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Dinesh Sheth, Founder & CEO | Bysakh Bhasi, CTO | Sanjay Parikh-M.D. CMO | Green Circle Life

The ongoing impacts of COVID-19 have resulted in ever-changing guidelines, restrictions, and mandates in the workplace and in schools, affecting employees and their loved ones.

As the pandemic continues, companies are now looking to incorporate a holistic view of health and wellness for a multigenerational workforce who require and expect different services from their benefits. Today, there is a greater emphasis on overall health and wellbeing, particularly emotional wellness.

Green Circle Life (GCL) offers a solution: SmartFHR™, a comprehensive wellness, lifestyle, and behavioural change platform that promotes engagement with existing wellness initiatives, enhancing them through simpler, more unified access, integrated communication, messaging tools, and a range of proprietary features. SmartFHR™ allows employees and their family members access to company benefits and services on their journey for better health wellbeing.

GCL has developed a software as a service – SaaS – platform for engagement and communication. SmartFHR™ is a company-branded app and web portal, incorporating all Human Resources (HR) benefits and services with health and wellness services through use of single sign-on (SSO). This integration of services leads to better employee engagement and satisfaction, which in turn improves organizational productivity, optimizing employees’ health and wellbeing.

  • Captivating Vision

GCL provides the number one engagement platform, accessible anywhere from any device, that seamlessly combines both internal and external managed systems. Organizations can deliver timely information and content to individual employees, specific cohorts, or the entire enterprise to promote company culture to drive participation in key programs.

The platform features extensive analytical capabilities on the backend, and dramatically reduces the burden on internal HR teams who no longer must devote time and energy to repeatable outreach and administrative efforts.  SmartFHR™ enables users to perform a range of tasks from the same app, including benefits enrolment, personnel record management, payroll, time and attendance, wellness programs, scheduling appointments, and managing health data.

With the SmartFHR™ app, HR staff can communicate more effectively, and clinical staff can deliver better information and guidance to improve outcomes. Increasing the focus on chronic disease management improves productivity and profitability for your company.

Greater participation in health and wellness programs leads to a productive workforce with greater profitability. This increases the return on your existing investment in benefits like health insurance and retirement plans, helping you attract, and retain talent.

  • . Employee Engagement and Communication

Most organizations have an HRIS or HR employee portal in place which can be difficult to navigate. Often, these portals are not updated to reflect new benefits and services, such as those delivered by a third party. Employees usually have limited access, especially outside the workplace, and the company can lack the ability to unify and streamline communications or schedule proactive outreach on an individual basis. Communicating in a hybrid office/remote work environment has exposed a need for HR teams to have a platform with an effective interface to engage with employees.

  • Access all Benefits and Services

The SmartFHR™ platform provides comprehensive, centralized dashboards accessible via the SmartFHR™ app or website, giving employees rapid access to all HR services and benefits, including benefits enrollment and selection, total rewards and compensation, prescription and medical services, job postings, wellness programs, 401k, HSA, payroll, compliance training, rewards and recognition, and policy handbooks. Any element of the employee value proposition can be accessed, engaged, and managed in seconds.

  • Multi-channel Communication

As more employees work remotely, it is critical that their employer goes beyond traditional communication methods to show that they care for employees and their families. Available via the app or on the web, SmartFHR™ features multiple communication channels, including a visual dashboard, Bulletin Board, in-app notification, email, text message, push notification, pop-up displays, and video. It supports seamless content delivery through resource libraries, as well as engagement at the individual, cohort, enterprise level.

Features of the app can be configured according to client preference and distributed at the client’s preferred cadence. HR personnel can swiftly review the status of all content and messaging to determine overall engagement.

  • Content Management and Distribution

With the power of app-based communications, clients engage employees in health and wellness initiatives for better outcomes. SmartFHR™ enables clients to easily distribute HR policy manuals, benefits guides, training, handbooks, prevention, compliance literature, and other information. With the app, clients can deliver emergency content related to a pandemic or disaster or offer ongoing updates from management via the appropriate channel.

While the critical decisions about which benefits to select are typically made at home, it can be difficult for families to access all the information they need, and the extensive menu of available benefits can be overly complex and time-consuming. The platform supports continuous, on-demand access to benefits information and gives HR staff the ability to generate targeted, specific communications outlining the importance, and value of the benefits plan beyond the parameters of the enrolment period.

  • Workflow Management

The workflow feature guides users to desired actions and increases productivity with informational and transactional services. People can build organization-specific processes to ensure uniformity, compliance, and improved quality. Because the design is intuitive, the offerings are consolidated, and the family has direct access to the SmartFHR™ menu. This makes it easier for employees to understand their benefits, recognize the investment in their wellbeing, engage with health coaching, and make truly informed choices.

  • Chronic Disease Management and Care Coordination

Six in ten adults in the United States have a chronic disease and four in ten adults have two or more. 90% of annual healthcare expenditures in the U.S., are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. Lack of effective population health and risk stratification tools make it difficult to develop custom programs that engage the at-risk population.

Typically, single chronic condition-based apps fail to address the many wide range of needs of the individual and do not. engage employee’s families to make meaningful, lifestyle changes.

GCL offers extensive care coordination and management capabilities to identify gaps in care across multiple chronic conditions, addressing them with a single app and personalized care plan. The platform features a robust evidence-based disease management suite that includes population risk stratification, chronic condition identification, and personalized intervention. For one or more conditions, employees have access to medical device sourcing and delivery, remote monitoring with vitals tracking, and direct access to interactive guidance and support led by a dedicated team of clinicians-physicians, nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, and health coaches.

This team provides guidance and preventive care information along with physical and emotional wellness support as an integral part of managing chronic diseases like Diabetes, Blood Pressure disorders, Obesity, Asthma, COPD, and Congestive Heart Failure.

  • Manage Outreach

Drawing on claims and wellness assessment data, risk profiling and stratification analytics focus on the root causes of excessive healthcare spending and prioritize high-risk individuals for more robust, targeted intervention and guidance. Programmatic recommendations are generated to produce a healthier, personally accountable, and satisfied workforce.

  • Remote Monitoring and Sharing

All appointment, examination, and biometric testing results are loaded directly into individual employee profiles, which can be augmented and updated in real-time by connected health devices, trackers, and remote monitoring tools.

  • Holistic Wellbeing for the Entire Family

Organizations may lack effective wellness programs or may have wellness programs that fail to engage most employees on a sustained basis. They may be looking for an affordable alternative that can be rolled out rapidly and connected with internal HRIS and systems infrastructure to encourage meaningful participation.

SmartFHR™ provides a secure gateway to wellness and disease management from a single dashboard interface, empowering employees to curate and review medical records for their entire family. Mobile dashboards connect all wellness programs – both internal and third-party – in an interactive interface, driving utilization, reducing complexity, and enhancing the value of these investments.  Activities and goal reminders, progress trackers, rewards and incentives, screening and assessments, gamified challenges, one-on-one coaching, and healthy living guidelines can be delivered in-app and integrated into the individual employee’s daily routine. Clients can activate these native elements or simply use the app to boost current program performance.

  • Wellness Checklist

GCL offers a simple easy-to-follow personalized checklist for year-round wellness incorporating assessments, health screenings, immunizations, preventive care, and chronic condition management.

  • Wellness Assessment

GCL offers a fully configurable wellness assessment within the SmartFHR™ app to guide employees and their family members to personalized recommendations and wellness programs for better outcomes.

  • Wellness Challenges

GCL offers flexible individual or team wellness challenges to drive behavioral modification through specific measurable goals. Challenges can be configured throughout the year to address any growing needs or challenges of the organization in a way that is fun and engaging for employees.

  • Wellness Programs

GCL features a complete native wellness toolset, including weight management, nutrition tools, stress management, smoking cessation, spiritual and mental health, and even financial planning.

  • Wellness Coaching

The company offers employees and their families comprehensive wellness coaching through an extensive library of digital coaching as well as one-on-one live coaching with GCL’s team of Health Partners including nurse practitioners, registered dietitians, and health coaches. Ongoing engagement with these Health Partners helps employees target their unique lifestyle improvement goals, define their success, and sustain their progress.

The Pillars of Innovation

Dinesh Sheth is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Circle Life. Sheth is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully executed launches of several companies. At GCL, he has provided industry leadership with innovative solutions and caring for holistic health and wellness approach that enables the HR team to go beyond what was possible before.

Previously, Sheth co-founded uMonitor-Parsam Technologies, where he served as CEO until its acquisition by Harland Financial Solutions. At uMonitor, he developed a range of solutions designed to increase profitability, improve regulatory compliance, enhance employee productivity, and reduce costs for financial institutions while delighting their customers. Sheth led uMonitor’s growth for over ten years culminating in a successful exit. Sheth also served as president of Software Resource Consultants, which he co-founded. His previous roles also include senior vice president of Systems and Technology at Skywire and vice president of Software Development and Systems Integration at SkyTel.

Sheth holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, a master’s degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Bysakh Bhasi is the Chief Technology Officer at Green Circle Life. Bhasi provides the strategic vision and leadership for the development and implementation of Green Circle Life’s technology platform. Bhasi plays the lead role in providing technical leadership in tandem with the business needs, and in the process identify new opportunities for further growth in high-quality service delivery and support for all core technology processes and services.

Before joining Green Circle Life, Bhasi has held senior positions in various FinTech companies like Chief Technology Officer at uMonitor Inc., Managing Director and Country Head at HFS Software and D+H Solutions. Bhasi started his career as a Software Programmer at Siemens Communications Software in 1995. Bhasi has also co-founded IT consulting companies that focused on web application development and data analytics, which were later acquired by major U.S. Corporations.

Sanjay Parikh is co-founder and oversees the health and wellness operations and clinical aspects of the SmartFHR™ platform for the company. Dr.Parikh is a Pediatric Cardiologist at the Children’s Heart Center at St. Vincent Hospitals, Indianapolis.

He is board-certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology, and Adult Congenital Heart Disease. He is a fellow member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a fellow member of the American College of Cardiology.

He has won numerous awards and been selected multiple times for inclusion in Best Doctors in America, Best Doctors in Indianapolis (on the list, since 2000) and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare. Dr. Parikh has been involved in several clinical trials and research projects. Dr. Parikh has published extensively in medical journals and professional magazines.

Implementing a Robust Work Culture

Green Circle Life has built its success primarily on customer satisfaction derived from innovative solutions that address unmet needs. Our work culture encourages creative innovation and incorporates seamless teamwork across our locations in the United States and India.

As employee engagement is the key differentiator of the SmartFHR™ platform, our goal is to create and foster a company’s ongoing culture of health and wellness. We understand human behaviour contributes to the overall success of a company’s platform. GCL’s solution is to create creative digital health and wellness challenges, multi-channel communications, and rewards strategies to promote success.

The app delivers useful information to drive employee engagement and includes their families, allowing them to earn rewards for healthy lifestyles.

We designed the SmartFHR™ platform, to offer companies creative and innovative ways to achieve 100% employee engagement.

Sustaining in the Midst of a Pandemic

While India survived the first wave of the pandemic due to an effective national lockdown, the second wave has seen both urban and rural areas battling different peak periods and badly in need of oxygen supplies and medical infrastructure.

Increased deaths followed by a scarcity of vaccinations have caused an overall strain on the economy and have taken an immense toll on daily life. The second wave, which is ongoing, has significantly affected the overall Indian business ecosystem.

In these unprecedented and trying times, GCL’s office culture was disrupted as all our staff were required to work from home. We were able to provide incentives for home office and internet connectivity set-ups to ease the burden on staff.

Despite these challenges, our team was able to fulfil all client commitments, and we continued to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. GCL rolled out some fun, new wellness challenges among staff that incentivized healthy lifestyle changes and promoted vaccinations. We recognize keeping a balanced mind and body is key to overall wellness in these challenging times.

Upcoming Endeavours

Green Circle Life believes in offering great health and wellbeing programs, which makes companies more attractive to future employees. Better communication and engagement will attract and retain talent. The SmartFHR™ platform and customer base will continue to evolve and grow allowing companies to serve millions of families.

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