World Phone Internet Service Private Limited – Journey fostering Creativity and Innovation

World Phone Internet Service

The Indian Internet Service Provider (ISP) market is crafting new milestones by each passing day by the virtue of its dominance and the surge in demand. As Reliance Jio forays into the ISP segment, the industry is not only witnessing a change, rather it is creating a renaissance in the entire business community. At the same time, consolidation of the telecommunication market is restricting the customers with limited choices. The market is currently wide open and the players contributing in a niche market have an abundance of opportunities, to evolve as a mature solution provider in the ISP industry.

This process of continuous evolution has led to the inception of ‘World Phone Internet Service Private Limited’ in the year 2000. Listed among the ‘A’ category ISP in India, it offers a clear edge in services ranging from retail broadband, Internet telephony (VoIP), along with internet services for individuals and business houses. It is a leading entity and stands amongst the most trusted high-speed ISP & VoIP providers across the country. Additionally, World Phone excels in delivering seamless enterprise internet, call-center, and IP PBX solutions to over 130 countries at ISD rates which are even less than a rupee!

Astounding Services – World Phone
Delivering a myriad of services, World Phone has ushered in a new era of telecommunication across the globe. Governed by DoT, Government of India and backed by the US-based multinational TI investment services, the company is spearheading the ISP market with high speed, exceptional clarity, and flawless connectivity. Headquartered at New Delhi, India, the entity has a network of regional offices located in prominent cities like Ahmedabad, Patna, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Lucknow. The company has partnered with various channel partner networks through which further assists to cater the consumers across the country. This PAN-India presence has assisted the company to march ahead and cement themselves as a settled player in the industry.
Established as India’s premier broadband and internet service provider, it has mastered the technical competence to deliver voice and data content over multiple platforms like Live, IVRS, SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP, WEB, IPTV, and DTH. Having managed to integrate and activate the technical platforms of multiple Telco’s, it has evolved as one of the few VAS companies in India. It offers 24X7 support by the virtue of its dedicated technical team, along with having a R&D technical department which looks after managing and developing innovative IVVR and IVRS platforms. Having already cemented as a leading brand in the ISP industry, World Phone is ready to explore the retail sector and is shortly launching a brand named ‘SpeedIndia’.

A maverick Executive and A Seasoned Entrepreneur
The stringent wall behind the success of World Phone is Aditya Ahluwalia, the Founder, and Chairman of the esteemed company. As a veteran in the field of telecommunication, media and information technology, his professional career spans over twenty-six years. Throughout his life, Aditya has been an ardent achiever and his formidable expertize combined by his contacts within the telecom and IT space has resulted in crafting his professional journey in the best possible manner.

As an Economics (H) graduate from Delhi University, he commenced his professional voyage by joining the ‘Center for Development of Information Technology’ in its database laboratory. Representing the country in the UN on ‘Database Management’ conference was a key highlight of his early career. In 1985, Later, he ventured his own advertising and marketing consulting company which worked for prestigious clients like American Express, Citibank, Sony Corp, and Gillette to name a few. The year 1992 holds a special significance for Aditya in many ways.  He was offered to be the exclusive representative of Hong Kong Telecom International. Post-HKTL, Aditya has been dedicatedly involved in telecommunication business and has worked with major Telco companies including AT&T, MCI, Telstra, Teleglobe, IDT, Telia, Cable & Wireless, and VSNL to name a few. He moved to New York in 1997 with a determination to set up his communication business in the US. In the process, he acquired various companies from countries like the US, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Guatemala, and Taiwan. In the present scenario, Aditya is concentrating to explore the untouched territories of the Indian market.

Consistency and Constant Efforts Balances the Wheel
The transformational journey of the ISP industry has been nothing less than a phenomenon. Infrastructure, demand, and supply are the core segments which have been constantly evolving and the players are embracing every new innovation to stay ahead of the competition. The influx of internet and the surge of video streaming over the past decade have made ‘high-speed’ internet as a necessity of life, rather than a luxury. SME’s along with individuals are demanding higher bandwidth as most of the SME’s are migrating to cloud-based services.
Video-on-demand services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are not restricted to the youth anymore; people from all age group are utilizing these services according to their needs. Researchers predict that by 2021, the broadband speeds will nearly double with wired devices accounting for thirty-seven percent of global IP traffic and thirty-five percent of end-user internet traffic delivering within a metro network. Demand traffic is also set to double along with the internet gaming traffic which is expected to grow nearly ten folds during the same period. Every year, the demand for bandwidth is increasing by over seventy-five percent.

The ISP industry, on the other hand, is steadily gearing-up to cater to the various demands emerging from different segments. The players are aiming to penetrate into the unexplored markets by delivering high-speed internet at very competitive rates. The advent of fiber optics, ISP’s are better placed in delivering data transmission at a much faster rate which would be pivotal in catering to the needs of the consumers.

The Core Values – Setting New Benchmarks
For World Phone, quality service, customer satisfaction, and affordability are the key guiding force around which binds the company policy to deliver customer-friendly solutions in the market. Emphasizing innovation and showcasing creativity along with uniqueness in developing their systems are the USP of the entity. It delivers innovative, unique and practical end-to-end solutions, and leverages its expertise in technology to expedite the client’s business success. The extremely talented work-force and the valued list of loyal customers are the two major success factors, setting the right growth of trajectory for the company.

Enticing Potential Clients with Comprehensive Strategies
The cohesive approach and a unified progress from different segments including the Government, private players, and steady technical innovations have created a positive outlook for the ISP market in India. Leaders from various verticals who form an integral part of the leadership team at World Phone and had put forth their views of the future and how the entity does plans to embrace the changes for the journey ahead.
Akhil Khera (Country Head – Sales) – In today’s era, disruption leads the way towards innovation and evolution. The industry will experience rapid innovation. The services need to be bundled with disruptive technologies, thus embracing change and drive growth along with the need to bundle accessibility with affordability.
Kamlesh Kumar (Vice-President – Support, Training, and Development) – India will remain the fastest growing internet destination in coming years, provided the fact that it is the second most populous country in the world. Internet penetration in these areas has already reached saturation. It is estimated that around 75% of new user growth will come from rural areas in coming years.

Ravindra Kumar Rajput (Assistant Vice-President – Networks) – Internet Industry is perhaps now the most competitive and disruptive industry. As a business, ISPs have to focus on providing a consistent and high-quality service to its customers as well as maintain the profitability of the business.

Keeping a dominant stance towards the future, the company is working towards a multi-pronged strategy to counter the competition and stay ahead in the market. Rationalizing the cost structure and passing the benefits to the customers is playing a crucial role in combating the challenges pertaining to the emerging players and rising costs. Offering a bouquet of services, developing strategies without compromising the quality of services has been the trademark of World Phone.

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