The Rise of Autonomous Robots in Physical Security

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The field of robotics has taken an upward trajectory with developments in it as well as in other technologies like wireless communications, AI, and IoT. Robots have entered various domains today. The industry of physical security is witnessing the same trend. Robots have moved further on from mere factory jobs and entered the sphere of physical security. Few Silicon Valley startups have already developed and deployed autonomous robots, made purely for the purpose of security and surveillance. Although, robots have just broken into the surface of the security industry, the advantages and impact of this has been realized already. The world can expect autonomous robots to be the future of physical security. Seems like the picture that all the robot centered sci-fi movies have painted in our minds throughout the years, will be the part of our reality someday.

A New Partner of Security Officers
Globally, the autonomous security robots are gradually being adopted by various industries. This new-age technology will make the lives of the security teams easier and reduce the risk posed on their lives. These robots are made from the amalgamation of three cutting-edge technologies: Robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation. Automation provides them self-driving capabilities, helping them to patrol the perimeters of industries, malls, hospitals, and various other building by themselves. The robots are equipped with high-tech technologies for surveillance, processing, and protection, enabling better situational awareness.
Robots and people can work best when they work together. This partnership has various advantages like increased responsiveness and enhanced patrolling abilities. For maintaining the security of large areas, where numerous guards are required, robots can serve as “additional fleet on ground”, and with higher efficiency. With security robots in the team, human guards will be free from repetitive mundane tasks and can take up more strategic tasks. This new addition to the team of security officers comes bearing the gift of ease, accuracy, and safety.

Perks of Security Robots
They are Incorruptible- Robots cannot be swayed from their path and are bound to perform the ingrained task they are programmed to do. Unlike humans, they cannot be bought off as robots are not prone to greed. They are programmed to rigorously enforce the functions incorporated into them.
Enhanced Mobility- Due to the advantages of IoT, robots today are more mobile as compared to the robots a few decades back. Owing to their in-built navigation systems, the security robots can traverse large areas, placing themselves strategically in the geographical location to be secured. Not just this, with cameras and sensors, robots can navigate through complex and difficult terrain as well.
Robots are ‘Always ON’- A robot never sleeps, because it is never tired. It works with the same vigilance even after performing most monotonous jobs. It does not need breaks and can work in various temperature changes, without any effect on its efficiency. It produces a response to any situation within milliseconds, as long as its batteries are charged.

A security guard will usually do a twenty-minute round and then return to the control room where he will monitor the cameras. A robot can navigate a warehouse 24/7, doing the same round over and over, without ever getting bored or tired.”-Renato Cudicio, a seasoned IT and Robotics Security Manager.

Equipped with Nonlethal Weapons- Robots are equipped with limited nonlethal weapons including smoke emitters, Tasers, paint ball guns, and many more. Currently, robots are programmed not to tackle the recognized threats physically, but instead deploy the non-lethal weapons at the time and inform the human security officers.
Enhanced Surveillance- Technologies enabling improved 360 degree vision, night vision, etc. are fitted in the robots. This allows them to capture, stream, and store the data of the activities in the building perimeters easily. The robots can patrol the whole perimeter 24/7 without being tired. A security guard can access this data whenever required, with an added advantage of watching it on the hand-held devices. Robots also have techniques like face recognition, number plate recognition, and so on, incorporated in them along with a technique to detect pattern within the stored data. This helps in detecting any anomaly faster and ahead of time.
Robots as Force Multipliers- Force multipliers are the tools of any kind that allow the user to do the same amount of work more efficiently and in less time. Robots can be it, for the existing security. They can increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and abilities to safeguard remote areas in the security team. Also, as robots are identical and have no different personalities than one another, a user need only learn to operate one.

They are Cost Effective- A single robot is capable of working all day and night with same concentration, which is equivalent to the work done by two or three human guards. This helps in cutting the cost, as investment in robot is less expensive than the workers’ wages.

Robots reduce the Risks for Human Security: The robots serve as the eyes and ears for the human guards, replacing them in difficult conditions and dangerous situations. They can even help in immediate evacuation of the area in case of a physical threat or industrial mishaps like chemical hazards, fire, etc. This helps in reducing the damage caused in such situations as well as risks for the security officers.

Like all other technologies that looked fiction before turning into a reality, humans will gradually get acquainted to their interaction with robots.  In the security industry, the teaming up of humans and robots will make the existing security more effective as well as support new operational and functional developments further. Due to its clear advantage, more and more businesses are adopting this technology to improve their security and surveillance capabilities. It is not wrong to say that security robots will majorly influence the future of physical security industry. It is exciting to imagine what future developments in robotics will bring to the security industry as well as the world.

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