Horror Story site turned private to protest against Youtubers.

Horror Story site

Subreddit which is destination for popular horror stories had decided to make itself private so as to protest against the youtubers who use their horror stories to make videos without even asking for permission. They had decided to go private until Monday, 2nd March 2020. R/nosleep is a popular Subreddit website which has a huge fan following of 14 million subscribers. Therefore it draws a lot of attention from the readers of this genre.

There have been cases in which these stories had been recreated and dramatically read on youtube by youtubers who claimed to be associated with R/nosleep. They did so without the realization of having to approve permission from the original writers. This problem had become big enough for the moderators to decide that they would have to keep the site shut till Monday. This protest was followed not only to acclaim the fact that these stories were being used wrongfully to gain profits, but also to address the fact that the authors were not treated fairly and such treatment of the authors would not be tolerated.

They also wanted to emphasize on the fact that a violation of the copyrights act would result in unfortunate situations that would be the accused person burden.

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