Google Introduces “Show Installed Apps” Toggle in Google Play Store

Google has added a new toggle in its ‘Top Charts’ tab of Play Store that will let users to remove apps they already have on their device. The search giant also restored the layout of ‘Top Charts’ section, including top paid apps and top free apps lists. The new ‘Show installed apps’ toggle can also be seen just right above the apps list in each one of the Top Charts section.
Now users can easily switch on the toggle for Google to show apps that one already have on their devices and in search results. However, if one keeps the toggle off, then Google will not show apps that have already been installed. Though this is a minor update, but this feature will save users time while searching for latest apps on the Play Store. Currently it has been rolled out for all users.
Google has also been really active in bringing about real time changes to Play Store. In November, Google rolled out a design update for ‘Top Charts’ apps list that lists the apps based on the its ranking. The design also removed spaces between the cards. Google was testing the ‘Show installed apps’ switch earlier, but it was not rolled out for all users.
Apart from direct carrier billing option and Netbanking option,Google has also enabled debit/credit cards, and Play Store gift cards as a payment method in India.

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