GBPS Networks Pvt Ltd: Uplifting the ISP Industry with Pioneering Internet Services

GBPS Networks

The Internet Service Provider market has undergone a paradigm shift over the years and looks more reshaped than ever before. The Internet and Broadband Service Provider companies are persistently emphasizing on delivering utmost expertise and incorporating various measures like client-friendly approach, innovative mechanisms, and creating awareness about the Internet.

One such company reinforcing its customer-centric approach and embracing the customer’s life and business through its services is GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the leading Internet Service Provider all over Pune & PCMC having an official license granted by Govt. of India. Established in 2014, initially, the company was a team of few technicians and sales. Currently, it operates with a team of hundred employees including all the verticals of the organization like sales, customer service, accounts, field technical support, call center, NOC, retention, and delivery. It has a customer base of fifty thousand retail broadband, enterprise broadband & corporate lease line and a Year on Year (YOY) growth of thirty percent.
The company believes to have the expertise, innovation, and initiative to develop the future of technology. It looks forward to expanding the outlook of the digital technology by striving to provide their services to Home, SOHO, SME and enterprise customers in all areas of Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) region.

The Resourceful CEO
A visionary and strategist, Sanjeev Mohanty is the CEO at GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd. He has pursued his post-graduation in management and has an extensive experience in the telecom industry that spans over a decade. He has specialized in areas like sales & distribution, strategic planning, business development, operations excellence, client engagement, key account management, team building, and leadership. Sanjeev was closely associated with ISP domain during his period with Reliance Communication, Airtel, Tata Teleservices, Aircel & Vodafone and contributed to its respective business growth. Apart from his professional life, Sanjeev is an avid sports enthusiast, loves listening to music, reading books, travelling, and loves to spend quality time with his family. He is an active practitioner of “Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism”. Along with Sanjeev, Samir Sawant, Umakant Gaikwad & Amit Singh are the stalwarts that constitute the core team of GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd. Having rich business acumen in managing operations, technology, finance & distribution, this Team is the driving force in creating new horizons for the company.

Fostering with Excellent Amenities
GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd is envisioning and developing the society to embrace the salient modifications of the lifestyle in today’s fast pace world. The company works on shaping the society by educating individuals and businesses- which uses the internet to enhance lives with fast speed and ready access to search engines. It provides internet services to their customers in a cost-effective manner.
The company offers distinctive features like

  • Home broadband services for individuals up to 100 Mbps speed.
  • Enterprise broadband facilitates advances speeds with 1:4 and 1:1 connection ratio for medium-sized, small or large businesses.
  • VAS(value-added services): VOIP & WIFI/ Hotspots
  • IPsec VPN (virtual private network): Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is a protocol suite for securing Internet Protocol (IP) communications over a network.
  • It concentrates on the area of SME, SOHO segment which is an untapped segment and has immense business potential.
  • 10 Gbps content peering partners to prestigious companies like Google, Akamai, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Since 2014, GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd is catering to more than 50K retail, SOHO, SME, & enterprise clients and has successfully managed to cement them as the first choice for the corporate sector. Understanding the criticality and requirements of the enterprise segment, GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd delivers up to 98.75% uptime guarantee defined as per the SLA (Service Level Agreement). It uses GPON technology and has a dedicated (1:1) Internet bandwidth exclusively for this section. Alongside delivering world-class service, the company has devised a 24/7 ‘pro-active’ network monitoring system that offers seamless connectivity and detects any malfunctions. It also has separate and dedicated customer helpdesk services for the broadband, lease line, and VAS. Extending accurate and quick delivery has been the mainstay of GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd.

A Comprehensive Vision on Internet Telephony (VoIP)
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls are carried on the principle of best effort and hence it competes with normal internet traffic. The user of the VoIP call can experience occasional loopholes in case the internet traffic is very high. This situation can be effectively tackled with the improvement in coding and internet speeds as the quality of the VoIP call will significantly improve. The VoIP calls can be carried in the most native form even while it traverses networks of diverse technologies which make it seamless, simple and efficient as compared to the conventional voice calls.

From the Leader’s Desk
Talking about the evolution process of the Internet since its inception, Sanjeev elaborates upon the distinctive features that are been passed on to the consumers. Some of the mentionable advantages are:
Communication: This is one of the main reasons for the internet existence. It has successfully shattered all the boundaries between people and countries and made communication an easy exchange.
Information: This is a huge advantage of the internet as it provides meaningful data within a fraction of a second. Currently, Information has become more accessible to every community of the society. The internet is a one-stop solution to all the issues and answers every question individuals are fetching for. The tedious process of toiling for long hours to find an answer from the piles of books has come to an end. As the result, people have become more educated and drive the development of the economy of their country.

Entertainment: This aspect includes such factors as online games, social networks and the possibility to watch films, programs, and TV online while enjoying listening to music. With such inherent advancements and a huge number of pleasant applications, it’s become easy to find the entertainment of one’s choice.
Services: Today, everything is just a click away as the internet has made lives easier and comfortable with a virtual buddy of ordering Online. Every service is available online which makes it very convenient and saves the time of this fast-paced living environment.

Freelance Fork: This has become the trend of the present times. People are getting bored with their monotonous 9-5 routine and are switching to work from home/freelancing jobs. There are plenty of freelancing platforms available which can offer jobs according to one’s profession. One can educate themselves by reading informative blog posts or watch videos related to freelancing.

A Broader Vision
GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd vision is to be the preferred communication partner in Pune and eventually spreading its wings across India. It believes that it can make a significant contribution towards a powerful broadband-enabled India (Make in India & Digital India). The team at GBPS Networks Pvt. Ltd focuses on two aspects that are customer delight and empowering the team for the ultimate success.

Nourishing with Time
India is one of the top data consumption countries when it comes to wired and wireless connectivity. The per capita income in India has increased at a tremendous rate over the last decade. With such a transformation and an increase in disposable income, the lifestyle of the people has progressively changed a lot. The demographic change also plays a major factor in the growth driver of the industry. As the numbers of young professionals are increasing, the demand for the internet is also on the rise.
As there is a huge demand for information over the Internet, integrating fiber-optic communication is a better option than wireless communication. Fiber capacity can be enhanced easily and can be a successful medium to receive huge rewards from the market.

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