Horizon Architects: Enchanting Traits, Avant-Garde Services

Horizon Architects
Ar. Hemal Shah | Principal Architect | Horizon Architects

Hiring an architecture firm to work on your business or dream house can be challenging. When it comes to cost, deliverables, timelines, and many factors to consider—the crucial factor being—how dependable the firms are and what sort of professional services they provide?

For decades, Architects have comprehended a broader perception of your needs. They explore your way of life to come up with a building plan that suits your preferences and demands by listening to your ideas; they get to transform your dreams into architectural reality, considering the best practices as required in this industry.

Horizon Architects, one of the leading architectural firms in Mumbai, specializes in aspects of Design to execution aspects. It was established in 2005 by Ar. Hemal Shah.

Horizon Architects offers innovative design solutions to a varied scale of projects and developers. By 2015, the company had established a portfolio of clients across the country, completing more than 100 Projects in ten years and managing over 175 Projects.

The team stands strong with a combined experience of more than 90 years of trained and experienced personnel. Within the next five years, Horizon Architects aims to grow its Project count to over 500. The company aims to invest and expand into new verticals in the next ten years. Adding to this scenario, Ar. Hemal expressed, “We want to achieve this by gaining trust from our existing and new clients so that we can expand our operation to a new “Horizon.

An Adept Leader

Hemal Shah, the Founder of Horizon Architects, graduated from the Academy of Architecture (Rachana Sansad) in the year 1999. He has had the privilege of working with Design Masters like Mr Hafeez Contractor and Mr Sanjay Puri. Due to his entrepreneurial nature, he started this firm with the enthusiasm and goal to provide a Complete Solution to the Developer to provide hassle-free coordinated—design, RCC, MEP, and Liasoning solutions.

With a Spark to do things Differently

Team Horizon has always thought since its inception in 2005 that most firms offer only piecemeal solutions which lack coordinated efforts. Factors like Vaastu, Minimal Circulation Area, Wind Direction, and local Climate are not taken into consideration. Moreover, most planning experts never take cognizance of the current Municipal rules or RCC or MEP inputs.

The whole idea at Horizon is to excel at planning at a level and to the depth where it has not been taken before. Planning is the key to Design and Good Architecture. Horizon works hard to give it that elite place that it deserves. Good Architecture means good planning, and with the Synchronization of structure, liasoning, and Services all put together.

Moreover, Horizon Architects specializes in Master planning, designing, and executing Architectural and Interior projects. The company provides end-to-end solutions for building projects from Concept to Execution with a passion and zeal for unmatched Planning and Design.

Reflection of Perpetual Quality

Horizon Architects as a firm has completed more than two hundred projects, and it has been 17 years. It is still vouching for vision-oriented work with great diligence.

Its primary USPs are:

  • Formidable team of 40 People inclusive of Architects, Civil Engineers, Interior Designers and Graphic artists. With over sixty-plus years of combined Work Experience.
  • Optimum Utilization of Space. Vaastu Compliant Planning. Great Coordination of Structure Services and Municipal Byelaws with end-to-end solutions.
  • Horizon architects have a young and dynamic team with a great mix of Experience and youth who will deliver work at enormous speed.
  • Savings in Structure, Municipal premiums and guaranteed saleable and presentable planning and vision.
  • Super strong execution team comprising of trained and experienced personnel, civil engineers, architects, and drafting technicians with drawings delivered beforehand at site (GFC) skilled and coordinated drawings shared ahead with Municipal architects, RCC consultants, MEP consultants, landscape designers, site engineers and Contractors along with client team.
  • Perfect Sync between creative Visualization, Liasoning and execution Drawings, FCC, MEP, and site Conditions.
  • Separate teams for Separate Projects and a separate team for Concept level work, and a specialized team for execution site Supervision. Experienced and different Team for finishing of exterior and interior spaces.
  • Superfast and accurate delivery of drawings at all levels is the concept of Execution levels.
  • Environment-conscious planning with minimalistic use of resources and long-term vision for the planet. Use of Solar and Automation technology to minimize energy and resource consumption. Green Building Certification and LEED Certification.
  • Use high-end software for drawing generation and backward data integration to create a future prediction and preplanning of BIM projects. Integration of drawings with Revit and other CAD software.

 Perquisite Beneficence

  • Huge Financial savings due to Planning Expertise.
  • Best-in-class sales and presentation material renderings high-end quality Designs.
  • Creation of Iconic Projects and Spaces –We believe that each Architectural work needs to speak for itself and must create a unique meaning for every person using the space.
  • Systematic and program approach to project management to follow timelines, strict an accurate checking of sites from execution Liasoning inputs and finishing accuracy.
  • An amalgamation of Futuristic technologies and concept ideas to deliver products and spaces of high quality and endurance.
  • A superb team effort with one-to-one coordination with clients, consultants, and site
  • High-end space planning, Minimal space wastage, Vaastu compliant planning, superb carpet to built-up ratio, Perfect parking solutions, minimal or zero floating columns, and planning to achieve maximum RCC efficiency.
  • Total team Experience of more than 90 years and unlimited one person-hour -Exposure to all types of ideas and Obstacles.
  • MOEF, BMC, SRA, high rise committee, high power committee, and Representations of projects coordinated effort and fast results.
  • Cluster planning and Urban Design of the highest order, fitting plot of FSI ranging from Plot areas of 6000sq.m to any limit.
  • Quality sale data generation 3D and visuals easy EMI schedules, Property of highest against fee solutions for Simple and Approach for all.

Overcoming the Adversities

The issues faced initially were to formulate a team and head in one direction keeping in mind the goal but not compromising on the quality of work and trying to adapt to the market scenario.

Now the challenge is keeping up with the regulations and taking advantage of the schemes which profit the developer and ensure smooth working progress. Another factor which is evolving is the digitalization of work and the introduction of new-age software and training of the team members to make use of these new technologies to explore more design possibilities.

Pearls of Wisdom

As a piece of advice for the Aspirants willing to enter the architecture and interior industry, Ar. Hemal said, “You have a fantastic opportunity to earn and create a built environment that is Innovative and has Great design also. There are many opportunities in the market, and there is work for everyone. Getting work is not the challenge. The challenge is the first to gain the ultimate knowledge and make sure that one leaves no stones unturned while learning. Prepare yourself to be the best.”

He expresses his opinions on how technology is transforming the architecture and interior designing industry and what advancements we can expect in the future. Hemal Shah stated, “Technology is taking over every field. Almost all data is now available on Google Communication post the Pandemic has reached the virtual level. Data storage, Data transfer and Data Sharing have now become extremely easy and reachable for all. It is important to stay updated and use all the tools to mitigate and assess the implications of Design Development using Virtual Reality, 3-D rendering tools, etc. Hence the imagination of the Architect now has no limits.”

He also shared, “The future of technology is very bright and useful for Architects and the Industry. It will be a two-edged sword. Changes will be amazingly fast, and adaptiveness will be difficult. For example, a technology which we have spent now for will become irrelevant very shortly.”

“Imagination skills, Artificial Intelligence and walk-throughs have capabilities that will let us imagine Buildings by which we will be able to experience spaces and environments at a different level. Every detail of a Building will now be able to visualize using Revit etc., concluded Ar. Hemal.”

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