Preston Education Consultants: Gateway to Endless Opportunities in Overseas Education

Ilaya Bharathi | Founder | Preston Education Consultants
Ilaya Bharathi | Founder | Preston Education Consultants

In today’s competitive age, it is essential for every student to seek assistance from a trustworthy educational consultant, which can guide them to opt for the best overseas education program. The leading overseas education consultants assist them with an enriched experience regarding the type of foreign education program they should pursue. They clear all doubts of the students and assist them in proceeding with the best suited foreign education program.

Established in 2008 at Chennai by Mr. Ilaya Bharathi, Preston Education Consultants assists students to pursue their education overseas, mainly in USA. The team is highly dedicated to providing best consultancy to the students and those who want to study abroad. It creates an opportunity even for the high school students who look to enhance their academic profile, develop new skills, gain experience as practitioners, increase their knowledge, and attain expertise in their desired areas.

Offering a Wide Variety of Excellent Features

Preston Consultants ensures that candidates are provided with seamless facilities to successfully transition towards a bright career path. It offers end-to-end services for each student, which include, one-to-one counseling, university short listing, document preparation for applications, applying to universities & for scholarships, visa assistance & application, and so on. The company helps the student find the perfect institution and assists them right from the application process till visa approval. Educational loan assistance and accommodation are its extended services.

It analyzes the student’s profile and understands their goals, interest, educational qualification, extracurricular activities, internship, and work experience. Either through call or in person, Preston informs the students about the identified areas that need improvement and helps make a well-rounded profile. It also engages parents in this phase to understand the financial position and other requirements.

The company believes that choosing the right program puts the students on the right track to a successful and happy future. After assisting students in finding a suitable course, it helps them to short list the perfect institution. The company gathers information about the institution that best suits each student’s profile and needs. After it makes sure that the university requirements meet the student’s profile, Preston shortlists it and shares it with the students.

Insightful Leadership

The person responsible for the success of Preston Consultants is Mr. Ilaya Bharathi, the Founder. He is an outgoing and charismatic person with more than a decade of experience in the banking and education sector. He states, “I’m a staunch believer that people can do wonders, if given the right opportunity, at the right time. This is what helps me to keep doing what I love doing”.

Client-Centered Services

Preston provides trustworthy and customized services to all students. It believes that no student is the same and hence, provides tailor-made services catering to the unique needs of the clients. Some hallmarks of the company are:

One-on-One Counseling: Since each student has a unique profile, the counselors fix suitable timings to discuss the profile of each student. It carries out detailed conversations with the students and makes sure that the students understand their abilities and look for suitable options. Accordingly, the company sends the course details to them.

Personalized Attention: Preston explains the application process, details of each course that the student has selected, and learns about the financial constraint of the student. Some are specific when it comes to budgeting the whole process; accordingly, it provides them with suitable options.

Tailor Made SOP/ LOR: As soon as a student is shortlisted for any university, the company proceeds with document preparation for the students. It gathers vital information about the students’ achievements throughout the study as well as work period and frames letter of recommendation (LORs) along with statement of purpose (SOP) that is sure to win an admit.

Achievements Galore

Preston has received abundant professional recognition throughout its decorated journey. It is renowned not only among students across India, but also by other consultants and various global universities. The company was certified by the ISO in 2019 as a service which has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

The company is growing fast, with its head office located in Chennai, and branches spread across different parts of the country including places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and Coimbatore.

Future Foresight

Marching towards a bright future, Preston plans to establish 25+ branches in India by 2021. It intends to reach to students even in semi-urban areas. Hence, it looks forward and is working towards increasing its 6-branched GoIreland/ GoUSA venture to a 25-branched one.

The company currently has team of 45 employees, and with increasing number of applicants in each branch, it is planning to increase the strength of the team in each branch.

The company further plans to increase the number of applicants to 2000, by the year 2021. It has planned to give students individualized web-based app to check the progress of their application. The counselors will update them as they receive information from the university.

To make consultation a lot more packed with latest stats, Preston is working on tech-assisted services to all its counselors. It also plans to enhance staff-training procedures, while making work comfortable for them.

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