Hitesh C Soni: Visionary Stalwart in the Evolving Indian Legal Industry

Hitesh Soni
Hitesh C Soni

The modern and evolving world poses certain challenges in professional, business, personal as well as family matters. Disagreements and disputes create a need for legal experts who can offer the right solutions from a legal perspective. Here, the lawyers play a crucial role in upholding justice, protecting rights and ensuring the rule of law in society. They serve as advocates for individuals, businesses and organizations, providing legal advice, representation in court, and guidance on complex legal matters. In a world where legal issues are increasingly intricate and diverse, lawyers help navigate the legal challenges, interpret laws and ensure that individuals and entities comply with legal requirements.

Backed with decades of diverse experience in the study of the legal system and represented thousands of cases, Advocate Hitesh Soni stands out as an icon of reliable legal solutions. He founded his ambitious firm, Hitesh Soni and Associates, to support the corporates, businessmen and the common people to be represented, heard and get justice.

Hitesh plays a vital role in advocating for social justice, human rights and environmental protection as well. He works to uphold ethical standards, promote fairness and ensure that the legal system functions effectively for the benefit of society as a whole. He has been dedicated in safeguarding the rights and interests of individuals and organizations, ensuring a just and orderly society.

Advocate of Truth

Hitesh feels that the legal profession is not just among the oldest professions but also a most unique profession, it does not require a materialist object to pursue, no workman’s tools nor surgical equipment’s like doctor, but is whole work of a brain and nothing else. Talking about his journey, he says, “I will not be wrong to say, it is a God-gifted profession. My journey began something like this, my mind was set, the journey was ahead, and I just went on. It began when I was in my adolescence, wandering in the scenic beauty of my hill station Mt Abu, seriously I was too active in sports, adventure and trekking but in some instances like knowing about this profession as early as thirteen was something I was not expecting, certainly my whole sportsmanship was diverted to serious thoughts of life and my steps of trekking just slipped onto the walks of legal profession.

Hitesh joined the law school in Jodhpur and attended the High Court functionary almost every week during his internship. Later shifted to Mumbai, “A truly Maya Nagri which never disappoints anyone, specifically a person who is industrious and meritorious,” describes Hitesh thoughtfully. Having no background and being a first-generation lawyer, serving and then thriving was not just easy for him. However, regarding it as a god-gifted profession, his brain synced with the words and the art of the legal profession. The industry was not unknown and he took it from it as the iconic practice among the legendary lawyers and some of the finest judges of the Bombay High Court.

With such vast experience, Hitesh founded M/s Hitesh Soni & Associates, Mumbai in 2017. In the initial days of his journey, he was very fortunate to litigate multiple litigations. However, the most famous one which he successfully fought and won multiple and multi-field cases, was close to 1.3 billion Indian Rupees. Hitesh mentions on an honest note that, “the satisfying cases are not those which involve crores of rupees or famous people but are those cases which you fight for a common person, who rather probably need a special attention as they think justice is only for privileges and the responsibility is on us to prove it otherwise. Yes, such cases are most satisfying to me and because fighting ordinary cases fighting for ordinary people, I am what I am!

Strong Foundation

Hitesh always believed that an organisation cannot reach greater heights without following the principles of its founder. Likewise, Hitesh Soni & Associates was founded on a strong client-focused value system. He says, “Without the welfare of clients, the welfare of lawyers and the firm is not only impossible but also difficult. After all, the legal profession is for services not a business for profit. The sooner you understand, the quicker is beneficial for you.

Originally established in Mumbai, Hitesh Soni & Associates expanded its reach by launching a branch in New Delhi, the National Capital of India, to help its clients who needed to be protected till the highest judicial forum. This initiative can possibly showcase the company’s commitment to the betterment of both the firm and its clients.

Recurring Transformation

Hitesh Soni & Associates has been fortunate to be trusted by big corporate houses and as well as small-time businessmen, private clients or blue-collared employees. The company maintains the same industry standards and parameters to attend to clients and serve them efficiently. To sustain itself in these changing times, the company has adopted various innovative solutions coupled with the human-centric approach and lawyer’s industry behind them.

A Systematic Leader

Hitesh is an exceptional leader with a vision to offer the best of the best legal services to clients that meet their purpose. He is known for his methodical and systematic approach, which he has imbibed in his team members and associates. Hitesh believes that an organisation cannot reach beyond the idea of its founder. “Thus, I certainly have to see if are we going in the right direction, and it is our outcomes that we have to remain the same and thriving. Thus, leadership is a must and the backbone of the organisation for at least not getting lost in the search of success,” says Hitesh.

Balancing the Professional Equilibrium

There are several tough and challenging situations in business that demand attention and expertise in a short time. Hitesh has developed a strategy for handling every case. He believes that every case should be treated and handled independently and with priority regardless of the client and case type. He believes that the strength of Hitesh Soni & Associates is transparency while handling the clients. The company follows ethical approaches in its practice and does not compromise its professionalism. This creates trust between attorneys and clients.

Being at the helm of the organisation thriving in a rapidly evolving environment, Hitesh is aware of the situation and stays ahead of the time while keeping a thin line between innovation, advancements, legal limitations and client expectations. He says “We do not promise to give the client what is not legally possible, but we do give them what is possible if fought with all merits and that’s it.

Sustainable and Responsible Legal Practices

Moreover, catering to the CSR activities at the organisation, Hitesh promises to keep sustainability and the environment in view and has reduced the use of paper and relied on alternatives, like shifting to whole digitals. In fact, the firm does not request its clients to get papers unless and until it is not mandatory. Thus, except otherwise needed are solely relying on digitalisation documents for court proceedings.

Leveraging Technologies

Advanced technologies like AI can improve legal research, contract analysis, case prediction, and other legal tasks by increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving accuracy. AI can also help law firms deliver faster and more accurate results, increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.

Considering the increasing importance of advanced technologies, at Hitesh Soni & Associates, the team uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for better productivity and efficiency.  AI automates and improves legal processes using advanced technology and algorithms, especially in legal research. This requires smart technologies that can analyse legal data, extract relevant information and provide lawyers with significant insights to help them make decisions.

Countering Challenges Smartly

The challenges in the legal sector are entrenched. Referring to this, Hitesh points to the fact that no law firm can only bring triumph. He agrees to say “With the uncertainty of the law, we too have faced a similar situation, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic where the challenge was to provide a one-stop solution with low cost to the companies and private clients facing similar challenges, at the same time operating remotely and serving the clients while courts were limitedly functioning was something which appeared challenging, first, it was not foreseeable and second everyone is relying on reliefs from the courts. We not only brought the adversity to its knees but succeeded in our endeavour to overcome the period with low cost but high performing law firm in India.

Smart and Effective Jurisprudence

Hitesh is a man of principles and values. He believes that Jurisprudence is a mother of law, and the mother being a woman herself knows how to be adaptable in all circumstances, particularly in the administration of justice. Thus, when it comes to giving access to justice, Hitesh sees no barriers and thus allowing litigants and lawyers through video conferences is ultimately a Justice to all those who find it difficult to attend through physical mode. He mentions, “We have placed equipment which facilitates the smooth functioning of our office for our clients and as well as appearing in courts through video conferencing. Though I would not say there is no limitation of video conferencing but rather I would add, that there are more benefits in appearing in person.

Gender Inclusive Environment

Hitesh identifies the role of women in the legal system as not just important but a game changer. He adds that without a woman, being organised would have less meaning. Hitesh Soni & Associates is co-headed by Advocate Vaishali Soni which not only oversee there is a balance in the hiring but sometimes the range of picking women is higher as compared to men because it cannot be denied that especially women lawyers can do a lot better in a law firm.

Reflections of Wisdom

Being experienced and knowledgeable, Hitesh has a burning desire to learn and explore new aspects of the legal system. He always strives to be a better human being, going above and beyond the role of a lawyer. As a responsible legal professional, he advises all young lawyers, to never step back once they decide to do law. He says, “Believe me it’s your calling to bar and do not get affected by what comes ahead, things will be challenging, and you may be disappointed, broken and failed but destiny has chosen you so believe it, board the flight of law and sit on the seat of excellence, you will be de-board at the Gate of Success.

Envisaging Wider Expansion

Being a visionary leader and a farsighted professional, Hitesh constantly looks forward to innovating practices for better client service and systematic case implementation. Speaking on his future plans, Hitesh says, “We are already covering the Financial Capital of India and the National Capital of India, we have been looking to expand to other prominent Cities.

Keeping the expansion in mind that will not only cover India but overseas as well, Hitesh envisions a long-term plan. The organisation’s practice covers fields of corporate & commercial; insolvency & bankruptcy; healthcare & hospitality; litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution; international trade & customs practice; project infrastructure & energy; real estate; immigration and white-collar crimes; service and labour laws; taxation and indirect taxations; and much more.

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