Global Exposure of Knowledge through Overseas Education Consultants


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”– Malcolm X
Today, students are choosing the overseas countries as their education destination with numerous motives. The US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, and Ireland are the leading overseas education provider countries who have opened tremendous educational opportunities for the students. These education consultants work as a bridging tool between students and the foreign universities. The work of the consultants is not limited to just update students with the list of universities in foreign countries offering students’ desired courses.
There are numerous services provided by education consultants helping students to get their dream country and university to study abroad.
Career Guidance through Advanced Tools
The first step in pursuing education is to choose the correct carrier path. Considering the educational background and career objectives of a student, a counselor from the education consultancy provides impartial and fair advice to select from best suitable career choices. They offer a psychometric assessment test which helps students to decide career preferences. Consultancies use advanced tools to profile the students on the basis of their academic portfolio, educational interests, budgets, and language proficiency and guide them take correct career decision.
Country and University Selection with Preferred Programs
Choosing a right country and university for overseas education is one of the important steps in shaping one’s future. These consultancies assist students to select from wide choices of countries and universities depending on their preferred program of study. They inform students about the positive and negative reviews about the college and university they have selected for their further education. The consultancies also assist students with alternative career options available if they fail to get selected in the university/course of their choice.
Experienced Faculties Assisting Students for Standardized Tests
A student has to prepare for various exams to get admission in desired university and college across the globe. They have to provide tests scores of various competitive international entrance exams such as SAT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL. These tests check student’s academic readiness, English language proficiency, analytical writing and problem-solving capabilities, and logic and critical reasoning skills. Overseas education consultants provide comprehensive study plans to assist students in preparing for such exams. Experienced faculties form consultancies guide them by providing various conceptual learning programs through PPTs, offering classroom teaching, libraries with latest course material, extensive practice worksheets, and arranging for series of mock tests increasing student’s confidence to face these exams. These efforts taken by consultancies result in allowing students get a high score in exams.
Submission of Accurate Application Forms
Student’s application form is the first thing which reaches their desired university. The application form speaks a lot about a student and makes their first impression in the process of selection. The education counselor from the consultancy provides the tips to write an effective statement of purpose, recommendation letter, resume, and other documents making student’s first impression effective on the university. The consultancies screen students’ application forms and submit them to the concerned university allowing their abroad education journey to begin.
Guidance on Education Loans and Scholarships to Study Abroad
Insufficient funds can become an obstacle for many students’ in the way of their dream to study abroad. Many consultancies guide them about different banks providing various categories of loans with their interest rates. It helps students to arrange for educational loans from reliable banks. Many universities encourage students by offering many merit-based and need-based scholarships on the basis of their academic performance and financial needs, respectively. These consultancies assist students to evaluate their eligibility for these scholarships and guide them to apply for the same ensuring they get the best scholarship offers from the university.
Visa, Ticketing, Accommodation, and Insurance Assistance
An experienced education consultant knows about the necessary documents while applying for student visa. They assist students to complete the complex process involved in applying for visa ensuring that they have done all the essential paperwork properly. They confirm that student gets all the necessary documents from the concerned foreign university making their visa process smooth. Overseas education consultancies provide students with mock visa interviews making them ready to capture this final frontier. They provide students with complete travel solutions including tickets, airport transport, forex, insurance cover, and temporary accommodation assistance in the foreign country.
To conclude with, the role of consultancies’ in defining the career avenue of students promises to be more and more significant in the upcoming years. The consultancies have made overseas education within students’ reach making their future bright.

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