Tatva Media: Redefining Digital Marketing Landscape


A famous quote said by Wendy Piersall, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” and it will be possible only with Digital Marketing. According to a survey by 2017, India will have around 600 million Internet users that will ultimately create a fascinating business opportunity to sell services and products for thegrowing population of tech-savvy internet users. Recently, the booming prevalence of Digital India campaign has been adding lots of new flavors and fervors to the future of digital marketing in India.
As long as the Internet exists, businesses will need the help to optimizing their online presence. Digital Marketing becomes an essential tool for every business to reach individuals directly. Different ways for digital marketing are available, and it demands perfect match of the marketing solution provider for their business.
Tatva Media, a digital media solution and service provider, specializing in the digital marketing & branding space is acting as the impetus for businesses, fulfilling digital marketing needs to keep the companies on the top. Tatva Media is an integrated branding, design & digital marketing company based in the national capital region of India, working with some of the most promising brands across the globe.
The company thrives on the opportunity to bring your creative vision to life, building bespoke digital experiences, designing impeccable visuals and scripting content that truly talks to your audience. Their services range from creating a brand personality to taking it to the world’s biggest local marketplace – the Internet! Some of the key services they offer include:
Digital Business & Marketing Strategy, Visual Identity & Branding, Digital & Brand Audit Services, SEO, ASO, Search & Display Marketing, Social Media Management, Mobile Marketing, Expatriate Targeting, and Competition Analysis, ORM, Comprehensive campaign analysis on social & ad campaigns, Sentiment & Engagement Analysis.
 Meet the Pioneer behind New Digital Marketing Revolution
Shashank Sharma, Founder & Managing Director of Tatva Media is a digital media enthusiast who has more than a decade of experience in designing and implementing media solutions & workflows for broadcast, web, and mobile. He contributes his combined knowledge of Solutions Design, Multimedia and Management to the latest media and content management technologies thereby helping companies capture, convert and manage their digital mediaassets. In his career span, he has been responsible for providing 360° media solutions to some of the key corporates around the globe including ESPN Star, Indiatimes IPL, SET India, Mercedes-Benz India, Watchwith, Airtel, Yahoo, KM Records, Wills India Fashion, among others.
He discloses, “Tatva Media is only six years old. While we’ve been blessed to witness substantial market vicissitudes, we still have a long way to go. I consider the company & myself as two kids who’ve learned to walk but success is an ever-moving target, and I don’t think it is ever achievable. One thing that we ensure is to keep our modus-operandi identical to our commencement phase, and that reminds us to strive for success every day.”
“On the other hand, someone somewhere said that “Success means happiness” and if it’s true then I am a very happy man because Tatva Media has given me the opportunity to do what I love doing and simultaneously empower our customers, employees & fraternity in equal measure,” he added. “Apropos to my key responsibilities, I reckon guaranteeing that no one disrupts the basic business principles of Tatva Media is of prime importance. And no one means– the people who work with us, the clients or even the members. We don’t do selling here; our business is driven by truth, transparency, and data precision. I reckon that keeping these basic values constants in our day to day business is my primary responsibility.”
Shashank’s views on Content Digitization
Shashank has been personally associated with the content conversion and digitization business for over a decade, and he says that there’s been a lot of progress in innovations and changes in this time; so much that it has transformed the business approach. He explains “A lot has changed around us – the way we listen to music, the way we read, play or even track our health – Everything has a digital interface. Interestingly, there’s a pattern in this progression, and it’s evident that we are taking control and shaping technology to fit our needs – complex or simple.”
He further explains “Content, in particular, has a long lifespan; it’s the format that doesn’t. So it is imperative to move your content to a new, more robust format that allows you to retain your content assets in a format that lets you quickly create new products and distribute to new audiences or to old audiences with new devices and new capabilities thereby creating new revenue streams. So it is no more about creating new products and services, but about creating new digital experiences.”
Tatva Media: Unique Strategies Adding Values to Clients
Disruptions and challenges are a way of life. However, the good news is that with challenges and changes comes many opportunities which Team Tatva understands very well. A lot of times the company has changed their business offerings and models to better suit the modern alchemy.
However, educating the brands about refraining to jump onto the latest trends overlooking the battle-tested strategies is a major challenge followed by the ever-decreasing attention span of brand consumers. With the colossal digital marketing space, it often becomes complicated to educate their partners about why it’s not always necessary to be on all platforms as competition. The pace of innovation is outpacing the ability of the traditional CMOs to grasp it. There’s a right space and time for everyone and everything.
With thousands of digital agencies on the Indian landscape, it is difficult, almost impossible, to draw attention to business unless driven by strong values and a proven track record; and Team Tatva identifies these as the two key ingredients that sets them apart –
First, they ensure that they are upfront, honest and offer value & transparency in all the business dealings. Secondly, they understand that each of their clients is unique (even if they’re from the same industry), so they don’t engage like a typical AOR but rather get into the support system of their clients by becoming their extended marketing department. It’s the boutique approach that differentiates them from most and the track record pretty much reflects the kind of benefits their clients make by partnering with them.
Another key differentiator is their ability to drive great results for the automotive retail industry; especially at the dealership level. Almost since the inception, the company has been associated with some of the top performing automotive retail businesses for both luxury and mass market,and has been successful in delivering results that are considered benchmark across the country. Some of their clients now have a digital acquisition rate that is as much as 15% and a major share in the respective geographies. “For example, if we talk about the CTR (Click Through Rate strictly in terms of Google paid traffic), the global automotive retail industry best is between 2.7% – 3.5%. Now, most of the clients within their first year of association with us get double and go north of 5%; in fact, they are currently at +7% for some luxury retailers and about the same with their mass retailer partners. That level of expertise can’t be had unless we become a part of the client’s DNA and we not only understand that but also put it in practice, full throttle,” explains Shashank.
Strong Beliefs that forms a Strong Base
The current landscape suggests that most of the agencies (both digital and creative) will have to refine their business models based on agility & specialization. Agencies will need to be more focused on how they produce; not just what. “With that very background, I think the most important thing that we continue to work is getting us better at scope management and brand positioning. While we’ve always been particular about our association with people and brands, I think we’ll be more focused on creating a niche stand for ourselves; a stand where we know we can be the best,” assures Shashank.
Plans for the coming days
Tatva fosters a culture that emphasizes teamwork & productivity. They maintain an open team culture in which everyone contributes to their growth and every idea is considered equally. So while there are departments, everyone is still in the same room most of the time brainstorming on a winning idea. They favor imagination and open-mindedness over experience and “can-do” attitudes over an acceptance of doing things the way they have always been doing. They usually say that working with us is like hanging out with your friends and family as long as you understand your responsibilities.

Source :- The 30 Most Valuable Marketing Solution Providers

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