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The 10 Most Prominent Google Partners To Look At in 2019

The digital paradigm has opened new avenues for professionals and businesses to explore their reach, beyond the clouds of traditional marketing solutions. Reaching out to the right crowd has never been easier for businesses since the emergence of various digital platforms. These platforms facilitate a palette of options that a business can opt for, to particularly market its products & services uniquely.

The digital marketing space has redefined the way that portrays a business’ potential of delivering the right message to the right customer by providing on-point solutions with a click of a button. On top of that, digital marketing does not only limit to the business organizations and its users. It has also cultivating various employment opportunities. For individuals who are looking for exciting job opportunities, it is availing professionals to be digitally smart. This is enabling these professionals in contributing towards an efficient and effective way of educating the customers about the services their client business organizations are providing, in a dynamic process. The role not only includes being digitally proficient but it also derives one’s ability to deliver the appropriate solutions as per the clients’ requirements.

The most important question now arises is, how to obtain the proper business solutions provider in terms of digital marketing? The answer to this question is to look for a certified Google partner! The Google Partner program, also known as Google Partners is a training and certification program. This program is for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and various consultants who manage online accounts for Google Ads. The professionals or an agency is rewarded with a Google partner badge, once they pass the Google Ads product certification exams and get up to date with the latest product knowledge.

Once Google recognizes you or your company as a partner; you can add it to your websites, business cards, and marketing materials. A company can display its Google partner badge in-order to validate its authenticity as a trusted solution provider. Google partners help potential clients in comparing agencies and marketing professionals in deciding the appropriate course of action when it comes to meeting their business needs. These partners are allowed to specialize in Google Ads product areas such as search advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, display advertising, and shopping advertising.

This month, Insights Success is bringing its readers, the stories which belong to the Indian digital space. In this issue of The 10 Most Prominent Google Partners to look at in 2019,’ the magazine is showcasing exemplary work done by some of the best Google Partners in the country.

On the cover, we have featured CGS Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. It is an authorized partner for Google G Suite, Google Trusted Street View Agency for VR, and the pioneering partner in India for Google AdWords.

This month’s issue has brought a cluster of stories which begins with a tale of a company called Acodez. It is a frim that provides services in segments like digital marketing, website development, software development, and mobile application development. Acodez also acts as a creative agency for other organizations. Incepted in 2008, Centum Technologies is a company that strives to provide value-based web-presence solutions to its clients. It has a team of Google certified professionals taking care of its clientele’s business needs. Another company in this month’s cluster is Whitelake Technology Solutions (WLTS). The company offers its clients, initial consultation to understand their business goals and existing marketing solutions to deliver optimum results and satisfactory services.

The CXO standpoint column in this issue features Umesh Ahirrao. He is the Founder & Managing Director at Osumare, a leading digital marketing company in India. Umesh through the featured CXO is educating us about the Google BERT Update and its working process in entirety. Another CXO standpoint showcases the different ways to be safe online on a black Friday. The piece is authored by Zakir Hussain Rangwala, Director of BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. The firm is one of the leading IT security distributors which offer industry-leading and enterprise-level consumer solutions in the Indian market.

In the interview with Insights Success, the two companies that have been featured are IS Global Web and Savit Interactive. So, the readers are requested to dive into the ocean of digital revolution that these companies are striving to bring through their stories. Happy reading!

– Darshan Parmar

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