GeeBee Education: Tailoring Career Pathways while Preparing Students for a bright Future

Sh. Harakhchand Savla, Chairman,GeeBee Education

In today’s age, it has become essential for every student to pursue a course, which opens doors to employment opportunities not only in their own country, but also, in foreign nations. They seek guidance from trustworthy educational consultants, which provide them with detailed information regarding which foreign education program they should pursue. They clear all doubts of the students and assist them in proceeding with the best suited program.A leading education consultant, which guides students about the best suited overseas education programs is GeeBee Education.

With centers spanning across the states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Kerala, and so on, it assists students in studying abroad at reputed institutions in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and more.

A Renowned Service Provider

GeeBee Education was established in the year 2001, with a mission to assist Indian students to pursue higher education abroad, by providing quality admission and visa counseling, along with training for entrance exams and support services under one roof.

The company came into existence to cater to the growing needs of the Indian students to seek admission in overseas universities for quality higher education and make a living in developed countries of the world. It is driven by the vision to provide excellent services and peerless counseling to the Indian students to encourage and support them to achieve their dreams.

Currently, the company owns 30 offices across India, including four offices in Mumbai and many other cites such as Nagpur, Surat, Bhopal, and so on.  It represents over 500 universities in countries including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, and alike.

GeeBee is highly appreciated and acclaimed by the universities across the globe and consulates in India. It has set very high standards in the industry for professionalism and providing quality assistance to the students.

Excellent Offerings

GeeBee Education has state-of-the-art facilities for counseling and training the students for overseas education. It offers free admission and visa counseling services to Indian students for all the institutions and universities that it represents. The company trains the highest number of students across India in various overseas entrance exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS.

It has a travel desk that advises students on travel-related information including visas, ticketing, accommodation, foreign exchange, and so on. The company has developed associations with several banks to help students with education loans. Its website also provides a wealth of information on education options in major countries. The website also offers the unique feature, ‘University Finder’.

Furthermore, GeeBee organizes several large-scale education fairs which act as great platforms for bringing the institutions/ universities and the aspiring students under one roof. It facilitates the students’ face-to-face communication with the delegates from these universities.

The Zealous Forerunner

The person instrumental behind the success of the company is its Chairman, Sh. Harakhchand Savla. He carries with him over 47 years of experience in diversified businesses like food processing, import/export, construction, and education.

Sh. Harakhchand has established high standards of values and professionalism in the company and has made sure that the students’ interests are always given the priority. He takes personal interest in students’ needs being satisfied, helps them out of the way to get bank loans for education, and supports the students at each and every step of their admission process.

Noteworthy Accomplishments

Throughout its celebrated journey of building bright careers, the company has won many laurels. The company is the authorized representative of 500+ universities/ colleges in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, France, and Dubai. It has been appointed as ‘Education New Zealand Recognized Agent’ and has won the award for being ‘India’s Best Performing Education Advisor’ for New Zealand.

Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

GeeBee Education is known to provide personalized services to the students. Starting from the time a student inquires about the admission, a personal counselor is assigned to the student, who then guides him/ her at each step of his journey to overseas education.

It also coaches students to prepare them for various entrance exams. The visa team helps the students for visa processing and prepares them for visa interviews. The professionally trained and highly equipped team supports the students at every step, from the time of admission inquiry till the time they reach the university campus.

Marching ahead Confidently

GeeBee Education focuses on becoming a global leader in the field of international student recruitment. It is highly committed to provide quality services to the students in their endeavor for education in foreign universities.

The company plans to expand its outreach to Indian students by opening offices in all the major Indian cities. It also intends to further collaborate with top-ranking universities and institutions of the world GeeBee Education further intends to assist the Indian students in the best possible way, which in turn, would help in creating a highly educated and qualified work force, equipped with global perspective.

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