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Tariq AlObaidli | Chairman | Suraj Khatri | Head of Operations | Ehab Fedel | Advisor (Strategy & Commercial Development)

When it comes to the type of education that a child might receive, there are various options. Today’s parents have more decisions to make than ever before. The most important consideration for parents is the environment in which they want their child to be educated, as well as the effectiveness of the method they choose for their child’s preferred learning style.

When determining what kind of learning environment is best for their child, parents must also consider the child’s specific needs and abilities, as well as their financial situation.

In-Home education is becoming a popular teaching option for parents and ensures a more focused learning opportunity. Tutor Doctor is contributing towards the overall growth of children by extending the dedicated teaching hours. Offering students of all ages, ranging from primary school to secondary school to adult university courses the unique opportunity for one to one tutoring. The tutors at Tutor Doctor employ a unique academic game plan, paired with the foundational knowledge and skills learned in the classroom, students have all they need to conquer their educational challenges.

Tutor Doctor understands how important it is to learn and not just pass the class. Its goal is to help students enjoy learning again and become passionate about their education.

Treasure Trove of Education

With the company’s philosophy and approach, it is able to provide highly bespoke programmes for each pupil’s individual needs.

The services Tutor Doctor provides are:

  • Elementary and Middle school tutoring
  • High school tutoring
  • University and College tutoring
  • Adult tutoring
  • Special needs
  • Summer tutoring
  • Home-school tutoring
  • Veteran programs
  • Online tutoring

Uniquely Different

Tutor Doctor meets its students where they are, in order to help get them where they need to go. Individually chosen tutors take the time to understand the learning capabilities of their paired students and adapt their techniques to coincide with all their needs, at their pace, and on their terms.

Unlike some tutoring services, Tutor Doctor treats each student like the individual they are. The organization knows that every child, teenager and adult have different learning styles, and that all learning processes can be tailored.

“We take the time to understand the way students’ study best and adapt our techniques to coincide with their needs. This enables us to build a uniquely holistic approach to furthering their educational success, one student at a time,” says the team at Tutor Doctor.

Inspirational Leaders

Tariq AlObaidli, Owner and Chairman of Tutor Doctor UAE is a leading tutoring service provider and a finalist in the Sheikh Mohammad Scholars Program by NYUAD for US foreign policy. He is a former financial analyst with General Electric as part of their financial management program.

He is a dean’s list graduate of finance and banking from United Arab Emirates University (UAEU).

Tariq AlObaidli is a regular volunteer at Abu Dhabi events from film festivals to marshalling for the F1 Grand Prix.

Tariq has been active pursuing and participating on new Educational Programs and Initiatives across the UAE.

Head of Operations, Mr. Suraj Khatri is a seasoned business and process professional with ~ 12 years of experience in leading engagements across due diligence, big data analytics, risk advisory umbrella – internal audits, drafting policy for education sector, advising Universities on risk assessment, and control testing.

He garnered client appreciation on all engagements blending technical expertise and people management skills to ensure quality deliverables. He is a qualified public accountant from Australia, member of Institute of Financial Accountants (UK). He graduated from HR College of Commerce and Economics.

Mr. Suraj Khatri is awarded as CEO (UAE) of the year 2020 by CEO Monthly Magazine, he also won an ‘Excellence in Finance’ award for recognition of their contribution to the financial industry by Finnext in Feb 2020.

Ehab Fedel, Advisor – (Strategy and Commercial Development), he has more than fifteen years of business advisory and project development experience in the public and infrastructure sector. He has led major projects with fortune 500 companies across Europe, North America, and the Middle East and North Africa region (including Accenture, GE and Siemens).

He has supported various strategic and government initiatives related to education, infrastructure, and digital transformation.

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