon, we will be analyzing customer data usage history using AI. This data will give us valuable insights regarding customer preferences, and we will help our franchisees make calculated decisions about selling or upselling our services.”

Disrupting Challenges

Sharing the challenges they face and overcome, Gaurav says the franchise business models can never succeed without trust building. Building trust among people was not easy for a new brand like them. On top of this, the industry in which they are working was also unexplored and relatively new. People initially hesitated to invest as they had never really witnessed a scalable business in the Indian laundry industry.

However, due to our unique proposition, we onboarded our first franchisee. The performance of this store was great because of our well-planned strategies.” Plus, the business model was great, so the business faced no major challenges.

The success of their first Tumbledry store worked wonders. There was no bad-mouthing about their brand or business. In a way, it spread the word that Tumbledry has got success potential. People witnessed that their franchise got everything that was required for business. “From an ideal shop, interiors, and raw materials to actual customers (not leads), we provided them with everything.” From hiring and training employees to actual day-to-day operations Tumbledry team stood by the franchisee at every stage. They are the only brand to set up a laundry workforce training academy so that their stores get the perfectly-skilled staff who can provide the best ever service. It is not something that every franchisor does. Hence, they stood out in the market full of different franchise options.

One after another, Tumbledry store kept turning profitable and spread the word about their business model. “We noticed that our partners referred, and referral worked great for us. We ensured meetings between our existing and potential or new partners in the initial phase. This helped people in getting first-hand knowledge about the Tumbledry franchise,” adds Gaurav.

A Genuine Advice

He advises budding professionals aspiring to venture into the franchise business sector to go ahead; there are amazing opportunities for success and growth in the franchise business sector. Do not go for verbal claims while onboarding a franchise; believe the statistics. If a brand has authentic and reliable growing numbers, go for the franchise.

‘You will get complete support in training, marketing, financing, etc., from a genuine franchisor, so even if you have never done a business earlier, you can still do very well in the franchise business.’

Soon: To Reach Every Indian Household

On envisioning scaling Tumbledry franchise services and new business offerings in the future, Gaurav divulges that they are now working towards broadening the horizons by launching 2000 live stores by 2026, covering all Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. The goal is to have a hyperlocal presence nationwide by opening one Tumbledry franchise store within every three km radius.

Highlighting their success, he says their hard work has brought them some renowned awards and recognitions. “It is a matter of sheer happiness for me to share that we have:

  • Received PTC Award of Excellence Entrepreneurship.
  • CINETalso awarded us the RTC Innovation Awards.

We are registered with StartupIndia.”

  • The Economics Timesrecently featured Tumbledry among the Top 8 Franchise Businesses under 50 Lakh.
  • Then, “We have the Leaders Award – Enterprise of the Year 2022.”
  • “We also won Centurion Achiever Award from DLAI.”
  • CEO Insights also featured Tumbledry among The Top 10 Retail Startups of 2021.
  • The firm has been featured in the Top 10 Most Promising Startups for 2020by Silicon India.

For more information, please click – https://tumbledry.in/ or call +91 7677250250 or connect with the team Tumbledry at hello@tumbledry.in.

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