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Head West Migration
Head West Migration

The overseas learning and educational scenario is making benchmarks with the rise of several consultancies and players. Since the last couple of years, several consultancies are playing a prominent role in transforming the immigration services along with the overseas education to an unforgettable experience. One such emerging consultancy providing outstanding immigration services consultancy since 2016 is Head West Migration Services. The company is amongst the leading players in the immigration industry which is ISO 9001-2015 certified.
Head West Migration Services, founded as DNS Overseas in 2016 and rebranded into its current avatar. The boutique services consultancy specializes in delivering Permanent Resident Visa Immigration processing and Study Overseas solutions for Canada, Australia, Europe, and Singapore. It also caters to Investment Migration solutions for Canada, USA and Europe.
Over the years, Head West has congregated several gems in its pocket. This includes being recognized as“10 Most promising Immigration Consultants in India- 2018” by Consultants Review Magazine. It also got the honor of being felicitated as “Most Promising Immigration Consultants in India” by India Business Awards 2018, organized by a popular market research company.  It was recently nominated in the emerging startup category by “The Entrepreneur Magazine”.
The Vision Behind
Meet the seasoned professional with twenty years of experience in the corporate world, Vikas Puri, the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Head West Migration Services. Vikas is the driving force of the company working with a vision to deliver ground-breaking services. He is instrumental in vetting services provided under the company and strives hard in creating a platform that addresses every single customer need. Apart from this, Vikas also plays a significant role in guiding the clients by being a mentor through their journey.
Astounding Services
“At Head West migration, we understand your situation and provide you tailor made solution which will be to your long term benefit and as our tag line goes – Will Transform your Future” says Vikas.
Head West Migration is offering admission counseling and university admission process for key Universities of Canada, Australia, Europe and Singapore. Its key partner universities are University of Canada West(Vancouver), Victoria University (Sydney Campus), AIBT College(Australia), RMIT(Australia), CDU College(Cyprus), Stei College(Singapore) and Amity University (Singapore).
Head West Migration connects the students who are not getting optimum IELTS or PTE scores to the right trainers and guide them towards a progressive future. On the other hand, the students who are not able to appear for IELTS or have a study gap are provided with pathway courses in Singapore or Cyprus where IELTS and study gap is not of concern. This gives them an excellent opportunity and a platform to flourish their international careers.
The consultancy takes pride in highlighting an experience it had with one of its lady clients who was looking for education solution in the field of Urban Planning or Landscape architecture. It consulted her to apply for study visa of Canada owing to her education profile as she would get a better opportunity in Canada along with the benefits of being eligible for Permanent Residency.  The consultancy provided her with a solution for study overseas integrated with PR visa option along with her sister. This also led to creating an opportunity for her whole family in migrating to Canada at a later point in time.
Head West Migration is very excited about its new offering— Internship in Hospitality sector for Australia. It is a Paid Hospitality Internship available to students with 18-30 years of age with minimum six months’ experience and has above average English skills. As such, the company is providing a phenomenal opportunity for Hospitality graduates to live and work in Australia for upto 12 months and chance to network in hospitality sector for future growth. Head West is successfully marketing this opportunity through its network of franchise and associate partners pan India.
A Unique Consultancy
Head West Migration Services works with an ideology of guiding the clients with the unique solutions, be it immigration, study or the business migration. The company has 100% transparency in all its processes and works from the client’s perspective. Over the years, it has been successful in benchmarking itself amongst the leading trusted players in its sector. Customer’s profiling is top priority; suitable advice and alternatives available are discussed with the customers post comprehensive customer profile is created. The company believes in the virtue of honesty which makes it distinctive in the immigration space. This unique customer-centric approach has given goodwill to the Head West Migration in establishing itself as a trustworthy brand. It has now created a special niche in its sector and comes across as a boutique option for people looking for genuine work. Head West largely does its business through referential marketing and rely very rarely on traditional marketing channels.
Future Advancements
Having a word on the future expansions of the company, Vikas asserts “I envisage exponential growth in Head West Migration business in the present year, given that we are covering all services under roof”. The company is planning Tier-II towns where there is lack of genuine service providers and aspirations for overseas settlement are on the rise. The consultancy is also planning to work with select credible universities and recruit quality students through its associate network keeping Study Overseas as its front runner. It is partnering with credible associates PAN India to take quality services to the masses and contribute “TRANSFORMING FUTURES”.

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