Game Changing Technologies that are Redefining ‘Security’

Game Changing Technologies

Technology is playing a strong role in the development of the private security industry. Hi-tech surveillance systems, remote sensors, and biometric technologies usher in a new paradigm shift in the market strategy of private security players. With the advancements in technology such as electronic security services, integrated facility management, security architecture and engineering will see a great prominence in the time to come. Today, most of the clients require tech-enabled security services and so traditional style of paper reports have been replaced by the mobile devices and computer systems that provide real-time reporting. There are some evolving technologies in security industry that can leverage new-age security technology solutions.

Security Robots
The use of security robots for physical security and surveillance operations are expected to be one of the next big things in security industry.  Robots are already been used in manufacturing industries for transporting special containers of several hundred kilograms and delivering supplies from store room to the manufacturing wards. The concept of security robots are now being used in the world, Knightscope K5, a security robot designed to patrol malls, campuses, and parking lots, replacing the need for human security guards.

Artificial Intelligence for Facial and Behavioral Recognition
Artificial intelligence is now widely used to do almost everything from predicting the weather to piloting autonomous cars and more. AI is now being applied to video surveillance systems that promise to prevent criminal activity by predicting prominent criminal offenses. There are some   AI software which monitors people in real-time and observes micro-expressions that can belie a person’s wicked intentions. These technologies can be used to recognize certain behavioral patterns and capture faces against criminal databases. It also helps to improve efficiency and ensure staff safety and reduce the potential for unauthorized access to certain areas.

Cloud based Video Surveillance
This system allows users to store, record, play, manage, and monitor surveillance footage in the cloud. In cloud based video surveillance, the IP cameras are installed at the desired location and users can access footage or cameras from anywhere at any time through a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Specially, for small and medium businesses, cloud-based solutions have surged in popularity as cloud based security systems is more efficient and more affordable. It can store more data and is more secured, more efficient and more affordable. Moreover, with the tamper detection feature on IP surveillance camera can send an alert notification when the camera is tampered with. If someone hit the camera down or blocking its view, the notification will be sent to log into the video management system and check the camera immediately to see what happened.

Drone Surveillance Systems
Drone is a perfect air surveillance option and is truly a game changing technology in the Physical Security industry. The drones can collect huge amounts of footage that human analysts cannot keep up. Drones combined with face recognition, object recognition, and other tracking technologies that can performs autonomous security tasks such as crime deterrence, situational awareness and chasing criminals, and more. Now, drones provide highly advanced surveillance with extraordinary features such as night vision, no-line-of-sight operation, autonomous operation, and behavioral detection.
Moreover, the military drones can stay in the air the hours for hours or days at a time. Such drones with high-tech cameras can scan entire cities and almost read easily anything from the almost 60,000 feet. This unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drone technology will shape the physical security sector.

UHD Surveillance Cameras
Ultra-high definition (UHD) surveillance cameras are widely used as they provide a significant improvement and clearer images. The traditional CCTV cameras often provide blurry results without a variety of different features other than filming and recording. UHD cameras can offer 4K image resolutions and can come with features such as motion detection and night vision modes. Such security camera videos help to see things clearly almost 20 meters away with clarity and details like the plate number of moving cars and the people’s facial features and more. Organizations and enterprises have started using such multiple connected UHD cameras for their security operations and this trend seems likely to continue in future.

Data Analytics
Today, Big Data, Internet of Things and physical security are inseparably connected. Predictive data analytics in physical security allows organizations to get all the physical security data in organized way beyond traditional reporting and can be used to predict physical security operations and possible security risks. Manual analysis of such huge data from the various security systems to detect the incidents can be a time consuming exercise. Security organizations need is to leverage the data analytics in security processes and operations to get actionable results and comprehensive insights. Predictive Security analytics allows predicting and preventing possible threats based on contextual analysis of data from multiple security devices and systems.

Exciting new technologies are changing the world of safety and security. These technologies are exponentially superior and have significant capabilities to give the best outcomes and will certainly make a difference as far as security is concerned.

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