Google Maps hottest update enhances booking, payments integration for ride facilities

Google Maps has proclaimed a fresh update, which will bring more integration with ride services like Uber making it informal for users to book a ride right from the navigation app.
The update will be coming together iOS and Android globally, with the screenshots common by Google viewing integration with Lyft and Uber.
“By today’s updates, you’ll now get more types of ride options and more actionable information. When you open ride services mode, instead of a long list of drive service providers and ride options, you’ll see the map you recognize and love, along with a carousel of ride service providers in your area. Just tap on your preferred provider to grasp a complete list of ride options and special offers or promotions,” Senior Product Manager at Google, Sara McKinley Torti added.
Back in March of last year, Google had introduced a ride sharing tab into Google Maps that allowed anyone to grasp the probable pricing and timing for checking an Uber or Lyft ride.
Torti in her post more that Google is also experimenting with a profound integration with Uber that will tenancy user’s book, ample their ride and pay for it without leaving the Google Maps app. This function will level work if a user does not have Uber connected on their device.
A user can log into their Uber account while inside Google Maps. They can then book a ride, path the driver on the map, and connect with the driver on call true from within the Google Maps app – very parallel to how it works with Uber’s native mobile app.
It will be interesting to see how soon this feature is moved out globally, and what it will mean for the real Uber app in this case. In India, the taxi tab on Google Maps now shows Uber and Ola as the two options, and you can get the rates, time should you want conform a ride. Still, for the actual booking you have to follow to the respective app. The new update will change all of that and might even make the apps redundant.

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