Locuz to Make Digital Transformation Sustainable with its Increased Focus on ESG


Date: 01 – 11 – 23

Locuz announces its GreenOps offering to customers beginning today. Locuz evolved from building and running data centers and supercomputers for their customers to now accelerating customer businesses through cloud. The unique benefit of such evolution from the basics and ground up – is the knowledge and experience of over 20 years of doing all the decision-making to run a lean, optimized and powerful IT infrastructure.

As environmental regulations broaden, businesses are now required to report a wider array of carbon emissions, including those from cloud computing – an industry that emits nearly as much carbon as the entire airline industry.

However, major cloud providers lack in supplying relevant cloud emissions data for regulatory compliance or for proactive carbon reduction strategies.

True data transparency is the main roadblock to more sustainable cloud computing. Locuz’s GreenOps offering is a firm step towards removing this roadblock and enabling enterprises to take control of their cloud carbon footprint and strategize on emissions reduction.

ESG reporting is helping companies unlock capabilities lost between organizational siloes. Given the nascence of ESG adoption, building the right data infrastructure can be challenging. That’s where Locuz aims to be a true Digital Partner helping your organization execute the right strategy ensuring access to data, decision-making insights, and cost efficiency.

What are we addressing with our GreenOps Offering?

  1. ESG Monitoring & Reporting: Carbon emissions of operating on the cloud.
  2. Green Cloud Consulting: IT Roadmap aligned to your net-zero strategy.
  3. Intelligent Carbon Management: Tooling to actively reduce carbon emissions.

This is what the Founder & President, Uttam Majumdar had to say about Locuz’s effort towards enabling organizations to a more sustainable digital transformation, “GreenOps, is a strategic approach for businesses to integrate environmental sustainability into their day-to-day operations. As the global community becomes increasingly aware of environmental issues, businesses are expected to play a role in addressing them. Embracing GreenOps demonstrates a commitment to responsible environmental stewardship and can help companies build a positive image.”

Benefits we promise to deliver to our customers with GreenOps:

  • Data Availability: Navigate unavailable data by accurately calculating cloud emissions by usage.
  • Relevant User: Bridging organizational silos to provide emissions data to relevant users at ESG teams.
  • Automation: Automated data collection to emissions Dashboard/API pipeline ensuring consistent data delivery.
  • Infrastructure Analysis: Cloud data through a power/emissions perspective to analyze and identify account-wide inefficiencies.
  • Cloud Agnostic: Multi-cloud enabling a one tool reliance plan and report on cloud sustainability.

About the Company:

Locuz is a security led digital transformation partner with our Innovation & Engineering hubs in Hyderabad, India. We bring deep experience in Data, Cloud Transformations, and Cybersecurity. We have been in business for 22 years and are a 750+ geeks-strong company. We are in the forefront in delivering exceptional value to our customers by continuously innovating, automating and modernizing their environments.

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