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“A Journey is not about the places you visit, but the story you bring home to share”
Every part of the world has something new and different to offer in terms of heritage, architecture, and experience. Travel can take us on far land but the experience takes us even further in imagination. Be it meeting different people, seeing new places or trying some tasty dishes across the world, traveling definitely creates memorial moments for anyone. Journeys are made up of the small moments – the haunting tunes of a local song, the enticing smells of a spice market, the sunset during a jungle safari or the brilliant light of a thousand diyas at a temple.
Holidays Around World (HAW) is a destination management and travel representation company that creates unforgettable experiences for the customers. HAW Travel is a team that creates unique and socially responsible travel experiences by providing services beyond expectations. Dedicated to deliver experiences that infuse life to events, the company is bringing clients close to each destination. Backed up by combination of young, experienced and energetic travel enthusiasts, the company is duly recognized worldwide.
Each of these executive journeys is crafted by the company’s team to make travel management more personalized and seamless. The company has become the leading destination management company in Asia with full-service operations in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Doha, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia.
Due to its innovative services, HAW was recognized amongst the top 50 travel producers in India.
Veteran Leaders of HAW
The story of the HAW begins with a determination to provide travel services solely responsive to the needs of the client and not the whims of an international corporate conglomerate. The team of HAW is based on two strong pillars of industry veterans.
HAW is headed by two senior travel professionals namely Ms. Zeenat Anjum and Mr. Diwakar Tiwari. Both have been an integral part of the travel industry and bring with them a combined experience of thirty years in the hospitality and tourism industry. They are responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, strategic plan, and marketing plan of the organization with a goal of increasing tourism and stimulating economic development. On account of their vision, the company is now the region’s most prominent, respected, and well-known destination management and travel Representation Company.
With a long and extremely successful career, a wealth of expertise and knowledge, Co-founder and Director, Zeenat is leading the way for a company for more than 12 years. She continues to inspire and drive the success of building the brand. Besides infusing the spirit of action and a result-oriented work culture she set the tone and the vision for their organization, and as a result the company has risen to levels of fame. Being vice president in Trivium Media a Media marketing company having its branches all over the world and CEO in RREPS n events a representation company which is budding reps company.
Before becoming Co-founder and Director of HAW, Diwakar had an eclectic career spanning in numerous countries. His passion for travel inspired him to switch from his successful retail career to the hospitality industry. His extensive experience in tourism and a positive approach to work has proven to be a great asset for executing the company’s operations. He manages much of the behind-the-scenes operations and administration, as well as controlling large group movements, MICE, events, weddings.
Experiential Destination Management Services
HAW’s portfolio of DMCs (Destination Management Companies) is considered as one of the renowned DMCs across the world. With over twelve DMCs worldwide, the company provides service designed-to-assist event planners/organizers from the initial research stages of the destination to the successful execution of an overseas event. Its DMC have not only proven their ability in offering expert local knowledge and logistical fulfillment but have also been established as specialist suppliers in the organization of conventions, conferences, incentives, meetings, and events. The company is encouraged by travel partners in all parts of the world who valued its knowledge and dedication to creative product delivery.
The pioneer travel organization, HAW also provides some unique services like Corporate Travel Management, MICE, Domestic Travel Plans, International Travel Plans, VIP Travel Plans, Executive Luxury Travel, Educational tours, Destination weddings, Group and Individual Travel Plans, Camping services, and Cruises worldwide which deliver benefits to their treasured clients.
HAW offers personalized services and offer relevant products to keep a close relationship with their customers. The company pays attention to customers’ want and is very proactive in addressing them. The company offers exquisite services and tours to the clientele which will excite them like never before. HAW is dedicated to pay attention to individual needs, requests and interest. Commitment, product excellence and total support to customers has always kept HAW at the forefront of innovation.
Overcoming Challenges
Raising brand awareness and establishing a degree of credibility can seem like a big challenge. People need to know the product or service exists before they can consider one as partner. HAW’s challenge was to grow its presence and make the company stand out from the crowd. With sheer dedication and hard work, HAW surpassed all challenges and flourished in its first year of establishment.
Through their network of exceptional local partners that are not only leaders in their own respective markets, but who also meet the high operating and service standards, the company is delivering more personalized and seamless travel experience till date.
Future Roadmap
HAW strengthens its position as the leading tourism company by providing quality, creativity, innovation, competitiveness and socially responsible services in the region. The company will continue to develop and streamline new processes, have strong relationships with clients and provide excellent service with utmost care. Progressing forward with positive approach, HAW Travel’s vision is to be a preferred integrated travel and tourism service provider and be the worlds’ most trusted and creative travel management company.
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