Gen Next Food and Hospitality: The Art of Cherishing Natural Goodness

Gen Next Food and Hospitality

Living in a modern world, people often experience new trends. One such industry sector experiencing constant shifts is the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The market is constantly flooded with products which promise the best of nutrition and an eye-catching label reading ‘100% Organic’, which at times are misleading and unsubstantiated.
One such company with a mission to improve the quality of life for the communities by serving high quality natural products is Sprightly, a brand under Gen Next Foods and Hospitality Pvt Ltd.  Established in 2014, the company caters a varied range of nutrition packed snack options like seeds and nuts, chips, puffs, energy bars, cookies, and cereals to consumers. The company promotes awareness regarding healthy and hygienic products; as such products help prevent chronic diseases, accomplish ideal weight, maintain good energy level, and boost a positive-self. Due to its impetus work ethics, the company has achieved Skotch Order of the Merit Award for the year 2017-18.

The Leading Force
Deepali Mehta is the Chief Promoter of Sprightly. A food technologist with an experience of over two decades in the food industry, she has worked for several reputed clients, which include Criticare Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, U.D.C.T (University Department of Chemical Technology), Shreemira Food Pvt. Ltd and many more. She has also been associated with the development, standardization and technical analysis of several nutritious beverages/powders based on soya milk, mouth fresheners, coated peanuts and cashew nuts, instant mixes, multigrain, and roasted food products and many more.
Recently, Deepali has successfully accomplished an overseas turnkey project of setting up butterscotch buttons used in ice cream and confectionery industry in Egypt. Her client-friendly approach and ethical sense of business has procured a huge client base. Her sheer contribution and hard work has helped many startup firms to launch wide variety of healthy snacking options. In a short period of 4 years the company is manufacturing products for major brands like Reliance, Godrej- Natures Basket, Talwalkars, Ayur Shakti, Yoga Institute, Snackabil, Evolve… to name a few.

Health-Packed Amenities
In metropolitan cities today, the quick paced lifestyle demands people to shift their dietary habits from healthier home cooked meals to junk food that often lack in necessary nutrients”, says Deepali. Such an imbalanced diet has become the major cause of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and under nutrition.
Sprightly has addressed these issues and came up with healthy snacking options for all age groups. The company produces products made from 100 % natural ingredients without the use of artificial flavor, colors or chemical additives.
The company has ensured a guilt free in-between-meals snacking experience. Each product has a unique feature such as gluten free, sugar free, GMO and MSG free, calcium rich, omega 3 rich, high fibers, 100% vegan, cholesterol free, low carbs, trans-fat free and many more. The snacks are classified into eight categories such as growing kids friendly, diabetic friendly, heart friendly, weight loss, balanced nutrition, pregnancy friendly, bundle of energy and hyper tension friendly.

Tackling the Challenges Efficiently
Indian people are driven with a mindset that healthy snacking is all about dieting and cannot be tasty. In fact, it is often believed that “Health and snacks are at cross purposes with each other”. Hence, the basic challenge the company faces is to spread awareness that the healthy snacking can be both tasty and reasonable.
The R&D team at Sprightly has already developed more than forty mouthwatering healthy snacks, thus liberating all the myths related with it. It creates a valuable outlook that healthy snacking is not just maintaining a certain desirable weight or body shape, but it also caters to the intrinsic nutritional needs of every body type in an exclusive manner.

Since all Sprightly products are 100% natural, one of the major challenge the company faces is to ensure that color, texture, natural flavor  and shelf life of its products  are maintained as per specifications. The company uses high quality multi layered laminates which ensures the same and offers a guilt free tasty snacking experience to its consumers.

The Current Scenario of the FMCG Sector and Contribution of Food Industry
The FMCG sector is an important contributor to India’s GDP and it is one of the largest sectors of the Indian economy, but unavailability of tasty & healthy snacking option at reasonable price has always been one of the biggest challenges for Indian packaged food industry.
Alarmed by a rise in lifestyle diseases, the FSSAI has launched the Eat Right Movement, and food companies around the country have pledged their support.

On July 10, the Eat Right Movement was launched to usher in a ‘new food culture’ by nudging businesses and consumers to cut down on salt, sugar and Trans fat in their food. 
The Eat Right Movement aims to strike that balance. “It is the classic chicken-and-egg case. Consumers complain they do not have healthy options when they eat out or buy packaged food whereas the businesses say consumers do not want healthy options. So we thought how can we break this cycle? Businesses will have to take the first step and consumers have to become more aware of what they eat”, says Pawan Agarwal, CEO, FSSAI.
Thus, the governments across the globe have taken initiatives to implement taxes, campaigns, labeling and advertising reforms to help consumers make healthier food choices. “These steps are indicative of a larger trend for healthier food options and one that is coming just in time”.

Nourishing with Time
Deepali shared the company’s vision “Sprightly aims to be a leader in healthy snacking & fast food outlets industry, by developing variety of healthy food products indigenously through extensive R&D to meet individual requirements of consumers across all age groups of hygienic balanced food products made from natural ingredients for both domestic & international markets”.

Sprightly contributes for a better society, a cleaner environment, and healthier lifestyle. The company believes that innovation is imperative for success.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired FMCG Companies in India

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