Global Buyer-Seller Meet 2023: Unveiling the Secrets of Success in International Trade

Global Buyer-Seller Meet

Event Organizer: GF (Global Fortune) Mission India Pvt. Ltd.

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO) in Mumbai, India

Date: October 3rd and 4th, 2023

Get ready for a game-changing event in the world of agriculture, food, and spices! The Global Buyer-Seller Meet 2023 is here, and it’s all set to bring together pioneers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs from across the globe, including –Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America, and Europe.

In partnership with –

  • All India Food Processor Association (AIFPA),
  • UAE India Business Council (UIBC),
  • deAsra Foundation, and
  • All India Association of Industries (AIAI),

This event is more than just a gathering – it’s a platform that will reshape the future of international trade.

Mark your calendars for October 3rd and 4th, 2023, and head over to the Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, where the action will unfold. This event is your ticket to explore opportunities, build alliances, and transform your business on a global scale.

So, what’s in store for you at the Global Buyer-Seller Meet? Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Global Connections: With representatives from over 13 countries and 300 trade buyers, get ready to mingle in a melting pot of global opportunities. This diverse gathering will spark new ideas and cross-border collaborations and open doors to untapped markets.
  2. Tailored Meetings: The heart of the event lies in its B2B meetings. These one-on-one sessions are designed to create meaningful interactions, paving the way for future partnerships and ground-breaking trade agreements.
  3. Networking Extravaganza: Besides the structured meetings, you’ll find yourself in a sea of networking opportunities. Its where serendipitous encounters turn into fruitful relationships, transcending geographical boundaries.
  4. Powerful Backing: With the presence of government and Chamber of Commerce representatives, the event’s importance skyrockets. This shows that it’s not just a meeting – it’s a strategic bridge connecting national interests to global partnerships.
  5. Inclusivity: No matter the size or background of your business, this event is for you. It’s a neutral ground where everyone can connect, collaborate, and discover avenues for growth in a fair and balanced environment.
  6. Gala Celebration: The event wraps up with a lavish Gala Dinner. It’s the perfect setting to nurture relationships, relax, and toast to the potential of international collaborations.

The event’s curtain-raiser will be a keynote address from a global business icon. Brace yourself for a series of discussions on the ever-changing landscape of international commerce and the essential strategies for thriving in this dynamic environment.

Thanks to the unwavering support of AIFPA, AIAI, UIBC, and deAsra Foundation, the Global Buyer-Seller Meet 2023 is more than just a gathering – it’s a catalyst for economic growth, partnership building, and fostering global connections. This event isn’t just about buyers and sellers; it’s about charting new courses in trade, sparking innovation, and contributing to a more interconnected and prosperous world.

Are you ready to join the movement? Save the date and visit for event details, registration, and sponsorship information. We’re thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you to be a part of the Global Buyer-Seller Meet 2023. Let’s shape the future of international trade together!

Event Organizer:

GF (Global Fortune) Mission India Pvt. Ltd.

For any queries, reach out to us at:


Phone: +91-8421017762 / +91-7620581203


Meet KD SUSHMA, the Icon behind – Global Buyer-Seller Meet 2023.

KD SUSHMA is a multifaceted individual, embodying roles as an Author, Entrepreneur, Exporter, Trainer, and Life & Business Coach. Her diverse skill set and passions converge to drive her impactful mission.

Mission – KDSUSHMA’s mission is to facilitate the creation of 10000 Exporters and Entrepreneurs by the year 2025, thereby contributing to the advancement of the Make in India initiative.

As the visionary behind GF (Global Fortune) Mission India Pvt. Ltd., The Event Organizer of Global Buyer-Seller Meet 2023, and Kaushal Food Products, KDSUSHMA holds the titles of founder and director. Her journey spans over a decade, enriched by more than 10 years of invaluable experience garnered from her tenure at esteemed organizations like Cummins India Ltd, Kirloskar Pneumatic Ltd, and three other notable companies. In addition to her established background, she has also ventured into new and innovative projects.

The initial phases of KDSUSHMA’s entrepreneurial journey presented a myriad of challenges stemming from the absence of guidance and support. Overcoming these obstacles and forging ahead, she gleaned the significance of mentorship. This realization propelled her forward, igniting a passion for providing others with the guidance she once sought, recognizing the immense potential unlocked through proper mentorship.

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