Google is Set to Make Significant Changes to it’s Play Store

The search giant Google is now introducing a new pricing option for apps, like limited-time subscription and making a big Play store push in the growing market.
For Android app developers Google made an announcement of limited-time subscriptions promos for building their business and attracting more user in largely emerging markets. The updates depend on how the customer can subscribe and pay for services at Play Store.
Google has expanded its “direct carrier billing” feature, told Sameer Samant, Vice President of Android and Google play. So using that option apps charges and other downloads from the play store will come on customer phone bill, instead of credit card.
“As the next billion users come online, many with little or no access to credit cards, we want to help deliver the best payment experience for both developers and consumers,” stated by Samat.
This app store revamp also comes after Apple, Google’s greatest rival in the smartphone software business, made several new changes in App Store for iPhones earlier this year. Apple’s updates included this new change in subscriptions and trying to make sure apps that get approved more swiftly.
Google also said they uped its “early access” program, which allows software developers to bring their apps on Google Play for a few number of users to test the apps before their launch. Google said that the program had seen 4 million downloads since the company made it widely available.

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