Wholesome Foods: Celebrating the Goodness of Traditions

Wholesome Foods

In this fast paced world, the most important asset an individual can gift itself is consuming nutritious meals and leading a healthy life. One such company with a vision to provide healthy, convenient, authentic food to foodies worldwide is Wholesome Foods. In order to fulfill its vision, it started with settings up a manufacturing plant which sells frozen fruits, vegetables and ready to eat products. This is designed as per the latest food safety norms of the USA, the UK and Japan. The company believes that clients are their biggest assets and hence it works with a client-centric approach. It looks at every customer’s requirements and caters customized solutions accordingly.
Wholesome foods offer its customers with highest quality products in a cost-effective manner. The company’s foundation is based on virtues, commitment, experience and knowledge for its customers, partners and investors. It is driven by founding ideals like quality, accountability, commitment, innovation, integrity, and ethics.

A Resourceful Leader
A determined personality, Jeet Hirpara is the Managing Partner at Wholesome foods. Initially, during his education in the USA and the UK, he realized that it was imperative to have a nutritious meal every day. Sharing his experiences of abroad, he recalls “During our college days, we used to have a mass cooking session on the weekends and freeze it so we wouldn’t have to worry about foods on the weekdays”. Hence, he decided to implement his idea of providing healthy and tasty food options to the customers.

After returning to India, he noticed the same trend was coming to picture here too in India. With the changing lifestyle, there has been an increase in the number of nuclear families. Jeet understood, it could be convenient option for such families to have a wholesome meal which tastes like a home-cooked meal.
With his sheer hard-work, he conceptualized, executed and implemented this facility.

He has been instrumental in designing the factory as per the latest technology and food safety standards. He is also working on the sales and marketing efforts of the company with having spearheading the sales team during international and domestic exhibitions such as Anuga Germany, Foodex Japan, Sial Middle East, Indus Foods and the World Food India during the last year.

An Excellent Service Provider
Wholesome foods offers a range of frozen fruits, vegetables, paste and ready to eat items. A scientific approach is used to prepare the products and increase shelf life without using any preservatives. The frozen vegetables are grown in selected farms, washed, peeled, cut and blanched (semi-cooked) so it is as easy as opening a pack of vegetables and start cooking your favorite recipe without the hassles of preparation. The company’s frozen ready to cook items take convenience to the next step as these meals, snacks, and desserts; just need to be heated for a few minutes to enjoy a wholesome meal prepared in the most hygienic conditions.

Wholesome foods believe in staying true to its taste by keeping the authenticity of the product intact. As the company includes cuisines like North Indian and South Indian it ensures to incorporate effective measures to stand by its original flavor. The company has both B2B and B2C verticals in the company. In case of dissatisfaction of the customer in the B2C vertical, the customer can return the product and get a full refund without any questions asked. While in the B2B business, the company guarantees timely delivery with various packing options as per convenience.

Tackling Challenges Effectively
It is imperative to change with present times and technology. As salient modifications take place every now and then, it is mandatory to stay up-to-date with the food industry and emerging businesses. “As we are in food business, there is a huge variation in cost due to seasonality and the huge dependence on monsoon in India” says Jeet.

Wholesome foods analyze historic data and try to procure the raw materials at the right time.
The frozen food industry is at its nascent stage and the number of companies is also less, but as the demand is also limited creating a fierce competition. In order to mitigate risks and enhance growth, the company invests in R&D.

Celebrating a Friendly Work Environment
“We are a family run business and try to keep the same atmosphere for all employees.”
Wholesome foods celebrate a healthy and respectful working atmosphere to experience a principle work ethical environment. It believes in treating everyone with respect and maintaining a personal relationship with each employee. This creates a feeling of ownership among the employees which helps them to succeed at their maximum potential.

The company conducts monthly review meetings of each division where at least one partner is present. These meetings are conducted for employees to share their valuable suggestions and also give feedback accordingly. The company takes in consideration and tries to evaluate these suggestions and implement the necessary changes.

Future Endeavors of the FMCG industry                                                               
FMCG industry in India is going through a tremendous change. The Indian government is focusing to increase farm income and the MSP prices with relatively good monsoon will aid in the FMCG sector. With GST stabilizing since a year of its launch, the prices of FMCG have seen a revision on the lower side which is further adding to growth. Overall the outlook of the industry is positive and is expanding its outreach. FMCG sector will play a huge role in GDP and employment, indicating a progressive sign for India’s future.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired FMCG Companies in India

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