Charting the roadmap of your life

Charting the roadmap of your life

The past few years have seen a monumental rise in the number of astrologers and seismic growth in believers. Some universities in India now also offer advanced degrees in Hindu astrology.

So, what makes astrology so popular in the digital era that is fast evolving each passing day? Whether it is horoscope, numerology, zodiac signs, tarot card reading, past-life regression therapy, or the like, the followers are multiplying voluminously.

Though astrology is considered a pseudo-science, planetary influence on human beings is evident to a certain degree in various horoscope readings. There may be little evidence that a zodiac sign affects one’s personality or life, yet astrology is a billion-dollar industry today worldwide.

Not so long ago, having faith in astrology was considered superstition. Today, there is wide acceptance of astrology. Astrology never went away. It had simply become less popular. In a data-driven world where stress takes up a significant chunk of your day and life, astrology emerged once again as a solace to disturbed minds. Irrespective of whether people believe in astrology or follow the suggestions, they find comfort in reading about it.

The primary purpose of astrology is to inform a person about the course of their life since birth, depending upon the planetary positions at the time of birth. Many believers vouch for astrology to be a guide to them.

As astrologers put it, astrology shows you as you are and provides solutions to eliminate or minimize the obstacles in your life or flaws in you. Since ancient times, people in India sought the advice of astrologers for any new assignment, business, important decision, auspicious occasion, or celebration. After the temporary lull for a few years, astrology once again rose to fame.

Social media is rife with astrology. People are more than eager to read about the predictions or auspicious occasions to start a business, make important decisions, fast, or perform rituals. Under such circumstances, the seeker can get confused or misled when looking for a reliable astrologer. A good astrologer can correctly analyse based on the exact date and time needed to draft a proper chart. One wrong calculation or misinterpretation can do more harm than good.

To ease things for you, we selected some of the most sought-after astrologers who are known for their timely and flawless predictions. We featured them in our latest edition of Insights Success, India’s Best Astrologers of 21st Century.

Read this interesting issue to know more about their expertise and services. Also, read the well-curated articles by our in-house editorial team.

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