Growth of 3D Animation in India

In 2016, 3D Animation is one among the greatest buzz words in the entertainment world. Since its emergence to the now seen stage, 3D animation has grown swiftly and steeply. Animation is 70 percentage art and 30 percentage technology. Skills and knacks are the prerequisites to shine in this field.
Indian animation companies have especially benefited from the global giants of animation like Walt Disney, Sony, and Warner Brothers, since they are outsourcing animation characters and special effects to Indian firms. With the increasing demands in outsourcing, various animation companies have emerged across India. Animation companies are forming animation hubs in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, and Hyderabad.
Indian companies integrate their passion for art with new sophisticated technologies that produce world class designs that go shoulder to shoulder with the designs from most famous animation companies from all around the world. The most modern animation companies own high-tech studio with the right ambience to produce artworks, strengthened by eminent engineers and backed by the state-of-the-art equipment. Dedicated companies offer a full range of services from designing, story board, 2D animation, 3D animation, medical animation and animatic to logos, demos, viral videos, portraits, banner ads, etc.
What Helped in The Swift Growth?
The development of new 3D animation software and technologies has driven the rapid growth of new tactics for 3D content creation. Autodesk 3dsmax, Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, Adobe Premiere, etc. are some examples of 3D animation software. The 3D animation market growth is influenced mainly by favourable regulations by the Government, by multi-industrial applications, 3D character merchandise and by blooming entertainment industry. Apart from all these, the low cost compatible hardware and availability of comparatively cheaper internet connectivity have led to the proliferation of the free software downloads.
The animation industry in India typically has three business models, namely Content Production, Outsourced Animation and Collaborative Animation Services. ‘Chhota Bheem’ is one example for content production in India that reaps grand revenue and circulates over popular kids channels. The market has also been categorized into Plug-in-software, Packaged software and Software Development Kits (SDK). With less time, the animation software market has exhibited a very high growth rate with the help of animation computers and stereoscopic imaging software. The motion capturing (Mocap) systems, video cards and GPU strengthens the hardware segment.
How Outsourcing Helped?
Indian animation industry is being tapped by North American film and TV program producers largely. There are many reasons behind this increasing demand for Indian studios worldwide. The North American and European countries from the beginning show immense readiness to outsource their animation contents to companies in the Asian and Pacific Rim countries. The bulk animation in earlier years included 2D animation contents along with some 3D contents only. But now, the scenario has changed a lot.
When compared with the past, Indian Animation Industry has gained its foothold in the International space by investing more in technology, moulding eminent artists and developing better infrastructure in film making. As we can see now, there are numerous Animation Studios, VFX, Game development and Film making institutes providing several high-end educational programs all over India. Students are also interested in overseas education because of the increasing opportunities and decent pay scale.
Still Growing….
The VFX industry is estimated to be nearer to 50 billion. It is expected to have a significant growth by the year 2020, up to Rs.87.1 billion. The film and television space play a vital role in boosting the industry. With the emergence of newer gadgets, the gaming industry has also boomed beyond boundaries. Still, more improved growth rate is expected in the next couple of years. Sophisticated techniques along with creative expression have paved strong basement for the foreseen growth. Now, the animation industry has entered into an important growth phase. India is now one among the most sought-after destinations for providing animation and content services.
3D techniques acted as a backbone to develop the innovative 4D technology. This new technology is widely used in feature films as well as in other animation projects. The most popularly used animation and artistic application is the 4D Cinema. Disney, Sony, Pixar and IMAX are examples of studios that have created and promoted cartoons using this technology. The key players in the animation industry include Newtek Inc., Autodesk Inc., Smith Micro Software, Inc., Credo Interactive Inc., Electric Rain Inc., Strata, Electric Image Inc., Toon Boom Animation Inc., Side Effects Software Inc., and Maxon Computer GmbH. Without any doubt, we can see Indian 3D animation industry attaining higher position in the global market.

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