HORIZON GROUP: Offering Diversified Solutions under One Umbrella


HORIZON GROUP (Horizon Broadcast LLP & Horizon Avionics & Electronics LLP) is a leading solution provider for Broadcast & Media industry, which offers an entire spectrum of state of the art technology products, solutions and services. HORIZON comes with a broad vision of delivering revolutionary broadcasting solutions, and has recently forayed into high technology areas of Aviation and Defense domains.

Meet the Maestro behind HORIZON GROUP

Kuldeep Kaul, Founder, Director and CEO of HORIZON GROUP, has been leading the group from the front since inception. He is a visionary who carries over three decades of sales & marketing experience across wide portfolios of businesses. Kuldeep is a reform-oriented entrepreneur, a great team player, and an incredible human.

Before starting HORIZON, Kuldeep was associated with HCL Group having held various Sr. Management positions successfully. Under his dynamic leadership, the  HORIZON GROUP peaked great heights year-on-year and built an enviable reputation for providing the best-in-class technical & technology support services, pre and post sales support system, and state of the art infrastructure in the Broadcast space. Kuldeep’s technical excellence and innovative abilities have made the group the most respected VAR in India.

“We are a Family and a close-knit group of nice humans dedicated to the cause and commitment to excel in all our endeavors, always strive hard to give the best to our customers – best in Technology and, best in Support services, within our reach to the best of our abilities. We stand committed to give our best to our customers as; we believe our Growth & Prosperity lies in our customer’s Growth and well-being,” says Kuldeep.

HORIZON GROUP: A Dominating Player with Comprehensive Services

HORIZON has been a leading player in the Audio & Video Broadcast domains for over two decades, while building in stature year-on-year on the confidence and trust reposed by their customers in them. The company has set up more than 55% of FM Radio stations in India with their implementation spread beyond India as well. The majority of their implementations have been offered on total turnkey basis – with the entire Transmitter, Studio, and Studio-Transmitter Links as the entire ecosystem, to most of the leading Media houses.

Through their persistent efforts and dedication over the years, HORIZON has been able to provide compression efficient, state of the art, reliable, scalable & robust solutions across > 70% of satellite broadcasters in India besides establishing their presence in the neighboring countries as well, helping their customers achieve quick turnaround on their ROI plans.

HORIZON also takes pride in sharing their contribution in establishing OEM’s with a significant presence in top 5 of the 7 DTH platforms within India besides establishing presence in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Africa as well. HORIZON’s focus and endeavors all along has been on offering the best in class technology platforms with a solution centric approach that helped them in good stead with all their customers and in consolidating their position in this space, besides growing at a healthy rate over the years.

For Content creators and Broadcasters, HORIZON offers a complete set up for Studio and solutions for transporting content from events, DSNG’s and teleports for up linking. Their solutions in IPTV and hybrid OTT services range from the whole digital head end, Transcoding, Packaging & Profiling, Back office system, DRM, Range of Apps to IOT solutions, etc., both as Managed services as well as standalone solutions for On-premise/Cloud based solutions spanning the entire spectrum to meet the customer’s ever growing expectations & requirements

“As a part of our ongoing endeavors, we constantly keep adding new technologies, OEM’s and services in this space to help us bring the best in class offerings, to our customers besides offering us the flexibility to increase the spread and reach of our portfolio,” avers Kuldeep.

Dynamism and Diversity of Media Industry

Digital revolution has led to the convergence of telecoms, the internet, and media: helping to shape and change everything, influencing how the ways interconnect, capture, distribute and access content. OTT, on-demand and, TV Everywhere services are contributing to expand the very definition of TV, creating a highly competitive and diverse media landscape, which, is helping to evolve and change consumer-viewing expectations forever. In short, the whole world is in the midst of dramatic change and entering the transformation of television.

Kuldeep explains, “We see vast shifts in the way media is created, distributed, and experienced. The rise of Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming is changing how shows and channels are packaged and distributed. Technology players are collapsing the barriers for content distribution and content creation. Millennials and Generation Z are not simply Digital Natives but, increasingly Mobile Natives, refining the media & broadcast Media & landscape with them.”

HORIZON’s Blueprint for Success

In these rapidly changing dynamics, HORIZON’s endeavor as a System Integrator and Solution Provider is to stay abreast with these technological evolutions, remain in the forefront and move up the value chain through much more detailed engagements and comprehension with all ongoing partnerships with the various global organizations as well as exploring to forge new partnerships and alliances wherever required.

“Indeed, rising consumer expectations are at the center of this transformation. We believe it is imperative to understand not only the needs of our customers but also the needs of the end consumer. In these rapidly changing times where consumer loyalty is far from certain, the ability to seamlessly deploy new services and launch new channels for linear and on-demand is a huge boon. The key to competing with today’s web players is to make the transition from hardware to software, develop cloud-native infrastructure, simplify operations and enhance media production and delivery, to enable a more united and integrated offering,” reiterates Kuldeep.

Further he says, “Our Company will stay abreast with the leading technological advancements by way of equipping the dedicated, competent and committed in-house workforce with advanced training needs and tools. We continue to offer and serve our customers with the best of the technology solutions and services with reliable post sale support services. The company’s philosophy has always been aimed at building the partnership on a sustainable & long-term basis with our customers in delighting them through our solutions and services. This is achieved by focusing on end-to-end and single window solutions to all our customer needs. Engagement of Partnership is best achieved by consolidating our engagement with all our OEM’s across the Globe, leveraging on their overall leadership values and translating them in our deliverables to our esteemed customers, as an ongoing process. The Portfolio of our offerings gets boosted by forging new partnerships on an ongoing basis, which would help us gain the spread, reach and presence. Investments in Trainings and Accreditation programs to our Technical skilled force will add credence to our competence and commitment.”

HORIZON envisaged to set up an Experience Center to showcase the cutting edge technology Products, platforms and services from OEM’s across the Globe under one roof. This is aimed at providing all customers who, patronized them for over the past 2 decades, with an immersive environment to visit, feel & experience the convergence of various technology platforms. HORIZON also envisages offering PAAS and SAAS as a part of their Long-Term VISION.

“This vision backed by our strong intent over the last two decades has helped us to win the trust and confidence of our customers consistently. More than 50% of our business in a Y-O-Y basis happens through the repeat orders, which only adds further credence and stands testimony to our belief and value system,” he adds.

Feathers in the Cap

HORIZON has been committed and a premium partner to various OEMs over the years. Ithas also been instrumental in achieving significant breakthroughs in the Media & Broadcast domain within India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and few in the Africa region as well. HORIZON is a leading player in the Audio space with >55% FM Radio stations in the country & 220+ FM transmitters installed & maintained by the company. HORIZON has even forayed recently into the Aviation space for addressing the CNS, Airfield lighting, Flight information Display systems, Passenger Boarding Bridges and Solar system solutions, etc., in this vertical domain. They have been instrumental in setting up the prestigious DVB-T2 project for whole 23 sites for Prasar Bharati with the Ericsson compression & Gates Air’s Transmission equipment. They have also successfully implemented several Broadcast channels in Bangladesh besides helping their OEM win a DTH platform as well. They also implemented DTH uplink chain for Dish Media in Nepal and a new project for ANN7 with contribution and distribution links on Ericsson’s latest Compression platform in Johannesburg, South Africa. One of their significant contribution has been the implementation of >45 + CATV Digital Head-end systems in India &also couple of them in Bangladesh successfully.

Success Mantras for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Kuldeep asserts, “The secrets of most products that hit the market are simple: they’re useful and they make sense! I agree that new generation entrepreneurs make very effective use of the power of the internet to get feedback, gain engagement, build their brand which leads them to know their customers and improve their business through constant innovations & by staying in sync with the ground realities.”

Most decisions today are greatly influenced by the mobile technologies and the Internet – Google, social media, PR sites, etc. They offer great case studies relatively on a platter for the entrepreneurs to assimilate and adapt, rather easily.  Interestingly, quite a few successful entrepreneurs made effective use of the connections with the people. Connections right from hiring the right people to getting funding from the potential investor to selling the ideas, establishing connects with the advisors, industry veterans, mentors, experts, and like-minded individuals all forms the essence of today’s successful business models.

Transforming Business for Future

HORIZON’s engagement spans across the entire portfolio spectrum duly including but not limited to– providing state of the art technology equipments, software and wide range of services towards the path of digital transformation. HORIZON with these numerous advantages, strengths by way of investment in the current state of the art support infrastructure, proposed Experience Center & new collaborations envisions addressing the OTT, IOT domains in the PAAS, and SAAS models of engagements for their customers.

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