WeWorks to get a second TV series.

TV series |WeWork

WeWork was the soap opera of company in 2019. Its had stories which were so intriguing that it would be now made into a different tv series, stated by Variety Reports. This second show would be produced by Apple TV and the series would be named Little America. This series would be based on David Brown’s podcast of WeCrashed from the posdcast network Wondery.

Variety’s hasn’t yet revealed the date and time of release of the WeWork TV series, but it would be very engaging.

In the summer of 2019, WeWork had been preparing for a huge public offering, within no time of releasing its first season. The first season revealed that CEO Adam Neumann was a subjective risk to the company and that his family trustee or wife would choose another CEO if anything were to happen to him. After that there was an episode in which there were numerous scary stories of Neumann’s wild behaviour. Neumann had eventually quit and had gotten an exit package of $1.7 Billion by offering SoftBank to takeover the company.

The first TV series was launched in December 2019 which starred Nicholas Braun, also known as cousin Greg on HBO.

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