Ginesys : Providing Astounding Retail Software Solutions to Make Your Business Awesome

Now-a-days, Retail ERP platforms are advancing swiftly and with significant purpose. The implementation of a fresh Retail ERP platform in a manufacturing unit, warehousing environment or a retailing scenario offers a number of opportunities for a business to stay on its intended path/stay focused. Ginni Systems Limited India (Ginesys) is one such leading company that is ruling the Retail ERP segment right from its inception.
The Journey of Ginesys
The journey of Ginesys started back in 2006 when organized retail was starting with custom solutions. With time, the company has developed a generic Retail ERP solution while keeping the Indian retailers and brands in mind. This philosophy has allowed the company to incorporate the best practices of retail industry into their solutions. Ginesys have grown from a customer base of single retailer, four people and one small office in 2006 to 500+ big retailers, 125 + people and 5 offices, including 10K sq. ft. Center of Excellence in Kolkata and the corporate office in Gurgaon
Ginesys is the only solution provider to have a retail specific ERP system that consists of their own product, own implementation and after sales support. Their expertise, not only in fashion & lifestyle brands, but also in the supermarket segment, gives them an edge over their competitors. The company’s excellent in-house after sales support has kept their customer retention rate to more than 99% over the years. The company has always evolved their product according to the Industry needs, like recently; they had fine-tuned it according to the GST tax regime.
The Inspirational Man behind Ginesys
Prashant Lohia is the Founder & CEO of Ginesys. He is passionate about designing flexible systems that not only solves the business problems, but also infuses the best practices of industry in the businesses. His love for technology driven business efficiency has motivated him to start Ginesys and develop a world class retail ERP systems. He is a Retail Software Solutions Expert and Retail Business Consultant. Prashant is a CA, CFA and MBA from ICFAI. He also loves to play badminton and logical games.
Astounding Services of Ginesys in Retail Value Chain
Ginesys is an end to end retail ERP solution provider, which automates all the business operations in the retail value chain, right from the manufacturing to wholesale and to the retailing of the product. Retail operations right from sourcing, distribution, replenishment, promotions, and loyalty programs to POS & billing, all are the integrated part of the system.
Ginesys’ ERP not only caters to all the business operations, retailers and brands are involved in, but it is also flexible enough to entertain |the different formats in which the retailers and brands are doing their business in. Therefore, it enables them the freedom of doing business, irrespective of the sales channel.
Finely Tuning its Products
Ginesys always looks out for the problems and challenges the industry is facing currently or   which may arise in future due to changes in the macro and micro factors, which helps them in fine tuning their products accordingly. Making sure that any scope of improvement doesn’t get left out; the company has its own idea portal in place with all the stakeholders, including customers having access to it. “Customer centric and proactive approach towards product development, support and implementation has helped us in overcoming the challenges. The customers can drop in any idea or business problem, for which they want a solution through our retail ERP and which is in scope of the software, at this portal. We try our best to sort it out and update the status of it regularly,” asserts Prashant.
Point of View on Current Industry Scenario
The driving factor for competition in every industry is the need to gain more market share, and this is the case in the Retail Industry as well, to which, Ginesys provides their ERP. They say, “Offline Retailers are facing fierce competition from their online counterparts, and in order to survive in this competitive scenario, Retailers need to either enhance to the top of their line or they need to reduce cost. In order to achieve either one of these, Retailers require a good retail ERP solution. Solutions like we facilitate to push Retailer’s sales with the help of tools such as understanding the consumer behavior and running effective loyalty programs. It also helps in optimizing the Retailers’ current business processes to reduce both time & cost and hence greater operational efficiency, such as automatic replenishment, reduced billing time at POS etc. The Government is also taking steps to enhance the ease of doing business. These have also persuaded the organizations to opt for more transparency and automation.”
Grabbing Opportunities & Overcoming Challenges
With the advancements in technology, the degree of automation have enhanced in a big way. It has enabled Ginesys to incorporate more features that can not only improve the business processes and efficiency, but also enhance the customer experience as well. Developing new features have become easier than before in terms of both time and effort.
As far as challenges are concerned, the expectations of customers have increased and the company has also grown accordingly. There were times when the company came across such expectations that were not even possible logically, but were still desired by the customers. Also, it is necessary for Ginesys to get themselves and the product up-to-date as per the latest technology trends and business requirements, which is indeed a difficult task.
Recently, one major challenge that Ginesys as well as the Indian Retail market faced was the implementation of GST, which brought about the need for drastic change. The company understood that the initial GST era would be a difficult one, as no one had an idea about its compliance and return filing. In order to help its customers and their ecosystem, Ginesys came up with a GST return filing solution EaseMyGST, which is fully integrated with Ginesys and also helps in sorting out all their queries and dilemmas about the new GST regime.
Benefits gained by the Clients of Ginesys
The various benefits gained by the clients of Ginesys are listed below:

  • Ginesys solution is an End-to-end GST ready Retail specific ERP, which gives their customers the luxury to have a single and integrated solution for all their business operations.
  • In-house Excellent Support, In-house Rapid Implementation and Proactive R & D  teams, building products that are relevant today and for the future |, which not only makes them future ready, but makes the cost of ownership during and after implementation affordable.
  • Flexible, Real-time and Scalable Solution, which not only enables them to keep up with the pulse of their business but will sort out their problem for good software, which supports them in their scalability and long run.
  • Best Practices inherited in the systems as it has been developed around the needs of market leaders and thus, these practices are infused into their businesses, making them more efficient and stronger.

Maintaining a Flexible Work Environment
As Ginesys follows a customer centric approach, they need to motivate their staff as well to follow this approach. They always motivate them to gain more knowledge and express their thoughts freely. Organization hierarchy is more or less flat and even the company’s top management is easily accessible to all the employees. Ginesys also welcomes suggestions from them at product level as well as at organizational level. “Think big, make a solid plan to achieve it and then wholeheartedly follow that plan. Always follow customer centric approach and be true and transparent to them,” advices Ginesys to all the budding companies out there.
The Future Plans of Ginesys
“We are rapidly embracing the web and our plan is to make the entire solution work in browser. We would also be working on mobile integrations, ecommerce integrations and deeper CRM integrations. Also, we are in the process of rolling out cloud POS. We also have ambitious expansion plans in terms of Geography, Industry and portfolio,” asserts Ginesys.

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