Gamesbond Partners with Vietnamese Game Developers to Create Mobile Games

Android based games supplier and producer Gamesbond has joined hands with Vietnamese centered StomStudio for a complete chain of seasonal arcade games. These series of games will be opened for a worldwide audience, alongside a very special prominence on the India’s gaming marketplace.
This Android games agreement along with StomStudio would uphold the latter work, wholly with Gamesbond as per the deal, there is several year collaboration to advance distinctive android gaming experiences for audiences from all over the world, circulating arcade and seasonal games.
Gamesbond, which is a quality games marketplace, held and marketed by Mauj Mobile. Their aim was to spread across to a maximum amount of gamers and provide them a world class experience of the highest quality gaming. They believe that this will boost the manifestation in the India’s gaming society.
These upcoming ranges of game will be produced and marketed beneath the Gamesbond label in the google play, apple store, other app stores and number of OEM channels. The very first opening game which is ‘Archer Legend: Robin Hood’, is based on archery game with the iconic bandit who became star Robin Hood, belligerent versus the King’s army to redeploy fortune from the wealthy to the poor.
“We are pleased to collaborate along with StomStudio from Vietnam. Now, we are planning for the future to take our games with the help of them to the both the Indian and the world customers. This will be definitely a strong beginning of a productive world-wide multi-user game collaboration,” as mentioned by Anshul Singhal, who is a VP Products- Gaming at Gamesbond.

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