Genesys’ Positive Vibe For India

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There is a common thing happening in businesses around India which needs some form of keen interest to comprehend, you can imagine the speed at which every business owner is thriving to be ranked best at his or her services. For this to be a semantic of business craft dully observed and obtained in India then the art of business growth, especially in within this part of the Asian Continent, can be tagged as entirely unlimited.
In a recent note from Genesys Company, stated that, they will be acting on the plan to extend their reach to every corner of India with every element of recognition.
Genesys, can also be referred as Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. is a company that specializes in the sales of call center technology and best customer experiences for large and mid-sized businesses. The platform of their business reach also includes both the cloud-based and on-premises software.
Genesys, is a multi-channel global player in customer experience and contact centre solutions, and the reports that came from them curled with the precept of accelerating the velocity of there presence in every part of India with operations that will be headquartered in Chennai. The customers with classified record of satisfaction, through the services of Genesys today is over  150 in India, this has really played a great role in hiking the growth of the company by 30 percent over the past four years.
Genesys global CEO Paul Segre, who is also the company’s Vice President of Sales and MD for India, by the name Sanjay Pai, had a discussion on the importance of customer experience (CX) as a brand differentiator and how the evolving technologies, that could include the Internet of Things (IoT), are enabling it. This discussion was made during a media roundtable on April 26. A recent Frost and Sullivan study on IoT-enabled CX that was commissioned by Genesys discovered that India has the second highest IoT-enabled customer maturity all around the Asia Pacific region. According to the report, optimistic was the main action word that gave rise to th view of how IoT can play a role in enhancing CX initiatives. The discussion also involved the issue of companies, like Cleartrip, can be able to use the new technologies available through the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to generate a seamless customer journey experience.
“The main element of practice in Genesys is in omnichannel contact centre and customer experience solutions in the field of marketing, service departments and sales. Genesys also support many set of channels in the industry including chat, messaging apps, SMS, email, outbound, inbound, call-back voice and more not listed. There is the possibility of integrating all of these channels with mobile and web applications for seamless transitions from personal to assisted service. Mobile channels and Chats specifically are going through a period of rapid growth,” said Paul Segre, the CEO of Genesys.
In addition to afore statement of Segre said that Genesys, have about three strategic approach to obtain satisfied customers, which includes services at customer premise or in the cloud. Second, Improved scheme of understanding how to build business customer relationship. Third, the use of partnership between the company and customer is fostering, that will go a long way is identifying our innovative customers in the quest of enhancing the mechanism of our services.
Now we do expect a better environmental bliss through the motivating presence of Genesys to help build businesses around the country.

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